Sunday, March 19, 2006
New Features Added
Another Feature Has Been Added To Sanity’s Bluff
Sanity’s Bluff is becoming quite the place to hang out at. As you can see, a news crawl has been added to the top of the sidebar. It is a CNS News crawl. Never heard of CNS (Cybercast News Service) news? CNS News is growing by leaps and bounds, because it is a real news organization, with no axes to grind. Some of the news at CNS is news that is ignored by big 4, but you will be well served by this news service. So now you can spend time here at Sanity’s Bluff, playing hangman……(try to beat my personal best of 23 straight wins at hangman)…..reading web_loafer’s rants, observations, poetry and comedy…..and keeping up with the news of the hour.One favor I ask of you. I would like your opinion about the speed of the crawl....I don't like slow I sped this one up a bit more than normal. Is it too fast?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey web, you forgot to mention the three daily comics you host at the bottom of your blog.

Blogger Shane said...

can i get a corndog here too? lol

Blogger Shane said...

the crawl is a bit too fast in my opinion - it's drawing my eyes too much over to the right - and we'd rather read your stuff.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks Shane for the answer, and the opinion. Without spending more time, I am going to slow it down a taste.
I made it a 4....10 possible, and I am going to go to my templet right now and try a 3.
No corndogs....webbie is on a diet....but have lots of mustard, horseradish and salsa. My doctor said I'd be better off throwing the food away and take up eating only condiments. Salt free condiments, fat free condiments......
He said I could eat all of the mustard sandwiches I wanted, as long as there was no bread involved.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Seems fine to me. You can stop it at any time by just putting your cursor over it....

Anonymous MAT said...

Don't do much blogging any mo,
but have stumbled across your blog several times in random surfing. Your articles are mundane at most, but your responses to commentors are classic sass.
It would surprize me if you have any friends, too much sass, go with the flow man. Lighten up. Excuse me while I light up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we like that hangman game.

But it should be modernized. Let's call it hangperson.

Man rhymes with Spam.

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