Thursday, December 15, 2005

Welcome IRAQ, to the community of the free. Your nation and people will shine in a region of darkness, oppression and hate. I know the terrible cost for your people, and many other nations have helped in this struggle. Welcome to Freedom.


Blogger Leelayz said...

hey! ...I really liked your blog...
I have voted for it in blog warz

Blogger Mark said...

Are you really trying to say that Iraq is free!? If you are, you must be as deluded as George Bush. How can any country call itself free when it is awash with terrorists attracted to it by an imperialistic occupying force. The only time Iraq will ever be free is when America clears out, just like Viet Nam became when America finally came to its senses and got out.

Blogger web_loafer said...

25,000,000 million people of Iraq disagree with you. A mere 10,000 in Iraq are terrorists, and their days are numbered. The terrorists could use a little help.....I'll help with the air fare to Iraq,If you'll leave America before Christmas.

You losers are looking like buffons, you wouldn't know free if it stepped on your toe.

I hope you miserable liberals keep on showing your true colors.

This is a historical day, and all of the Liberals are gloomy. In the midst of this jubilant occasion, up steps the crybabies and they have nothing good to say. I'll guarentee you that the refusal by the libs to back the Iraqi people will cost you dearly next election. Gloom and Doom has never made a nation great.Get used to a free Iraq, and I imagine Iraqii's will not forget how the petty liberals, put political power above the freeing of 25,000,000 people.

"imperialistic occupying force" you calling this nations wonderful liberators this is about the last straw. I let people pretty much say anything here, but this is close to the line. No one here enjoys your hatred of America, I'm sure Al Jazeera has a blog section....go there you are not welcome here.


If you want to talk about imperialism you need to talk of Great Britain in the 19th century. I'm from an Irish-American family and we know all about the potato famine. I have no doubt that guys like you were the administrators of the death and agony.

My point is this. Get off your damned hobby horse and act like a man. Web Loafer is right. Folks like you are the ones who have been responsbile for more oppression in history than any other group. You've got a long line of distinguished leaders - Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam. Their kind of freedom is your kind of freedom.

One last thing. Keep in mind that it's guys like me who have always been willing to die for your freedom of expression. I did my time and was glad to do it. I was willing to give up my life. The real tragedy in this is that people like you feel no responsibility to anyone other than yourselves. Your god is your belly. I've learned in my life that if push were to ever come from shove I'd never want someone like you in a trench next to me when the bullets started flying. You'd run and then tell everyone else that guys like me who stayed were the cowards. You know as little about freedom as you do about duty and honor.

My advice is that you go back to your pub and stay drunk on the bitters and fear.

Blogger Violence Worker said...

If Vietnam is free, then I'm missing something. You appear to be old enough to remember what the Communists did to anyone suspected of collaboation. Do you remember all those boat people risking their lives to leave such freedom?those Boat people.

If you think Vietnam is free, than you are the deluded one, or a commie or both. Deluded. Good word. You are the deluded one.

An interesting observation if I may.

Where I live there is an active support the troops organization and we've held many a rally near are military bases. One of them the gates is directly connected to a freeway overpass. At times there've been upwards of 2000-3000 people spread from the gate of the U.S. Army Hospital to the east of the freeway and the National Guard Camp on the west. Often joining us in our support for our troops in Iraq is a contingent of about 50 vietnamese immigrants from our community. They bring theu US and SVN flags. If you go ask them, they will tell you they are there hoping that America won't give up on Iraq like they did in Vietnam.

Interesting, huh, Mark?

You are the deluded one. You equate Communist slavery with freedom. If that is not delusional, we need another definition!


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