Saturday, January 21, 2006
Do I need to say anything?

Mahmoud Ahmadineiad


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get it?

Blogger Jay said...

I don't either. Nazi death camps, the U.S. detonation of a nuclear bomb, and the president of Iran???

Are you implying that these three represent unchecked evil?

Blogger Shane said...

They never get it until they get got.

And to think they thought that Axis of Evil stuff was a bunch of nonsense.

I suppose next they will say that the President of Iran was on our side all along and we paid him to say those things . . . bla bla bla

France didn't get it either until stormtroopers were sipping coffee in their cafes.

Blogger :P fuzzbox said...

I bet Israel gets it.

Blogger Mark said...

One of those pictures is very similar to one I saw of American troops "talking" to a Muslim national of Iraq.

I presume this is yet another attempt to demonise muslims.

Blogger Jay said...

I wonder what brand of coffee Shane is sipping right now?

Blogger Shane said...


Nothing like the grease-laden stuff Ted Kennedy snorts up when he bellies up to the trough. If you happen to know what that stuff is (and I know how all you libs are "in the know"), let me know. I was considering moonlighting as a billboard.

P.S. Give my best to Babs.



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