Thursday, January 05, 2006
Has anyone noticed a trend in modern day journalism?

1. Forged documents in an attempt to sway an election.
2. Lies and more lies about what was happening in New Orleans after the hurricane caused flood.
3. Now, the rush to be the first one to spread the news about the 12 coal miners that CNN, FOX and others said were found alive. No collaborating, just rush to the wires.
After work last night, I read the wires and debated with myself whether or not to write an article about the event as it was being portrayed. I’m glad I didn’t.


Blogger phred said...

I saw a photo essay on the incident yesterday( major news network).
7 out of 10 of the photos were of the people leaving the Church after getting the bad news.
I can just picture the photographers and cameramen perched outside the Church like vultures.
I would have been MORE interested in seeing pictures of the mine entrance ( i`m sure they wouldn`t let them inside),or something like that..
I have seen grieving people before, It does NOT interest me and I find NO pleasure in it.
I suppose I won`t even comment on the past safety violations at the mine, or the breakdown in communications of info on the survivors...

Blogger Shane said...

have you heard . . . Sanity's Bluff has gone off line . . . wait a minute, I'm here at Sanity's Bluff. What the? DOH! That's it, no more noose for me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

*off topic* Happy New Year Bud!


Blogger Andy Dabydeen said...

Makes us bloggers look almost credible. ;-) Although one Kathleen Parker still hates us.

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