Friday, January 13, 2006

I originally wrote some words to go with these two pictures. Really they don't need explained, other than to say one is taken inside a mosque, and one near a battlefield.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A little elitist if you ask me. But made me think. Our wealth is our people

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Well said WL...

Blogger phred said...


Blogger Helena said...

WOW! It is this sort of thinking that creates sucide bombers in the first place WL! It is one thing to be patriotic, or even to follow your government blindly, but to pass blanket judgement on an entire religion is dangerous thought process.
Consider the fact that America is great- yes because of the people here- but also because of our hard-won freedoms, one of which is the freedom of religion.

Blogger Andy Dabydeen said...

Um ... you're nuts! ... no ... just an idiot ... um ... nuts! ... idiot? ... hmm ... maybe just insane. Islam makes up quite a bit of the world, and you just outright dismissed them all as the enemy of America -- the enemy of America's god. Same shit they're saying actually. Maybe you should all get off the planet and leave it to rest of us who are still sane.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Helena, first thanks for being firm but civil tongued. I am not following my government blindly, I want my government to survive the scourge of Islam, and have read enough history, and observed enough to know, I am right in this.

When the President of Iran, says all Jews should be pushed into the sea, Israel should cease to exist and other threatening things; and no Muslims stand up to condemn him publicly, that says it all to me. Look at the picture of the young boys with the Hitler salute again.
Over 6 million Jews were killed by Hitler, and it was because of people who would not take a stand. People were lambasted like Andy just did me, for seeing evil and speaking up. Yes those that saw the evils of Nazism in 1933, yes those that stood up and spoke about Hitler, were called nuts, insane, idiots and worse.
Those who had their eyes open, were ridiculed and laughed at the people who were scared, too scared to take a moral stand and say Nazism was wrong. To scared to confront evil. It is impossible to negotiate with someone who has taken a religious vow to kill you. Sure you can sit down and discuss terms, but the knife of Islam, the sword of Islam is the end result.

I imagine most people will not make a judgment call in this matter, because if and when you realize that Islam is Hate, you have to do something about it. There are so many of them, just placate them, is that how you see it?
I am sick and tired of people who try to paint Islam as a peaceful religion, it isn't. It never has been, and never will be. Where ever Islam travels, poverty, death, beheadings, war and perversion follow. You cannot name one Muslim Nation that lives in peace with itself or its neighbors. In fact when a nation becomes about 25% Muslim, it ceases to be a nation, it is a battlefield. Islam is the Religion of Hate. You may know some nice Muslims, but when the chips are down, you and I are but infidels to Muslims, even the ones who are nice to you today.
If the billion or so who believe that their Allah wants me dead, well, I am not going to put my head in the sand like many do.
No, it is not a blog article that creates suicide bombers.
Nothing makes suicide bombers other than the hatred spelled out in the Quaran.

Thanks for your assessment of me Andy, Such hatred coming from north of my countries borders, I consider it a badge of honor to be hated by a Canadian.
So I'm insane and you're sane?
Time will prove you to be foolish, and me and millions of others,

Go back to sleep Andy, your nation is in big trouble because you can't recognize evil, so it will succumb to evil, when the Muslims take over Canada.

Blogger Andy Dabydeen said...

SB ... I said what I said, and I meant what I said -- but it wasn't hate. There isn't much that I hate, expect stupidity. You haven't fallen that far. I look at the revised post now, and the two pictures without the previous commentary, is a lot more effective. The pictures says it a lot better than your words did. The first picture needs to be dealt with, and dealt with harshly and effectively. No sane person would argue that point. But not all Muslims are in that first picture.

Anonymous Bowman said...

Read "Islam" by Karen Armstrong. Hell, read anything even remotely academic about Islam. Meet a few muslims. It's obvious you haven't done that.

Blogger web_loafer said...

So glad to know that you are all knowing, bowman.
How could you know what I read. Only hours ago I read a chapter from "The History of Medieval Europe"
by Lynn Thorndike, of Columbia University. I read Chapter 9, pgs 155-169. Guess what it was about, all knowing one? I don't need your suggestions as to what to read or how to think.
And any critque you have of me, is a blind critque, without any knowledge of who I am or anything other than what I write.
You can critque my writing, but lay off of the personal attacks. You don't have a clue about me. I may have more muslim friends than you.
I is obvious that you haven't a clue about the obvious.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

no wonder you are just a truck driver.

Blogger Violence Worker said...

Just a truck driver. How interesting anonymous, that you have the audacity to dismiss someone so out of hand for being a truck driver and say nothing else. What great courage and wisdom you showed.

For all we know, you could be the guy at the circus that cleans up after the elephants, but you can wander by and take a cheap shot. I'm not the Web Loafer and I'm not a truck driver, but I'll tell you son, I'd rather be a truck driver than be the type of person you are.

I'm a mechanic, Anonymous. Been one all my life. Do you look down on Mechanics too?

The measure of a man, son, is not quantified by his occupation or his liquidity. Wisdom does not belong only to to those blessed with greater material bounty or higher station.

If you disagree with someone's conclusions, that's one thing. There is nothing wrong or dishonorable in honest debate. To dismiss his argument soley based upon his occupation shows you have no class and a distinct lack of maturity.

Pay attention boy, you might learn a little from us lowly blue collar types if you open your eyes and mind.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Anon; Truck Driving is what I want to do.
It is a demanding, hard and dangerous job. I love it.
I would rather sit down to eat at a table with truck drivers, than with Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean. No! Not even if it was at a fancy restaurant and Nancy and friends picked up the tab.

They are successful people. They would look down on me, as you may.
But I learned long ago not many successful people are fun to be around.
One last thing anonymous, take a look around at your surroundings and tell me "What percentage of all you see, was not transported on a truck to where you bought it.
I love driving truck, and they pay me to do it.

Blogger phred said...

Loafer, I drove a truck also ( 18 yrs)OTR. I loved it. It was a passion with me for many years. And yes, I too got paid too,( pretty well I might add).
It`s too bad everybody cannot enjoy what they do as I did.
It is a pity ''some'' are stuck in a dead end job that they hate, and spend their spare time on the internet writing anonymous ramblings that they are ashamed to sign their name to.

Blogger Beth said...

These comments are an education in bigotry! Goodness gracious! lol

Annonymously intolerant of the profession that moves America! How brave and what a snob.

Elitism at it's most obvious.

Web-Loafer. Great msg - I linked to it.

I think some don't want to see our enemy because they are so afraid. Like andy dabydeen, sounds like he's just scared, there's so many of them. Then on the other had he mentions what 'they' say. Who's 'they'? Are you lumping them all into one group Andy?

If we don't watch our backs, there'll be even more of them and a whole lot fewer of us.

Keep fighting the good fight web loafer. There's more of us Middle Americans, then the far right has a clue about.

They think we are stupid and ignorant. That's okay. They are such elitists and so arrogant that they have grossly underestimated us.

They are so caught up in their own opinions of themselves they don't have a clue what most of America is really about.

Most of us get it.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shhh Beth,
On second thought speak up.
America is not great because of the scared, wimpy or stupid.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Glad Tidings,
I must not be whimpy,
I can't even spell it right all of the time. Why only 4 minutes ago I typed it as wimpy!

Anonymous Bowman said...

Personal attack?? You think what I said was a personal attack? I merely was infering that you came across as ignorant about Islam.

I didn't insult you. I merely called you ignorant about ONE subject.

Would you like me to elaborate? Fine...

Islam has 1 billion believers. Many of them drink alcohol. Many pray as much as moi (ie never). Many are as knowledgable about the Koran as your average westerner (ie knows hardly anything).

Proof of your ignorance:

ou cannot name one Muslim Nation that lives in peace with itself or its neighbors. In fact when a nation becomes about 25% Muslim, it ceases to be a nation, it is a battlefield. Islam is the Religion of Hate. You may know some nice Muslims, but when the chips are down, you and I are but infidels to Muslims, even the ones who are nice to you today.

Uh, MALAYSIA?? Bangladesh?? Don't recall them being at war with anyone in the last couple decades, do you?? With the exception of East Timor, you could throw in Indonesia as well.

In addition: Iran has been at peace with its non-muslim neighbor of Armenia since Armenia was born after the collapse of the USSR.

All the central asian countries get along fairly well with russia as well.

Now you wonder why I accused you of being ignorant about Islam and muslims??

I might also add you're jumping to conclusions there. I suggested one book title and you think I come across as a know-it-all. Little insecure there perhaps?? My goodness.

Blogger web_loafer said...


I'm ignorant about islam? No I keep score.


Do you happen to know where I could find the scorecard of all of the humans the Baptist Church has killed in the last 3 years? I seem to have misplaced it, or may never have seen it, My My, I am getting old and senile, maybe you're right.

Blogger Mark said...

When you are a faith under the jack-boot of American imperialism, then I suppose there will be those who will want to fight such oppression.

The staged huddle of the American troops is just that. When I was fighting over there, I never saw such things, just constant tirades of abuse to all and sundry.

Blogger Mark said...

P.S. America lost its greatness when it "elected" a wazzock like Bush, - whose not even allowed to go to the toilet with the permission of his Secretary of State.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Mark, I appreciate your comments left here, they are a perfect example of the intellectual depravity of liberalism. Thanks again. Your shallowness is wide, but don't overdo it, there is just so much stupidity a normal person can stomach in one day.
Perhaps you should not leave two of your classic comments in a has everything to do with...
Your stupidity is boring.

Blogger chet said...

First of all, I am a retired truck driver. The best damn life one could have. Now when it comes to Islam, I don't think we are seperating the radicals from the true religion of Islam. Iran for example is still an Islamic State where as Syria has a seperation of their government and religion. Islam is a peaceful religion like Christianity. They have spoken out but the media does not give them front page coverage like they do to the terroists. After talking with many Muslims and deciding to find out more, I have discovered that they have basically the same belives as us Christians. They pray to the same God and follow the same laws that God gave us. Read the bible and the Quran they say about the same way. Yes you can find bad in the Quran but also you can find the same in the bible. Despite what our governments do, we as people can make this a better world. Isn't it time we open up our minds and try to understand ourselves and others a little more. It seems to many believe that the media is the gospel truth. The media is far from the truth. They print or say what will sell and make them a profit. Anyway this is just my opinion.

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