Thursday, March 23, 2006
The Clinton/Bush Fueds, 1988-2020
Even if you could fabricate, extrapolate or excavate a good word that the Clinton family has said about the Bush family in the past, I would ask you to carbon date it, for it must be fake. The Clinton’s (Hill and Bill) hate the Bush Family. That really is a shame, but there is a paper, video, and audio record of this fact. Anyone with internet access can find the proof.

Have you wondered why Ex-President Bush and his golden tongued wife of 50+ years are being so kind to the man who has ridiculed both the father and son in merciless abandon and mean spiritedness?

If your son was President of the United States, and the opposing political parties leader (hack) went out of his way to slander your son, would you invite him or her to share your media spotlight?

Have you wondered why Ex-Pres-Clinton would jump at a chance to work with the family he openly hates? That would be the Bush’s…….work a few days with the Bush’s, then jet off to the Middle East and bash those that opened their arms to you, and unbelievably Bash America too, bash America, then jump back on a jet with Bush Elder and try to smile yourself back into respectability?

I am sure all of this turned a few heads in the Conservative and Liberal camps of American Politics.

But, am I the only one who knows why?

Cannot you see the plan?



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