Thursday, March 16, 2006
Here is Former President William Jefferson Clinton pointing his finger at us. I’m not sure if it is him telling us that he didn’t have sex with 'that' young intern, or him pointing the finger of blame at the USofA recently during a $500,000 speech he gave in Saudia Arabia. Those rich people over there will pay big bucks for someone to come over and blame America for all of the world’s problems. I hope the check bounces.

What can I say? Has any President left the oval office and trashed America more than this jerk? Jimmy Carter is a work. Can you say ‘Hateful Loser’?
This is a recent one of JC, overseas, proclaiming the virtues of Hamas.


Anonymous perkup said...

What do you have against Jimmie Carter?
He is a born again christain and you don't know him.
I voted against your blog at BlogExplosion.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Wow, a born again Christian? Well then, he can just bash our country all he wants then right? What have you been sniffing?

Anonymous Erica said...

Everyone has a flaw or two in their character. President Carter had only one small flaw, he thought he was born again. Other than that he was the best president of the 20th century America.
He selected some of the best judges for us, gave us an example by lowering the national speed limit, and turning down the white hose thermostat. He was great aa a President, and I hope he is nominated to the Supreme Court when Hillary takes over.

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