Saturday, February 04, 2006
Looney Tune Time

The Media of America? In one word?

Chickenheartedwimpycowardlyunpatrioticmaybeeventreasonousleftistturncoats. OK I cheated a little there.

Follow me now for the proof. Twelve cartoonist's in Denmark each had a cartoon published in a periodical so obscure, no one in any of the Muslim nations could have accidently been offened by it. As for the rioting in Europe because of this, funny how all of Europe is now supposed to live by the rules of the muslims. This is coming to our nation soon, people wanting to make us live by their laws and ideas.
Most of us won't, a few will, and most of the media already bows to the wishes of the few.

Now, the stuck in the seventh century boys of islam want to riot, kill, behead, rape and pillage. All because of a cartoon? Can you say priorites? Chip on shoulder? Oversensitive? Ignorant of freedom?

They play the American Media like a fiddle. Some would say violin, I say fiddle.

But now, the antique media of America cowers in the newsrooms of buildings in NYC, SF, and LA, hoping they are safe from the killers of islam, knowing that they have slandered the very ones they may soon need to protect their prejudiced behinds. These are the same cowardly journalists that will not print the cartoons by the Danish Cartoonists, so that anyone can see they are just that, CARTOONS.

In the NYTimes on any day you can find plenty of cartoons that offend millions of REAL AMERICANS. Cartoons that slander all that is good about America. What about the cartoonist that used a drawing of a War Wounded American Soldier without legs or arms to get in a little more HATE BUSH HUMOR. Well I didn’t think it was funny, but I didn’t take to the street. And you notice I didn’t link to his site, or say his name. He is persona non grata with me. Scum.

But back to the humorless terrorists.

A cartoon makes them angry?

These subhumans are getting close to experiencing a real reason to be angry. As in when they are in Paradise and the virgins ain’t there. And it will be America leading the way to get this over with.

Have you seen the cartoons that the Danish Cartoonist created?

One of them is at the top of this article.

It's an cartoon. WWIII may come about because of some misdirected macho boys in the middle east, but I know how it will end. These seventh century butcherers have picked a fight they cannot win. It won't even be close, and when it is all shaken out, good riddance, the planet is crowded, adios.

And after the war, we can settle the score with the traitors amongst us.

OK, I bet you haven't seen the cartoons.....check it out.

Oh, you like cartoons? Want to see what the iranian children watch early Friday mornings, on iranian tv? Take a look, these cartoons are hilarious, a lot funnier than Bugs Bunny. Iranian Childrens Cartoons.
I know someone in the comment section will take me to task, but before you do my liberal friends. Consider and ponder. Want to see how the islamafacists portrayed Former President bill clinton? This is going to make some of you liberals mad at the muslim cartoonist who would dare make fun of Bill Clinton. How dare them! you say?
Take a gander

I had to add this to this article. Here is one of the best blogs I have seen on the 'Looney Tune' subject. It is a blog called Public Figures...Beware.


Anonymous DavID4u said...

Ah, everyone afraid? You shouldn't be, if you convert to Islam, you'll be safe. Well safe until all of the infidels are dead, then we will purge our own ranks of the unbeliever's. You cannot fake being muslim very long.

Blogger Nan said...

*Have you seen the cartoons that the Danish Cartoonist created?* - yeah and I am tired of them - who reads the same cartoon over and over.

*Follow me now for the proof. Twelve cartoonist's in Denmark each had a cartoon published in a periodical so obscure it took several months for the scum of islam to notice it* : not true, they were not lured into the newspaper - the drawings were all published together in the same issue of the newspaper in a *special* called - the face of muhammed. It didn't take them months to notice - since it isn't months ago the drawings were published for the very first time - only a few weeks.

Blogger ric ottaiano said...

great post...and thanks for visiting my site...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Less than a year ago righties were blaming Newsweek for riots just like these for mentioning abuse of the Koran (which turned out to have been confirmed).

But now you're saying the media should add to the riots.

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