Tuesday, February 21, 2006
President's Day
I have been working on this article for sometime, and hoped to have it ready for President’s Day, but didn’t quite get it completed. This is not complete, I will edit this in the upcoming days to make it what I envision. Still I believe you can grasp the emotion behind this article.
FDR reviewing Fleet in San Francisco Bay
Under the barrel of big naval gun
Taken upon the return from his world tour, 1938/07/14.

San Francisco (Oct. 8, 2005) – U.S. Navy flight demonstration team, the "Blue Angels," fly their F/A-18A Hornets past the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay during an air show as part of Fleet Week 2005. U.S.
Navy photo by Journalist Seaman S. C. Irwin (RELEASED)
I admit I know very little about the USS Iowa debate going on in San Francisco, California, but I know enough to have this opinion.

San Francisco is a city with an undisputed rich history as a naval town.

In naval circles, ships are referred to by the endearing term, Lady.
When you see a magnificent ship like the USS Ronald Reagan.

You too might exclaim, “What a Lady”.

Lady USS Iowa, deserves a home in some peaceful coastal town* where tourists could visit without having to see the ugly side of freedom.

Lately San Francisco has been acting like a bad step child. The town and area is rife with naval lure and history. The active military personal alone spend tens of millions of dollars in San Francisco each year. It is the US Navy personal (retired or active duty), that spends the most money in and around the Bay area.

I’ll be blunt, this is an American city, and it had a wonderful history of naval activity long before the gays moved to North Beach and started taking over the city. It is one of the most beautiful cities in America, with some of the ugliest people.

You want to see the ugly side of freedom?
There would be no better place to see the ugly side of freedom than San Francisco, California.
Here is a sample of the ugly side of freedom.


San Francisco does not deserve to host the USS Iowa, and a Military Museum. And if the Navy gives USS Iowa to that city, I would never step foot in that city to visit it. Here is the link to an interview on Fox News Hannity & Colmes with the Councilman who threw a wrench in the Iowa in San Francisco Offer.
If the naval museum should be located in San Francisco, here are a few examples of the citizens you might run into while riding the cable cars to the Bay. Iran looks at SF
I have to give credit where credit is due, and lately more and more Democrats are seeing the peril this nation is in, and are saying enough of this treasonous behavior while our beloved nation is at war for its very existence.
Upon hearing about the opposition to moving the USS Iowa to a dry dock berth on the bay of San Francisco, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-CA. said, "This isn't the San Francisco that I've known and loved and grew up in and was born in." after the San Francisco city supervisors voted to block her efforts to bring the USS Iowa to Fisherman's Wharf. The USS Iowa would have been a major money making tourist attraction for San Francisco.
Even though the World War II battleship has been out of commission for years, and really quite harmless, the thought of that big bad WAR ship had the supervisors shaking in their sandals. No guns in San Francisco, no matter how big or small, how loaded or unloaded. Come on guys, if Sen. Feinstein wants the ship here just how bad could it be?

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Blogger jarhead john said...

Excellent article. Don't forget to include the words of that nutjob who spewed that we shouldn't even have a military.

Your posts are enjoyable, as usual.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks jarhead john...the link in the article to the video of a few minutes of the Hannity & Colmes show, has the nutso saying just that when Allen Colmes ask him point blank if we should have a military. It is hilarious to see how Colmes reacts, he is taken back.

Anonymous Carolyn said...

From one Kansas folk to another -- Hi:) My husband used to drive a truck ... now he "just" dispatches. For 11 of them. Stay safe!

Anonymous Jeremy said...


Saw your link to my blog.
Nice Article. (and nice blog)

I've already boycotted San Francisco myself, I just hate seeing a national treasure like the U.S.S. Iowa treated like this.

I hope it can find a home in Stockton, they seem to really want her as a museum peice for her "harbor"

Anonymous marie b. said...

Two points :

1. I'm anti-war, yet one or two of those pictures make me roll my eyes.

Some of us aren't as completely braindead as you seem to think based solely on our opinions.

2. A couple of those photos aren't from an anti-war specific rally - they come from a gay rights parade where people chose to voice concern over other issues as well.

So, are you at a loss for words to describe "these people" because of their anti-war stance, their sexuality and they way that they express it, or both?

Either way, it would behoove you to open your eyes and accept that San Francisco has always been a haven for free speech and expression. To boycott a city based on the fact that they don't agree with what you believe to be right is ridiculous.

Anonymous Adam said...

Oh come on, of course San Francisco is filled with nutjobs. That's what makes it San Francisco!

Blogger web_loafer said...

marie b,

all those pictures are from one photographer on one day in one city.
Feb. 16, 2003, San Francisco. And it was an anti-war protest march.

The imfamous pink dude on bicycle shows up at just about any public display of drunken debauchery.

Anyone is welcome to have their own perverted sex life, BUT keep it in your bedrooms.

It is the children, I wish to keep shelter from such filth. Get back in the bedroom and close the door.

This is an article about the stupidity of San Francisco, in the affair of the USS Iowa.

I made no comments about anyones sexuality, and if San Francisco doesn't want the USS Iowa, we don't want San Francisco.

The picture of FDR was taken while he was sitting under one of the massive guns on the USS Iowa in the San Francisco Bay. Good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

You can't have it both ways. You cannot love the freedom you have here in America and hate those that defend it for you.

Ungrateful stepchild is a good description.

Anonymous marie b. said...

So your dislike of these people stems not from their sexuality but because of the fact that they exercise their right to believe in what they wish?


I find it odd that you think that anti-war (the Iraqi War, specifically) = hating the military.

Where does that logic come from, especially since so many military personnel have spoken out against the war themselves? Are they traitors? Treasonous? Do they hate themselves and everything that they stand for?

Going by your logic, it would seem so.

I love this country - even though I wasn't born here - and I have the utmost respect for the military, but the minute that freedom of speech and believe becomes a black and white, us versus them, issue is the minute that this country deviates from one of its basic tenets.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I do not dislike any people. But I dislike a lot of things done by people. I dislike disrespect, and hostility toward our military, and OUR NATIONS LEADERS.....

America is becoming a rude, violent, ME ME ME, in your face, anti-Christian, lewd society.

The war is necessary, so I don't take to kindly to anti-war actions. You see, if your side wins the day, I lose my freedom. You don't know what it takes to obtain freedom, or maintain freedom. We have real enemies that want us dead, what good is your freedom if you are dead. Yes you are free to believe differently, just don't step on my freedom. When you aid and abet my enemies you have become my enemy. Is that simple enough to understand. Yes, I give some slack to young people, I know from personal experience that not all of my youthful beliefs were right.

It requires brave warriors to keep you and I free. You don't realize that, but I'll be darned if I'll let your ignorance of life threaten my safety and freedom.

One more time.
Someone wants me, my family and my loves ones dead.
If you are helping that cause,
You are my enemy, and need dealt with.

Anonymous parated2k said...

It happened in Milwaukee too. Apparently a retired U.S. Navy ship is an "eye sore" too hideous for a place called "Veteran's Park".

Anonymous loudmouth said...

Man, I'm starting to believe we should pay attention. Terrorism may not even be a reality to the dope crazed nuts in SF, but they must not be allowed to help my enemies. Those on the edge, should not bother those in the battle. Perhaps, a massive sleeping gas attack on SF. No,not poisionous gases, just sleepy gases. If we could keep these ignorant leftists out of the way for a few months, we could win the war. Then again, maybe we should lose the war for a few months, and let the coastal areas be overrun with Muslim radicals. They would solve a problem, then have one. The bible belt will never succomb to debaucery, defeatism or denial.
We know the enemy.
Take the coasts. America would still be strong.

Anonymous waitin4 said...

Don't think you need apoligize for telling the truth. Freedom is fragile, and youth is a gamble.

Anonymous marie b. said...

I'm hoping that by replying to my comments with phrases such as "your side. .", you're not implying that I am personally pro-terrorism.

Not only is that a gross misjudgement of someone based on the fact that they simply don't share your opinions, it's also a disgusting statement to make about anyone in general.

Of course, I could be wrong. I don't think that I am, unless you just chose not to explain yourself in anything but the vaguest terms, but I could be.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Marie-B, I apologize for leaving even the impression that you are a terrorist, or supportive of them.
I imagine you to be a kind, caring person who tries to think in peaceful ways. You cannot imagine how much I want the world to live in peace.
Hopefully we will have some of it someday. You might call me a anti-war wannabe. If we were not fighting for our nations very existence, I would be as anti-war as you.
About the term anti-war itself.....is bogus.....it implies that some are for war. No one is wanting this war that I know of. If you think our magnificent warriors want war, you are wrong, but they know what to do when they are called to defend America. Do you think President Bush wants this war? Think about it with your mind not your heart, He would rather have not had the country he leads attacked. He would rather have spent his time on other things.
Again, sorry I left the impression you got.
There is a critical moment in Iraq now, Al Quaeda has destroyed a holy shrine, just as they blew up the ancient Budda in Afganistan, they are cruel, sadistic killers, and I will be glad when they are all dead.
I am praying that it backfires on them, and the people of Iraq figure out that Bin Laden, and the boys are not religious leaders, they are genocidal murderers, thugs, and worse.
Mark my words, there will be no civil war in Iraq.
Our jaded Mean Spirited Media, is hoping and praying for one, but it isn't gonna happen.
It is almost curtain time for the terrorists in Iraq. The civilians are turning on them and they will find no santuary.
Again, I humbly apoligize for what I wrote. I actually went back and read what I wrote. It left the wrong impression.
A good blog commentor spends a lot of time clarifying things at his or her comment section. I spend more time in my comment section and at other blogs then I spend writing articles. This is where the real interaction happens, but it is very close to spontaneous with me. I rarely double check what I typed.
Thanks for hearing me out.

Anonymous mensUU said...

Hey You...
KOO koo qa chew
Haven't a clue.

Blogger Scottage said...

Hi Sanity,

Great site! My name is scotage, and I am your new renter. It is my first time renting, so I don't know a ton about it. Can I put the name of my blog any where, or a short blurb about it? Should I link to your site? Please let me know.

Blogger web_loafer said...

scottage, Since you are new to Blog Explosion I am going to write up a short blurb at Sanity's Bluff. I don't do this often. I rent out my blogs at 10 credits a week. Cheap I am. That is about 10 cents worth of credits, so I usually don't spend any extra time plugging other blogs.
I don't rent out space on other blogs anymore, since the price of renting a good blog is ridiculous.

I like your blog. If you noticed my blog, you will know that I am a truck driver, so I have that nomad gene in me also. I don't cheat mind by viewing only neocon blogs, I observe and then rant....Hope you have success, and maybe a few hits come your way from Sanity's Bluff readers.

Blogger jarhead john said...

marie b. said...

So your dislike of these people stems not from their sexuality but because of the fact that they exercise their right to believe in what they wish?

Nope, I think it was the rabid anti-military stance of SF in general (we don't need a military, no recruiters on campus, the obvisous posters in the pics, etc) that he was refering to.

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