Saturday, February 18, 2006
A Hard Wind's Gonna Blow

To those who are stuck on stupid, the ones still publicly blaming President Bush for the failures after the Gulf States Hurricane, I have a few things to say.

I’m almost glad it happened. Yes you heard me right, I am almost glad it happened. Like many other people I tried to help my American brothers and sisters who had lost everything they owned and had no job, no place to live, and nothing to eat. 95% of those who lost some or all, got busy with the task of rebuilding their lives. But to me it does appear that about 5% of those who lost something, are spitting in the faces of those who rushed to help and the taxpayers who are still being asked to help. No one minds helping someone who is helping themselves. And no one enjoys hearing people constantly complaining that other people are not doing enough for them, while they sit on their duff.

I know it was a painful, costly and ugly event, but it should have opened the eyes of everyone who cares about this wonderful nation of America.

Here are a few observations and conclusions of mine.

1. The only government agency, department or program that works when there is hard work to do is the Military complex; I consider police, firefighters and medical personnel to be a part of that complex when there is a disaster.
2. Our bloated bureaucracy has created massive agencies that cannot handle a problem of a large magnitude. Don’t delude yourself; we as a nation are unprepared for a huge catastrophe. Our government is broken. It is so large, wasteful and dishonest that it cannot do a quality job for its citizens. It is taking a large percentage of our wages to maintain, and it is unable to provide quality, fair or timely service to the ones who pay the bills.
3. If it had been President Kerry in the White house when the hurricane struck, the same exact scenario would have occurred. Ray Nagin would still have not had a clue, or know where to get one. The governor of Louisiana would still have been a dunce with a fancy title and high paying job, a job she is unqualified for. And the President would have been blamed for other peoples failures. John Kerry could not have directed the government response any better than George Bush, because he still would be dealing with the bloated bureaucracies of FEMA, and other agencies.
4. It is convenient to try to blame your political enemy for the failures of the whole system, but there is not a man or woman alive that could get quality work out of our Government Agencies. It won’t happen. It can’t happen. The largesse of the government has rendered it helpless in a crisis. (I am working on some suggestions on how to solve the problems I mention, but none of the solutions would be popular, since no solution will work until the government workers start working. Tenure is suicide to government. Unions should be banned from government work places, and about one third of the federal governments unproductive parasites should be fired, yes fired. This would be a good start, but I doubt we have the desire to correct the problems of our decaying government, so we must live with the results. After all, most of us know someone, or are related to someone that would be out of work, if government was run like a business.)

And I want to end this article on a positive note.
The brightest moment in the whole gulf coast hurricane disaster, was when our military showed up. The soldiers, doctors, police and firefighters were welcomed as heroes. And well they should, for it is they that are doing something worthy of their wages; even though in most cases they are underpaid. They are not the problem. I remember the pictures that showed the National Guard showing up on the scene of all the misery; People had happy smiling faces, and looked relieved. People smiling while standing in or near the ruins of their life. Those pictures are a testimony to the thankfulness America has for its warriors, here and abroad.


Blogger Kevin said...

Kerry would have handled the situation better. I may be, as you say in Republican speak, "stuck on stupid" but you say in #1 that the military complex is the only government agency, department, or program that works. Now, had Kerry been in power he would have been able to truly use this power better than Bush ever could do because unlike Bush, Kerry has a military record: A good one that although defaced by the "Swift" "Boat" "Veterans" "for" "Truth" is very honorable.

Blogger web_loafer said...

voyager, you are hilarious.
Were you singing the praise of the John Kerry that once accused our military of killing babies and worse?
Just a little clue, mr clueless,
If and when a liberal anti-war president gets elected, our military will become the laughing stock of the world
as it was in the Carter and Clintons years.
Have you noticed anyone laughing at our soldiers lately?
But if we elect someone who disdains the military it won't be long until the world is laughing again. It would not happen because of the brave men and women in the military, but because of the leadership of the commander in chief.
Flashback to Reality....
The desert of Iran 1969....
The third world nation of Somolia in 1993....
Two of many examples of how Liberals use our nations military. And you can be sure those in the military will start looking for other jobs if a anti-war president is elected.
I cannot see a anti-military person such as Hillary having any success in any Military endeavor. It would not be the fault of the military, it would not disobey orders, it is like this.
For one moment put yourself into the mind frame of someone who is risking their life so that you can remain fat, stupid but free.
Would you want to risk you life for a commander in chief that hates the military? Hillary has a record anyone can check, of hatred and disdain for the military. John Kerry was a traitor to this nation when he lied about VietMam. He led the movement that became....the 'Spit on a Returning Soldier' campaign.
The truth is easy to find, and the mean spirited media cannot get away with their lies about Bush or Kerry anymore. They try to paint Kerry as the hero and George Bush the coward.
They are 180 degrees off of the truth.
Your kool-aid swallowing rhetoric is getting old, you are esposing yourself for what you really are...anti-american, and probably a coward. Cowards seem to flock together.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

could not agree with u more


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For one moment put yourself into the mind frame of someone who is risking their life so that you can remain fat, stupid but free."
quote web_loafer

That moment will happen when.. all americans realise that the military risks their lives NOT FOR U, but for for some presidential goof ups..

and U remain Fat, Stupid and Free (like web_loafer) who think Free means bombing other countries!!

Blogger web_loafer said...

At least when you commnet anonymously, would you make up a name....and use the other selection. And give us a clue with the name you make up, as to who you really are.
Like high school dropout or left wing nut.....

Blogger phred said...

I was the Emergency Management Coordinator for my county for a number of years. I have first hand knowlege of how the Emergency Management system is supposed to work.
The call for aid is initiated at the local level. A county judge , or in the case of Katrina, the Mayor of the city.( by the way, WHO was the EMC for New Orleans?) The request then goes up the chain.EMC, Mayor, Governor, FEMA.
That`s the way it`s supposed to work.
Loafer, I challenge you and your a little research. FEMA has more power than you will ever believe. Without a court order or congress approval .. they can do almost anything they deem necessary in a '' emergency situation''. They can confiscate food, drugs, equiptment, or anything they think they need. Did you know, they can come up and commandeer you and your truck ?? Ahh yes.
My point is, FEMA could have, and should have , acted without the request for aid.
It`s like standing on the bank and watching someone drown, then saying..''they didn`t ask for help''.
I am not totally blaming FEMA. The local authorities were supposed to have a plan in place for this type of disaster. Every detail addressed, right down to how to evacuate the nursing homes. I assure you , they had a plan ( on paper ), or else they would have been denied all kinds of federal funds.
The whole mitigation system broke down..from top to bottom. Why ?

Please do a little '' digging '' on FEMA. I think you are going to be amazed.

Blogger jarhead john said...

A couple of additional points: This disaster wasn't a surprise. Everybody knew this would happen if a large hurricane struck there.

People who rely on the bloated government to provide for them are doomed. web_loafer nailed it when he pointed out the inability of the government to function effectively. Local officials, who were elected based on popularity instead of ability, show their true colors in times of need.

Blogger web_loafer said...

phred, It is my understanding that FEMA is a one of a kind outfit. As you said it has plenty of power. It has very little physical equipement, but as you said it can coordinate relief, and direct recovery. It has no army of workers, it is a mostly management people directing local, state and some federal resources. There is so much claptrap and false information out there about FEMA, but they failed miserably in my opinion. How much of that was because of no cooperation from local, state and yes even federal higher ups, I don't know.
When a problem has been pointed out, a dangerous problem, and it is ignored for twenty years, it is ridulous to expect a bloated federal agency to come in and fix the problem in a few days.
But, it also is a classic case of no one following common sense directions. Everyone was told in plenty of time to stockpile 3 days of food, water and medicine, and be ready to leave.
The few who had no common sense, are still complaining. The complaint season is over, it was over months ago, now most people are rebuilding their lifes, except for the ones that didn't have a life then, and don't want to work for one now.
Insanity seems to rule the day, in New Orleans. The city should not be rebuilt, but it will be, and the same crooked politicans will take the gifts from the taxpayers of America and line their own pockets.
And they will see to it that those without a life are kept in a virtual state of slavery, always looking to the Government to take care of them.
In a few decades or maybe sooner another tragedy will befall the city. It is below sea level, and it is stupid to expect man made dikes, levees, dams or such to guarentee safety. Would you be willing to start an insurance business in NO?

Blogger phred said...

A quote from your comment...

''And they will see to it that those without a life are kept in a virtual state of slavery, always looking to the Government to take care of them.''

Virtual state of slavery... a good point. But wait, I thought these people wanted to be free ????

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