Saturday, February 18, 2006
The Teleprompter Readers

Some people may not know what a teleprompter is, but the two examples above should help with this article. These men are giving a speech with a teleprompter. You know how it is impossible to see a laptop computers display if you are not looking at the screen from the correct angle. When politicans give speeches they use a teleprompter that looks like a piece of plexiglass in space to read the speech to the audience. They are the only one in the room at the correct angle of sight to see the speech on the teleprompter.

Since neither of us is going to ever be giving speeches in a presidential race, lets talk about the next lower level of teleprompther readers. That would be the Television Teleprompter Readers. Oh they think they are dandies don't they?

So you want to be a teleprompter reader? Not such a bad gig if you can get it. You get to appear on television newscasts, dressed to the nines, and put on a act that fools everyone. You don’t have to know anything about any issue, but you must be a good teleprompter reader. You must have a pleasant voice and reading skills.
So you want to be a teleprompter reader? You have as much, or more common sense than the liberal parrots of the media, and you know you can read as good as the darlings of the left; but you have one big problem?

You went to a public school in America that did not teach the English language by phonics, but taught it by rote.

In other words you know you could read one of those news articles from the teleprompter just as good as Dan Splather, and even add a new twist to the reading of news, a confident smile, not a arrogant snarl; but you would look like a fool if the text written by the socialist news writer included one of those tricky names of a foreign dignitary. Now we all know, it is not nice to mispronounce the name of a world leader, so your George Bush style speaking will not get you a job at CNN.

But all is not despair, you can use the same tools that the leftists of the MSM (mean spirited media) use, if only you had some one to tell you where to buy those tools.

Here is a favor from webloafer to any and all (twelve) conservatives in the Schools of Journalism in America today.

Every tool you need is available, and free, furnished by the taxpayers of this Wonderful Nation.

OK, say you are practicing the script of a news article in your plush office at CNN, and the news article has the name of a prominent person by the name of Kyrylenko, Vyacheslav, in the article? Could you learn how to pronounce that name correctly in a few minutes?

Have you ever wondered how someone like Dan Slanderth can rattle off names of foreign dignitaries so smoothly? I have, I used to think that it was because they were mental giants, knew everything about everything, and could pronounce the names of a thousand or more foreign dignitaries because they were my mental superior. No! A better description of most of the newsteleprompter readers of 2006 would be…… arrogant people with powerful tools.

But, back to that name Kyrylenko, Vyacheslav.

I can have you pronouncing this name correctly in two minutes or less.

Don't believe me, listen up.

Step one,

Step two,
Look for the name Kyrylenko, Vyacheslav, in the dropdown menu, in the list lookup menu.

Step three,
Listen to the pronunciation four or five times,
and zap, you are now a qualified news teleprompter reader.


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This is really a great tool.

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