Monday, February 06, 2006
Multiple Choice Cartoons
I need some help, maybe you can help. Which one of these eight cartoons is the most hateful. The one depicting heads being chopped off, stabbing in the back, bathing in blood, drinking blood,using a meat cleaver to chop up a child, stabbing someone in the chest, wearing a bomb shaped turbin, chopping up piles of children while other children watch, flying jets into two of the worlds tallest buildings ( 3,000 innocent civilians die, some by jumping 800 or 900 feet to the cement streets below, some by burning up in a matter of seconds when the planes hit, and some still trapped in the buildings when the buildings collapsed).
Help me now, one of these eight cartoons portrays the essence of hatred? Which is it? Who should be angry about these cartoons?


Anonymous davesor045s said...

You didn't have them numbered. It is impossible to answer. Have you ever tried to click back and forth, scroll up and down to figure out 1 out of 8???

Blogger phred said...

Funny thing..these people are running around burning stuff and killing people, hollaring - we are not violent !! Islam wants peace.
I think it`s time to turn it back over to the Iraqi gov. and move on to Afganastan ( bin Laden ). We did what we started out to do...remove Sadaam.
Afganastan ... ahhh, yes... I could draw a cartoon about That .

Blogger Allison said...

Yeah, the middle-eastern tabloid media are quite fond of their anti-Semitic editorial cartoons... The Danish ones are mostly in poor taste but that's not illegal yet. As usual the Islamic hard liners are exploiting this for political purposes, to make their people think the West wants to destroy Islam.

On the other hand, every Muslim I've actually talked to thinks the riots are barbaric. Keep that in mind before you tar a whole people with one brush.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I don't wish to tar anyone allison. My problem is not with the followers of Islam, it is with the present day leaders of the religious activities of Islam.
Maybe it is fear that keeps the good muslims from speaking up and condemning violence. Or maybe all of the lies told about infidels have clouded the judgement of most muslims, I don't know.
What I do know, hate is one of the only exports of most Muslim nations. OK that is a broad stroke with the brush too, but it remains to be seen how muslims are contributing to world peace, or world anything.
They don't want to mingle with the rest of the world, they want to control it, and tell me what to do.
They won't succeed in that, and unless they start cleaning up their act they will soon see the worlds wrath in full force. Of course I don't want that to happen, but I will not live under their laws. I won't give up my rights or freedoms to placate them.
I have no beef with the followers, unless they pick up weapons against my nation, or my nations friends.

Anonymous neme_sis_ter said...

"They don't want to mingle with the rest of the world, they want to control it, and tell me what to do."

Webbie, that it classic. Did you write it, or steal it from some other right wingnut's blog?

Blogger jarhead john said...

I don't think he stole it from any "wingnut." I think he merely spoke the truth. Wake up and smell the camel dung. Muslims make it a priority to either convert or kill all non-muslims. Simple enough for your feeble mind?

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