Tuesday, February 14, 2006
To those that like lounging around Sanity's Bluff, I ask a small favor. There is a blogger, a new to the blogosphere blogger who needs some traffic. This is just a personal favor I'm asking, just because I think JarHeadJohn will get it right. What JarHeads blog needs now, is traffic and comments. Take a minute or two and visit this up and coming blog.


Blogger jarhead john said...

You are a true gentleman.

Semper Fi,


Anonymous MusicMan said...

You had to have been there,
I followed a link


Blogger phred said...

Good link. Post are short and to the point. I will be checking back.
Saddam is on a hunger strike...I say honor his wishes !
Be done with the whole thing in a few weeks.
( I have been disgusted with his ''trial'' up till now anyway).

Blogger The TDL NEWS team said...


Thanks for reading The Dick List. If you wanna exchange links, let me know.


Blogger Shane said...

I can't believe the media screwed up the hunting incident. Dick was pig hunting and he accidently thought his friend was Ted Kennedy.

Blogger Useless Man said...

Done. Glad to help.

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