Saturday, February 11, 2006
Saturday (Friday) Morning Cartoons
Cartoons are for laughter, right? Do you remember any of the Saturday morning cartoons of your youth? I do, even though it has been 50 years since I sat with the family and watched cartoons on a Saturday morning, I remember them. These things stick with you; I still can picture Elmer Fudd with his shotgun, hunting Bugs. “What’s up Doc?” Compare Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd or Mighty Mouse to these recent cartoons that millions of children in Iran are watching every Friday morning. If you really and truly want to know why the young boys of Islam are willing to become bombs…..follow one of these links, you will see for yourself. I don’t need to comment about these cartoons, just watch the cartoons.


Blogger prying1 said...

Thanks for the links to these cartoons. - Sure is eye opening as to what muslim kides are fed.

Blogger phred said...

Do the words , conditioning or brainwashing strike a chord?? Human beings are somewhat products of their enviornment.

Remember, Fireball 500 ? Sky King ?

Blogger jarhead john said...

Although disgusting, it's not surprising at all. Muslims strive at every level to either convert or destroy all non muslims.

Ahhhhhh, muslim youth, they blow up so quick these days.

Blogger Carol said...

I agree - brainwashing, conditioning. It's sad to see children growing up and believing that dying for their religion is their goal. What kind of religion teaches hatred and war? Well, we know the answer to that - Islam.

Blogger phred said...

These people don`t even know how to have a war..
In a real war, you try to kill the enemy, not yourself.
Maybe we should bombard the insurgent strongholds with pork rinds and cartoons...

Anonymous dandydan said...

I had no idea of anything like this going on.
It is sickening.

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