Sunday, March 04, 2007
Look, in the sky, it''s

The God I worship, has a sense of humor. Want proof?

Psalms 2: 4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. You should read the verses around this verse, if you can spare a few minutes for the God that created all.........yes all, even all of you.

It isn't some secret, illusive or hard to comprehend concept that only those with advanced degrees of learning can understand.

I think even the goat herders of Saudi Arabia can understand that someone is watching them......

I would not want the Creator of All laughing at me.


It’s just a cartoon you murdering, filthy and warmongering people. I imagine you know who I am referring too.

You scream, yell, burn, kill, hate, and yet, the one true God is laughing at you.

Do you know what derision is? You serve a God who apparently loves killing, raping, bombing, threatening, intimidating, decapitating, and torturing.

What say you? LOOK

LET ME PUT THIS IN PLAIN ENGLISH, (it's the only language I speak)


MY GOD, Is a God of love, and promises this..........

If you don't love your neighbor as yourself,

If you don't rid yourself of self,

If you are not crucified with God's Only Son,

If you don't walk in the light,

Your eternal somewhere I don't want to be.

But, wait there is more, if you do follow the law....

If you do proclaim God to be great.

You still will end up with the majority of human souls, in a place without God.

Unless you accept what God has done for you.

God allowed His Beloved Son, Jesus, to hang on the cross you and I deserved; allowed Him to die and rise again to defeat death itself, and allow those that obey the GOSPEL CALL, to live forever with the Creator of All.

A Quick Question.......If you could live forever........?

Would you want to live with Mick Jagger, or the one who created all?

Think about living forever with the God that created harmonics, the vocal chords of a human and the very fingers with opposing thumbs that allows a human to play guitar?

Lets think about this a little more.

God has promised me eternal hell if I murder (war is not murder unless you are on the attacking Lardins boys who attacked a peaceful city, in a peaceful State, in a peaceful Nation) Irregardless of how someone has treated me or the Bible I believe and know to be true. If you draw a cartoon of my Saviour, It would be wrong for me to riot, kill and destroy. To please my God, I would be one who prayed for those that ridicule me.

I don't expect the libs of this nation to understand, after all, they had their moral compass set to north in public schools, and they've been headed south since then.

Their families failed to teach them right and wrong, and left it up to strangers to set their children’s moral compass to north. Oh, they may have been educated by the brightest and best, but they are stupid concerning what matters most. Parental Love, Guidance and the Future.

They are the ones who are more apt to succumb to the "God has promised you 72 virgins for becoming a murderer. Think about a heavenly home occupied with boys who had been tricked into becoming human bombs....just to kill infidels.

I'll tell you right now, that is a heaven I would work hard just to avoid.

Think, you liberal mushbrains.

Would you enjoy living with suicide bombers for the rest of your eternal life?

But back to the topic. God is laughing. And some of you are laughing at God. HMmmm, I wonder who will have the last laugh?

I imagine the killers of islam are a little edgy nowadays, they know they have drawn world attention to their perverted goal of world domination. They know they are now the hunted, they have no place to stand amongst the civilized of this world and speak. They have to smuggle tapes and videos made in the caves they must live in......they have no uniform they can wear, just a rag tag bunch of rags, for no nation that matters would let these killers of islam wear their nations uniform.

They must worry about those drones in the sky, those...little microbugs...and worry about what they aren't smart enough to comprehend.....can you say Slealth Bomber?

They are constantly wondering what will show up in the sky when they peek out of their urine, and fecal smelling caves.

It's on the way to you killers....but it may not be the drones.

It may be delivered by a couple of F/A-18’s * in broad daylight, but you are going to get yours, scumbags. You hide in civilian clothing in your holy places planning to kill my children and their children….You will lose…..look!!!!

UP in the sky, pervert, your redemption is at hand, and they have run out of virgins in your corner of hell……

Who would want virgins around
When God is laughing at them?????????

*Developed for use by the US Navy and Marine Corps, the F/A-18 is also used by Canada, Spain, Kuwait, Switzerland, Finland and Malaysia.

This is a reissue of a blog article of 03/01/06.......not much has changed in one year.


Blogger jarhead john said...

Ahhh, the beloved Hornet. Great piece of gear. Your musings are right on the money.

Anonymous NoisyOne said...

Web, are you having troubles? You used to write a humorous piece once a week or so. You seem so troubled.
Let us know

Blogger web_loafer said...

Funny you would ask nosiyone, I have troubles, yes, but that is me. my heart, trouble in my mind, Never any trouble for me to find..

Some.....kind of trouble.

Thanks for your concern noisyone, do you have a webblog? Let me know if you do.....The link you left here in the comment section, has way too many problems.

Hang on Web. We need you. It's been easy to be a Christian for a long time. (Nothing like it was in Jesus' time.) And it looks like it's going to be a lot harder for us in the future. We're going to need every single warrior and we're going to need them in their best form so we can out wit, out last, and out maneuver the malignant narcissists on the left (who aid and abet) both, the appeasers, and the brutal hateful barbarians.

The test of the morality of a society is what it does for its children.--Dietrich Bonhoeffer

If "they" won't do it, it falls to us. Take a little time enjoying your blessings first. You'll know when you're ready to fight the good fight again.

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. --Winston Churchill

Blogger web_loafer said...

Hairpinandarrow, nice observations.

You probably will agree with this little rant.

If you ignore the children, you are not God's Child.

Where are the Libs who say they care? They care about the children?
There is nothing today they do to prove that. What plan do they have for protecting our children today from the terrorists of tomorrow?
How does hating Bush today help the children of America tomorrow?

And their disregard for American youth is not all of their failure to look into the future and act today to protect tomorrow’s children.

The ultralibs of America have no concern for the children of the world. They would rather have Iraqii children growing up under the thumb of Sadsack Hussian than give recognition to George Bush.

They don't want the children of Afghanistan or Iraq to taste freedom.

They care about what?

Education of the children?

Not a chance, they support the NEA.

The future of America for today’s children?

Don't make me laugh. They fight against vouchers for quality education, and refuse to fix social security.

Polite and Honest character?

Who would teach them that? ( James Carville and Jimmy (REDskin peanutboy) Carter?

Excuse me I must go laugh it off...liberals...caring about anything? but getting their power back.
They would sell their daughters to an arab harem, if it would get them a few more votes.

I will guarantee you that not many in the field of education today in America would agree with God....When God spoke these words.......
"train up a child in the way they should grow.....and when they are old, they will not depart from the truth"

Blogger jarhead john said...

Nice one web. You should post that on your main page.

Blogger jarhead john said...

I can't say enough about that Hornet, and the guys (and gals) who fly it. In Iraq, those folks could put a 1000lb bomb on whichever house we pointed to, in record time. Saved our butts a few times.

Blogger thepoetryman said...

Hi... I will check out yor site in more depth. I am new to the "blog explosion" community and look forward to exploring it in full. any advice would be much appreciated. You can visit my blog here...

Thank you,

Blogger phred said...

Look up indeed..
Look up to the eastern sky !

Blogger Jane said...

Well, why don't you say what you really mean! Just kidding, you spoke the truth. Our redemption (as well as judgment) draweth nigh!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Hello, ThePoetryMan;
Welcome to BlogExplosion.
I checked your blog out, it is perfect for BE.
I don't agree with any of your political views, but you are polite, and present your thoughts without hatred. That is what matters at BE, I have noticed that flamethrowers that show up usually get no attention. If you can present your views (blog) with clarity, without animosity, you will find readers aplenty. Even old webloafer reads a few left wingnut blogs. After all, it isn't like we should be enemies, it takes more work to be enemies in America, than friends. Friends can disagree, and still be friends. I work in an industry that is 74% Liberal Democrat. I enjoy work and my fellow workers. They know where I stand on most issues, and hardly ever argue, but we talk a lot.
Don't be a stranger to Sanity's Bluff either. I am sure most of my writings will annoy you, but we are countrymen, countrywomen and most of us want what is best for America.

Blogger Mike said...

You know what's funny is that in one paragraph you talk about God and love and you patronize liberals for criticising Bush.

Do you know what derision is? You serve a God who apparently loves killing, raping, bombing, threatening, intimidating, decapitating, and torturing.

Sounds like the God you and Bush serve because my God is a God of love. Jesus was against war, against hate, and against pompous windbags who used the word of God in their own little way to justify their misdeads.

I see you know the Old Testament, but if you are a Christian, and I'm not sure you are if you are not I apologize, then you should try reading some of the red letters in the New Testament.

I challenge you to show me any teachings of Christ that justifies the things Bush has done.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mike, I am a very busy person, so let me give you a quick answer.

My Lord and Savior, demanded that believers "render unto Caesar, that which is Caesars"

Which means paying your taxes, voting, pledging allegiance and taking up arms for any of Caesars wars.

Blogger Mike said...

Which means paying your taxes, voting, pledging allegiance and taking up arms for any of Caesars wars.

That's a very unique interpretation. Paying taxes and voting I’ll agree to but I doubt that Jesus would ask that anyone pledge allegiance and wage war. I always thought our allegiance should be to God and none other. I think Paul said it best in
2 Corinthians 10:3-4

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds,

Do you seriously think God is looking down on his children and laughing at the suffering? Because regardless if they are Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhist, etc. we are allhis children and he loves us all.

I have four children and if one killed one of the others I would not laugh as a matter of fact it would cause me a tremendous amount of pain bacause I love all my children dearly. I don't love my honor roll student more than the one that's barely passing.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mike, Yes God loves every soul he created and has made salvation available to them. Even if you refuse to obey God and wind up in hell, He loved you enough to give you life, you left God, He never left you.
One verse, Mike,

IIPeter 3:9
"The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness;
But is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."

Up until you draw your final breath, God is wanting you to come to repentance. That is turning away from sin, and obeying God. Heaven is for those that have repented, been baptised for the remission of sin, and live in Christ......

You see God's Love for you is not going to help you on Judgement Day.
It is obedience.....we are commanded to repent be baptised for the remission of sins......

Blogger Dizzy said...

Calm down. God laughs with joy and love, like a parent over his toddler. Not with such hatred and vengeance.

Show those that hate you that your God is loving by loving them yourself, and they will be more inclined to listen. Don't tell them that God is going to kill them because you believe and they don't, that just makes it worse.

Your moral compass is the Bible, that's good. It should also be love. All that matters is love.


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