Sunday, February 05, 2006
Denmark? Here is my take. It is one of the most liberal nations upon the earth. Is San Francisco too conservative for you, then Copenhagen, Denmark is for you. Denmark is one of the most liberal nations in Europe, but in this nation you will find some very good people.
My thanks to a reader from Denmark who set me straight on a few things. I was wrong in a writing harsh things about Copenhagen. I was mistaking Copenhagen with Amsterdam. I'm sorry. Here is my source for the comments about the drug situation in Copenhagen. I am rewriting this article and will try to stay unconfused in the future. (Dream Large, I say)

Smoked Danish

Where Copenhagen

Legal position The cannabis market is illegal, but it is very rare to be arrested or charged for possessing small amounts.

According to Chris Fowlie, head of the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws in New Zealand, who toured the world to research cannabis regulations and culture.

Why? 'In the middle of Copenhagen, in a former army barracks, is a 30-year old squat called Christiania of more than 1,000 people and whose most famous feature is a marijuana and hash marketplace. Governments have constantly threatened to close it but never succeeded. Pusher Street is lined by 20 wooden booths where dealers sell large bricks of exotic hash and baskets of marijuana from around the world.'

You’ll find many hard working people that take the 40% of their pay that the government lets them keep after taxes, work hard and live comfortably. The Danes will take in anyone in need. History has shown the world that the Danes don’t hate many people, if any at all. Their form of a socialist democratic monarchy works very good for them, and the workers there, produce some very fine products. I know you’ve seen those metal tins of Danish Ham, those tins of Danish Butter Cookies, seen some of the many cheeses they make in Denmark, and probably bought a Biro train set, or a large box of Lego’s, for yourself, your children or someone you know. I’ll probably pass on the DAK ham, but I am going to start helping my liberal brothers and sisters in Denmark, in this first battle of WWIII.
I wanted to be the first to stand up and say….Buy Danish, but many other conservatives jumped up and beat me to it. There is not a doubt in my mind that the Danes would do the same for us, if we needed help.

This really has to be a quandary for the liberals in the USofA……The conservatives are rushing to the help (AGAIN, as in New Orleans, Gulf Coast, 2005) of liberals in distress, in far off places, while the liberals here walk away from those in need. I am sure it must be a hard decision for them, after all, the enemies of Denmark are the same friends of theirs that they hope will see our warriors defeated, and returning in body bags, so that George Walker Bush will be impeached.


Anonymous Soto said...

Hear hear.
Although I no longer live in Denmark I will always be a Dane and I (on behalf of all Danes) say thank you to you for posting this on your blog.

And of course you just got my vote in the battles of the blogs ;) I don't even care who and what the other site is about LOL

Anonymous sayswho said...

That's a powerful sentence. You could drive an english teacher crazy trying to diagram one of your long rambling sentences, whoops, I better add a period here.
But it was thougth provoking, with a taste of humor about a serious problem. I'll be back to your blog.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks Soto, I really would like to travel across the pond to Europe, but it may never happen.

Blogger Nan said...

You want to be a drug addict? Move to Denmark. Don’t want to work? Don’t even want to look for work? No problem: in Denmark, you can get free food, clothing, shelter and enough free money to buy all the legal drugs you want. Do you like trash littered streets with drunks, addicts, hookers and deranged people hanging out? Copenhagen, Denmark is for you.

Ehm - when I am looking out my windows I don't see any hookers - neither am I one. I don't see any drunks, drug addicts - nor much litter. And what is *legal drugs* to you ? Cigarettes ? - I would really like to see your sources since you obviously haven't been to Denmark - ever. It makes me sad that this is what you think Denmark is - and saying that danes aren't hateful people ? wow.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Nan, I stand corrected, having mistaken Copenhagan for Amstradam.
My apologies, I rewrote the article.

I still say that Danes are not a hateful people. You are a friendly people. Hard working and don't deserve the hate the radical muslims have for them, all over a cartoon.


Blogger Nan said...

Hi again Webloafer. I wasn't mad or anything - it just sounded really strange to me - maybe especially since I have been to Amsterdam too. Amsterdam and Copenhagen aren't at all alike.

The place with the old barracks *pusher street* inside Copenhagen had a hashmarket once which was closed down by the police a few years ago. Many people were arrested for possession of Hash (weed). Some of those people are still being held by the police since the investigation isn't closed.

I saw in some other blog a person saying that in Denmark the welfare was so good that you could get a new house for free from the government! - that made me really upset - not just because that isn't true - but because we just bought a house - with our money that we have worked for.

I didn't mean (according to poor english - sorry) that Danes in general are a hateful people - but at the moment with this crap going on in the middle east (and here in Denmark) - people have become more suspecious and hateful. Mostly because they are scared I guess. I am not scared though - I live close to a few muslims and they are always nice people to be around. I just don't like to generalize.

Blogger Sparkling said...

Minor correction. Brio trains are Norwegian, but Carlsberg is danish, so if you are not a butter and cookie person, have a beer!


Blogger web_loafer said...

sparkling...thanks. I'll try to check my facts a little better. Most of my writing is done, after working 12 hours and driving a 40 ton truck for 400 miles. But still, that is no excuse for getting it wrong. I guess my memory is not as good as it used to be either.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't quit your day job. You could never make money writing. And hopefully you are better at driving then blogging.

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