Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In Iran, they don't play hangman, but they love hangwoman


Blogger Mark said...

Capital "punishment" is vile and disgusting wherever it happens. It demeans the society in which it takes place and diminshes those who support it.

The pictures from Iran are disgusting and you are right to highlight them. The problem for me is that you live in a country that legally kills 70 year-old blind cripples which, from any objective view, is just as disgusting. Perhaps more so because it goes on behing closed doors.

Good game! I am not so ggod at playing it however :(

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mark, I am pro-life and that includes all life. I am not for capital punishment, but I am for hard punishment. Can't have everything you want always. I take the good and the bad of my country. I enjoy the good, and try to change the bad.

And glyn, try the suggestions I left, and you'll win more than you lose.

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