Sunday, March 12, 2006

America has always looked to Europe for comfort....because this nation was founded by children of europe, upset about,
Taxes………(ever heard about someone fighting for more taxes?)
Of all the problems facing Americans today overtaxation is the worst problem. Half of the people in this country pay no taxes, thereby encouraging stupidity and laziness. If you manage to get ahead, federal, state, county, and city governments will be there to pick your pockets. Taxes…..taxes, are necessary so that the selfimportant leaders can keep their power.
Immorality…..(the churches in Europe were demanding that the working class pay more for redemption, when it was not theirs to give)
Stupidity….when stupidity rules the day, smart people want out.



Blogger Mike said...

Why don't all God fearing gun toting, Muslim hating, Patriotic Americans like you just not send your kids to public schools.

No one makes parents send their kids to public schools they choose to.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mike, I'll get back with you on this question. Do you really want me to answer it?

I know the answer, and like many today, am tired of wasting words on those that have their fingers in their ears when it gets down to it, it being, the survival of the USofA. I don't care about how wrong you are, we just want you to be OK when the truth slaps you in the face.

Are you OK?

Even though you are ignorant of the truth?

It is possible to be wrong in your thinking, and still a good blob of humanity.

Anonymous marie b. said...

I'm a newcomer, and I say bad things about the President in that I point out his faults.

Should I be treated like an enemy simply because I voice my opinion but am not American?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Marie B.

Let's see, President Bush is the elected leader of a nation trying to survive a vicous attack by foreign terrorists.

Let's all ridicule, laugh and hate him, because he is a Republican.

I think most of the things you think he has done wrong, are thoughts put into your LAZY MIND, by the media that hates him.

I see no fault in trying to intercept communications between the ones that want me dead, and some of their helpers living amongst us.

Iraq is the foothold on our freedom tomorrow. If you think you can be alive in 5 years, without some wonderful warriors fighting for you today, you are stupid. Sorry, if you can't see the enemy, shut up and get out of the way of those fighting the enemy.

I have lost my patience for anyone not helping in the war on terror.
You are for us or against us. and us is the USofA.

Plain and simple, if you think GW is a problem, you are the problem. He is our leader, and we are at WAR.

Anonymous marie b. said...

I don't pay attention to the media, because it's biased one way or another. I draw my own conclusions, so that point is moot.

The last time I looked, it's possible to support the U.S and everything it stands for -- including free speech -- whilst still not turning a blind eye to problems where they're seen.

I mean, that's what you're doing with your war cry against anyone that you disagree with. Right? Calling problems were you see them?

I never once said that I have a problem with the military or with the War On Terror, so I'm not exactly sure where you're getting that. Putting words in my mouth sure does make you appear a little unhinged, though.

If I'm using my right to free speech -- gifted to me by my country, not yours -- to voice my opinion on something -- which people in your country do freely, with none of this "you're my enemy" spew -- am I your enemy?

It's a simple, yes or no question.

Blogger web_loafer said...

To answer you question, no of course you are not my enemy. I am not talking about words Marie, I am talking about actions being taken, as in the political realm. One thing though, words can give our enemy comfort and make them think they are winning. unhinged I may be, but I still look at the war as war. In a way I am glad war is unpopular, that shows that we are a nation of decent people, but our nation is threatened, our very existence is on the line, even decent people can get it wrong.

Those that oppose fighting for survival are, well what would you call someone who blocked the ambulance trying to get to a bad car wreck you were in, with your lifeblood ebbing fast? Someone that was threatening your existence?

OK, what if we quit fighting the war on terror with bullets? What then? How many wars have words won?

Do You have any time tested solution to solve the problem, that their are millions who want you dead? I doubt it.

Those people who demand we stop fighting an enemy that has no intention of quitting their crusade to kill us all, are suicidal, but I won't let them get me killed.

There are some who haven't a clue about America, and the cost of the freedoms we take for granted.

Talk, no one in Iraq before we liberated it, could talk freely. Complain about Sadist Hussein, and you would have your tongue cut out of your head.

Hundreds of thousands of graves were filled, with those that disagreed openly with Hussein.

Can't see the good America's marvelous military has done in the last 5 years?

Would you think this out. I'm sorry if I seem unhinged to you, and it is nothing personal, and I have no right to judge your motives or beliefs. I have a bad habit of answering others and addressing problems that they don't have.

It is too late in life to change that, but here is the bottom line, Webloafer is a patriot in a day when patriotism is frowned upon.

I am not a very good citizen of the global community, I am pro-American, from head to toe. When someone threatens my America...I strike back.

Sorry to have given you the impression I know anything about you, you may be the nicest person in the world.

Glad to have you here.

Sorry, there is no other way for me to look at it.

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