Saturday, January 28, 2006
Whew, I feel better now, Peace Moonbeam has posted again. Want to laugh?


Blogger Violence Worker said...

She is one of the most hilarious bloggers around. I read every post!


Blogger web_loafer said...

Likewise, she posts about once a week, and I always look forward to another happening in Peace Moonbeams Life.

Blogger Shane said...

now THAT, my friend, was art. lol

Blogger Beth said...

I really like her blog. I found it by accident just a couple of weeks ago and laughed my head off when I read it! lol

Blogger AnthonyLemons said...

Never heard of it until I read your post. Now I see why you all love it. Good to read ya again Webby.

Blogger jarhead john said...

Fine comic relief, to say the least. It's refreshing to see the truth portrayed with such wit.

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