Thursday, February 16, 2006
A few questions if you don't mind.
Dick Cheney vs David Gregory

It won't be long until the 'Cheney shoots a quail hunter' media frenzy will turn into a 'let's ban guns moment'. Now that everyone knows the lawyer friend of the vice-president is not going to die, (many leftwing nuts are disappointed) the exposes on the need to register or ban all guns are being prepared by the media even as I write this. Before the articles appear, (and they will appear) I have a question to ask of you. Which of these options would you prefer, if a terrorist was on the school bus with your child?

1. A bus driver that knows how to use a handgun, but has none?
2. A teenager armed with only a plastic pencil protector full of gel pens?
3. A bus driver with a loaded handgun who knows how to use it?

Which one of these scenerios is helping to keep us free and safe?

1. A group of liberals meeting for coffee at Starbucks?
2. A couple of United States Marines anywhere in the world?
3. A meeting of the Oprah Winfrey Book club in San Francisco?

If you happened to discover a terrorist safehouse in your neighborhood,
what action would be best to take?

1. Notify the New York Times immediately?
2. Telephone Ted Kennedy?
3. Notify the FBI?
4. Telephone Jimmy Carter?
5. Telephone Nancy Pelosi?

If you knew beforehand that Iran was about to launch a barrage of nuclear missiles at Israel what would you do? It is going to happen, what are you going to do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Ted Kennedy should take Cheney hunting up around Martha's Vineyard.

Blogger jarhead john said...

What would I do? Beat Iran to the punch.

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