Saturday, February 18, 2006

Our Ports of Entry

My blood is boiling today because of the insane plan to turn over the management of our nations busiest ports to foreign companies, with possible ties to terrorists and terrorism.

What is happening? Have we lost our minds?

Do you have any idea of the amount of products that arrive daily from all over the world to our American Ports?

According to the World Shipping Council in 2004, over ten million cargo containers arrived in the ports of America from foreign nations. Since we are able to inspect only 1 out of 20 containers, that means 9,500,000 large containers arrive that could have anything in them. We all know how cargo containers are used to smuggle people into America. What about this scary possibility?

The more I researched the cargo container trade and port security the more frightened I became, until I came upon a June 2003 article, explaining how we are working both sides of the ocean to inspect cargo containers.

Whew, my boiling blood has cooled down a little, and I know one thing for certain, We are at war, and there is always the fog of war to consider. I am not going to lash out at our President, he is totally involved in this conflict, and doesn’t spend his time chasing interns around the oval office.

There is no way the Port issue will be explained publicly, but it will work. Just like the A Bombs that no one knew about won WWII for us.

Remember Fog of War.


Anonymous ceretagent6 said...

I imagine the cost of inspecting the containers on shore here would cost ten to twenty times more than the cost to send peopole overseas to inspect them in foreign ports. The article you referenced made sense, especially in light of the cost it would cost here, with the union stranglehold on the ports. Ole bushy is always one step ahead of them. Can you imagine how much it would cost for union inspectors to check our incoming freight. I am completely confident now. Thanks webloaf for bringing this up. I wondered why Hillary was so bent out of shape over this. You are a genius

Blogger jarhead john said...

You're worrying over nothing. Just sit back and relax. It'll all be over in a blinding flash......

No need to panic. When Iran perfects it's nukes, they'll "give" them away to us and Israel! How generous!

Nothing to see here; move along.....

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