Wednesday, February 08, 2006
"Islamist Hypocrisy" by Jay D. Dyson (02/05/2006)

I'm I am using Jay D. Dyson's latest creation to attract readers to my blog. Jay D. Dyson probably won't sue me? At least I hope he doesn't. My friends, all of us could avoid the wrath of Sacred CowBurgers, by visiting Jay's Website.

I am getting angry at those who are already capitulating in the war against cartoons. We must fight this war to an honorable end. No, scratch that, it doesn't have to be honorable, BUT WE MUST WIN, I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT CARTOONS.

No, we won't quit laughing, not while we have our freedom.

Be truthful now, can you name me one good comedian from Saudi Arabia??? Syria??? Iran???

Muslim leaders are one sick bunch of puppies, and I wonder what it would take for any of those long faced bearded Mullahs in a dress to relax and enjoy life. The islamafacists never smile; they have a lot in common with the liberals of America....

Because of their hatred, they have no comedy, laughter, enjoyment or contentment in their life. They see a cartoon and want to kill. They are miserable, and for one moment take an honest look at the world, Islam brings only one thing to a nation.......misery. Well, misery and poverty, misery, poverty and death.

Yes, the liberals of America and the islamafacists of the Middle East have a lot in common.

Ted Kennedy hasn't smiled for 30+ years....(maybe that long swim from the Oldsmobile to land, crippled his funny bone for life.) And......Jimmy Carter hasn't smiled since Ronald Reagan put the hurt on him in 1979. That was the year he lost an election and lost his mind. One of the worst spankings in the political history of America was when the ‘Communist from Georgia’ ran against the ‘Cowboy from California’, in 1979. That was the year Jimmy the bigot not only lost a presidential race, he also lost his mind. If you should happen to stumble across Jimmy Carters mind, please don't tell him where it is, let him live in his delusional world, I don't want him back in the real world. Have you ever seen the wrinkled prune faced liberal bigot Jimmy the peanut man smiling? The truth now, he hasn't been happy since the day he couldn't come up with a battle plan for the worlds greatest military to rescue the hostages in Iran. A leader with no clue. (When I am in a more serious mood, I'll tell you how Jimmy wanted us to fail, the proof is easy to come by, it's all public record, He wanted us to fail)

How many helicopters would it have taken for Jimmy Carter to rescue less than a hundred hostages from a backward third world nation like Iran in 1979???

From Nov. 4, 1979 until Jan. 20, 1981 America was the laughing stock of the world.....444 days with no one leading America

If Ronald Reagan had been president on Nov. 4, 1979, no such disgrace would have come our way. Within days we could have reclaimed our embassy in Iran. There would have been deaths, yes, but our soldiers would have made the mad boys of islam pay a heavy heavy price, of that I have no doubt. Leadership is leadership. Carter couldn't lead a group of school children to the drinking fountain in the hall.

When the mullah’s of Iran embarrassed him in 1979, he should have resigned from the presidency, for it was evident to the world, that he was a wimp...hiding behind a born-again religious mask. He was always a communist, and he still is.

But ever since a calm, cool, kind, smiling, honest, loveable and gentle man, sent Jimmy the Peanut man packing....old failure Jimmy, has been bitter, bitterer, and bitterest.

Want to know why I smile a lot? Want to know why President Bush can take all the hated, animosity and slime that the grouchy liberals throw at him, and still smile???

Well, President Bush loves humor, and the liberals of America are a good source. How could anyone refrain from laughing when a bloated whale of a swimmer like Ted Kennedy stands up on the floor of the Senate Chamber, and pontificates about morality?

The only Muslims in the world that wake up smiling and happy are the ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. I love peaceful muslims, I really do, and

I love
and am proud
of the finest young people in the world,
the ones who liberated
Iraq and Afghanistan.
Thank you young Americans for the work you have done to make the world a better place.


Anonymous laz_ee said...

Thought that was my boss. it really scared me.
Do you no where I coudl get a bargin on new underwear?
But I guess we will have to deal with them.

Blogger Carol said...

Aw come on, web_loafer, how do you REALLY feel about that peanut farmer? :-) Thanks for the laugh, and thanks for the visit and comments.

Blogger Allison said...

Um... a quick GIS for "jimmy carter" turns up nearly 100% smiling photos. Dude looks pretty happy now that he's retired. But don't let reality stand in the way of your hate-on. I'm not sure why you segued from "hard line mullahs" to "Jimmy Carter" anyway... except as an excuse to take cheap shots at Carter.

Blogger Baron bleu-obscur said...


Me too!
As far as this my profession!

Thanks for the link of SACRED COW BURGERS.
I didn't know this site.

Blogger web_loafer said...

allison, I am a political commentator, not a historian.
Overall, Jimmy is a sour, bitter and certainly a little person.
I can say this, He was America's worst President, since H. Hoover.
A lot of America's problems today stem from the years that America did not have a president in the white house. That would be 76-80

Blogger prying1 said...

This one had me Rolling! Great job WL.

Anonymous Reality said...

The thing is, if the Muslim protests were just about a cartoon, than the raving anti-Islamism here would be justified. There's a reason why ordinary Jews and Christians don't go totally bonkers when they see hateful cartoons: it's because their governments have Muslims under their boot. Financially and militarily, Muslim nations are repeatedly shat upon by Christians and Jewish ones.

Now, you can either argue that Muslims are genetically inferior -- as I'm sure some here would -- or you can take a realistic look at the structural systems of control and dominance that are a daily fact of life for most Muslims. Hopefully you'll come around and choose option 2.

Anonymous JollyRoger said...

Yeah, if Reagan had become President in November of 1979, the "October Surprise" deal would have occurred much earlier. Iran would have gotten the money much sooner than they did, and we'd have gotten the hostages back much sooner.
Don't they teach history anymore in Wingeria?

Wowsa! I'm laughing out loud! I love this post! It's gonna absolutely make my day! If you ever get down and out, check into aptly named Sanity's Bluff. Glad to see you calling yourself a political commentator--!

Blogger web_loafer said...

I visited your blog as soon as I saw your challenge.

Have you ever laughed so much your side actually started hurting.....

and you wondered....

Am I going to die laughing????

Blog on dude or dudette

It only took a few seconds after I clicked on your url...whooooo that sounds sexy, unintended, and you must believe me on that, Just a few seconds after arriving at your blog, I was laughing. Not just chuckles, but real rib hurting guffowing.

I'm gonna link to your blog, because many of my friends in cyberspace are

Maybe you can help me.....?

What does holic mean....?

You cannot hit and run here at Sanity's Bluff, your blog is going to be scrutinized. Wow, I spelled that right without spell check, maybe that brain aneurysm is getting better since I have been sleeping while standing up. They told me to lighten up on the stess to my brain, so I figured that standing up...

Want a comedy stand off?

No farting allowed, verbal or

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So What?
So What's up?

This is really stupid, and why should I even care?

Blogger jarhead john said...

Wow, some are just as blind as the liberal media. Poor little muslims. Yes yes, they're all under the foot of westerners. What a load of crap! Get a grip "reality." They're under the boot of their own religion of "peace."

Blogger jarhead john said...

Well, "scumbucket" is aptly named. I'd like to think that his/her/it's blog is a prank or joke. I can't imagine him/her/it really being that childish and ignorant. Oh well, I guess anything's possible.

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Fanstastic pic...better be careful, you might be accused of exercising your right to free speech! Hope you're not Danish!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Just doing a little cleanup here at the bluff. There use to be a comment here to a blog by someone called scumbucket. Here is what scumbucket said, but I don't want anyone visiting his banal, vuglar and occasionally funny blog. Sanity's Bluff is a family blog, I want to keep it safe for any child that happen by.
One must have standards. And scumbuckets comment is misleading, I had never heard of or visited the blog before the comment showed up.
So in reality I am not censoring what he/she wrote, I am just refusing to put Sanity's Bluff seal of approval on a trashy blog.


Word around the blogging community is that you hate me. What's the prob, dude? If you don't like me it's your problem. NOT MINE. Please respect my freedom of speech. Thanks.

Blogger : JustaDog said...

Great Post!!!

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