Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Another History Quiz
Most of America’s Founding Fathers, Presidents, Senators, Congressional Representatives, Attorney Generals and Judges…Learned to read and ‘rite and do ‘rithmetic, in the same institution of learning. Yes, most of our nation’s leaders from day one (sometime in the 1700’s) until 2006 learned the necessary skills that would be needed to successfully lead this Great Experiment in Democracy, in the same School. The actual number is so impressive; I wonder why no one has suggested building a monument to this school?

No, it wasn’t Yale, Harvard, Oxford or Princeton, but I’m sure if you think hard enough you’ll figure it out. Here is a hint…… It is the same school that every President was born in until Jimmy Carter was born in 1926.

Still puzzled? Why am I not surprised? Presidents being born and schooled in the same institution?

It is a school that was almost boarded up and forgotten by time, but a few concerned people worked hard to keep this school standing, and it is thriving today in the United States of America.

It is of course THE HOME SCHOOL. Long before even the one room school houses, there were home schools, you know, way back in the dark ages when mothers loved their children enough to teach them how to be human.


Blogger Anthony said...

Hello there, my truck driving friend. Great post. Where have ya been? haven't seen you around BE.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Hey Tony my Friend,
It is taking about 6 hours of my rapidly diminishing time to post something on the web that I am proud of, and it is getting harder and harder to sit down and think, research and present something I want to be read. I want this article to be read, for I think it is important.

Thanks for your kind words.

Your link to doesn't go anywhere, are you sure you
have paid your google tax this month?

Anonymous TruthBearer said...

Schools? Home schools?

Who need them?

I did, and perhaps have failed in gettng the message to the next generation.

How much longer can a country be free that hasn't a clue about the cost it took, the sacrifice or the battles it took?

Blogger AubreyJ said...

That was a GREAT post WL... One of your best I think...

Anonymous laughatU said...

From your over the hill perspective, yes, and yet us youngens don't like your lifestyle, music or religion. Get it over with already. It is our world.
It's too crowded with all of you hanging on, when you have nothing in common with us. Bye now, hasten to your end. We young people have a world to fix.

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