Thursday, March 16, 2006
Yes, know that the ultralibs are salivating at the possibility of the Dems becoming the majority party in the Senate and House of Representatives, so that George Walker Bush can be impeached, but, let’s talk about it rationally.
George Bush will become an ex-president on Jan. 21, 2009. (No, he won’t be impeached; all of that is a pipedream of the leftists, a pipedream, proving to the voters of this fine land, that nothing matters to the leftists more than political power. They have no plan to protect me, my children or grandchildren from terrorists that have sworn to their bloodthirsty god, that all infidels in America will be killed. They have only one plan for America; Impeaching GW. Nothing is more important to them, it is constant 24/7, get BUSH. You want to talk about hate crimes; you are witnessing hate crimes on a grand scale. Forged Documents presented to the citizens by a public broadcasting TV network that was a hate crime.
But George Walker Bush will leave the White House with dignity, not the silverware. He will become an ex-president with class. It was not so long ago that Presidents left the job, and left politics behind. I mean, what more could a politician attain? It is only recently that Presidents have left office and stayed in the political limelight, criticizing the one who now holds the office. What are they hoping to accomplish or attain? Presidency of the world?
What's with the ex-presidents?? Not all of them, just C & C. The ones who leave the office only to start bashing the President that America elects to replace them??? Jimmy (couldn't win an election for dog catcher now) Carter is a disgrace to America, and placed some of the most disgraceful judges on benches of justice. If there was cosmic justice, Jimmy would be struck dumb. Yes, yes, I know he is dumb, but I was talking about him losing his ability to talk. His droaning voice becomes animated only when he critizing my nation. His speech is banal and irritating. I consider him one of Americas worst Presidents. You'll lose any debate about this, I remember, I lived in America when he ran the show.
And then there is Bill (not too fond of America now) Clinton who has been bashing the Man America chose to replace him on a regular basis. Yes, the moment he leaves this nations borders, Clinton puts on that 'Them, not me' mask, and the Euroslugs and Muslims eat his garbage up. If Clinton is speaking overseas somewhere? I'll guarantee you that his speech will contain criticism of America, and some of the speech, down right vicous lies.
Oh those ex-presidents, the ones living large at taxpayers expense???"But" you say, "they are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to give speeches in France, Egypt and the Gaza Strip".
Think now, it is very expensive to protect our ex-presidents. Just to protect Clinton&Carter on their Bash America trips overseas, costs the taxpayers a bundle of money. Secret Service men and women, pretrip scouting, emergency equipment, security people and security hardware is expensive.
Maybe someone could use the freedom of information act to find out exactly what it costs the taxpayers to protect C & C while they travel overseas to bash America.
And, someone should check the water in the White House, There must be two water sources there, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. The two ex-presidents clinton and carter have not had a good word to say about George W. in 5 years, and have spoken very few good words about America. Can you say ungrateful ********I have never heard a Republican ex-President act or speak foolishly. I will bet you a dime to a donut when George W. leaves the white house in Jan. of 2009, there will be no need to count the silverware, and he will never speak badly of the nation he led or the President that replaces him. He will be a gentleman. Carter? Clinton?
They prove how unworthy they were of the presidency by what they are saying now.
It's a disgrace, and will help keep Democrats out of the oval office in the future.


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