Friday, December 02, 2005
War is Hell

Let’s jog our memories about freedom and the wars we have fought to obtain freedom, maintain freedom and promise freedom to those after us.

If we could send them back in time, (and Lord, I'd love to send them all back)What would a reporter of today from Reuters, or the AP report about Valley Forge, in the late 1700’s?

Would Howard Dean have been able to tough it out all winter at Valley Forge, or how about Michael Moore?

If we could send some of the reporters from Newsweek Ragazine back to a battle during the March to Richmond in 1863, how would they paint our fighting men trying to extract some information from an enemy combatant? Or what about the almost daily death toll of several hundred, as our men marched under the leadership of General Grant?

How would they write about a president with a very low approval rate, who sent hundreds of thousands of men to their death? How would they write about the draft riots in New York City? How would they write about the war?

Or when we were trying to bring freedom to France, how would today’s cadre of news reporters write about the fight for freedom there. How would they report the deaths on Omaha Beach? Would they report that a milestone had been reached on the second day, when the 4,000th death occurred?
Would they seem almost giddy when the battle was going badly?

Would the MSM of WWII, glorify someone like Cindy Sheehan, who had lost a son on Omaha Beach, and could not see the whole picture, and went about dragging her son's memory through the dirt of the press?

I think it has done some good to jog our memories.
War is not good. But if we quit fighting the islamofacists, will they quit cutting the heads of off young Christian girls, just for being Christian? Be honest about it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suggest you educate yourself on the news media of those times - especially during the Revolutionary War. They were as brutal then as now - if not more so, in the vernacular of the period.

In the mean time you seem to forget that one of those freedoms we fight for is freedom of the press - including the "MSM" to report whatever they like.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I always love suggestions from anonymous. And I rush out to follow the suggestions of such cowardly people.

No the MSM does not have the right to report whatever they like...for example Dan Rathers reporting a lie he knew was one.....there is no right to libel, lie, forge. And our MSM conviently leavesout all good news.

Newspapers are losing readership because of their disingenious work.

They should be reporting, not trying to change the world....just the facts please.

In better days, the lies, libel and forgery of the MSM would be stopped by civil actions in court.

Don't tell me about rights, unless you can tell us who you are.

I think i'll ban anonymous comments.

Blogger CSC5502D said...

Good choice. I hate wussies who want to talk smack but won't leave a name.

He's full of crap anyway. You never said the media should be muzzled. Nowhere does it say that in your post.

Of course, if the media turned around and acted like Fox News how long would they support the "right" of the media to report whatever they like?

Blogger Adam said...

As anonymous put it, the Michael Moores of their day DID hype up the anti-war cause. In fact, they were a lot worse back then- the worst terrorist attack in San Francisco history was set by an anti-war protestor at the outset of World War I. No protestors are setting off bombs today.

And as you put it, war is hell. Whether just or not, the Iraq War is horrible, just like all wars.

Blogger phred said...

Cindy Sheehan is a selfish, clueless , idiot.
Her son would be ashamed of her.
We can fight the terrorist over there ... or ... here.
Take your pick.

Blogger Mark said...

It's interesting to note that many ex-servicemen tend to have a liberal point of view. I wonder why? I certainly changed my point of view when I saw the calibre and ideals of those who sent me and my friends out to die on some foreign sand dune. At the time it was a right-wing government, - who I supported.

Blogger Jay said...

My guess is that most parents would take some small comfort in knowing they lost a son to an enemy that attacked our country.

I would also venture a guess that those same parents would be pretty darn angry if that loss was merely due to a lying politician for no reason other than to line the pockets of his friends.

But...I guess if our rightwing friends are not prepared to make any personal sacrifice, no cost is too high.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, check your own are a liar...
Bill Clinton said in 1998, with much beleivablity....that Iraq/Hussein had weapons of mass destruction...and between bj's in the oval office, he ordered a few Cruise Missles launched into the deserts of Afganistan...
That was his response....remember in 1993 when the islamafacists tried to take the Twin Towers Down????
What did your choir boy rapist do then????
You sicken me.....leave the country you hate....go to Cuba.
You will be able to lose some weight there in cuba, the communist utopia....there is no food, and you Jay don't deserve the fat of this land....cuz' you are UNAMERICAN.

Must I post the video, audio, or newpaper articles for you to see.
If Bush lied........
What was Clinton doing when he said the same words...
And don't pretend that you love America, you don't
I've read your crap on the net for six months now, and have never once, no not once seen you in any way love that makes you

Blogger Dave said...

Boy, I was just going to comment on the painting of George Washington praying, which is one of my favorites.

It seems I stepped into a volatile smattering of rat droppings! LOL

My take on Iraq:

. Bush did not lie.
. Saddam did have WMD, he just moved them.
. Saddam needed to go for the sake of his own country.
. The US did a noble thing in freeing Iraq
. Yes, the conflict has been long and drawn out, but if we were just to pull out, the hell that is war would come crashing down, Iraq would be in jays underpants, and the terrorists would be vindicated.

Blogger Dave said...

I also wanted to agree with phred.

Cindy Sh**head dishonors her son with every flap of her stupid mouth. He gave his life to free a country from tyranny, and she spits on his grave.

Blogger Shane said...


two thumbs up on your take on Iraq

Blogger web_loafer said...

ditto: Oh was I supposed to chime in here. Shane you have not only talent and a way to say volumes in the fewest appear to know what we ALL face in the future.
Thanks for being a friend, excuse my wrong, and don't tell me much about my

Hey that may have made sense...nah.....and if it did, it was an accident. Peace.

Anonymous crissy1 said...

well, this is a good reminder, but we'll all forget. It is much easier to fiddle while Rome burns, than
to help put the fire out. As one comic to another, keep up the laugh ups.

Anonymous Shirley said...

Wow. Ok, just a couple of questions here.

1. Is it possible for you to
love vanilla ice cream and
me to love chocolate without
that fact making mortal
enemies out of us?

2. Is it possible for two
people to see the same
incident, yet describe
it two different ways?

On the first, I'd say yes, since our normal, God-given brains determine for each of us what flavors we do or don't like. Chocolate or vanilla - it's a matter of personal choice.

On the second, I'd also say yes, and so would pretty much every policeman you'd care to talk to. Ask them how many crimes they've investigated where the purp was described as a tall, short, average-height black, hispanic, Indian male/transvestite, wearing a white/orange/black shirt, with blue jeans/black slacks/khaki cargo shorts. He/it had black/red/purple short, long,medium-length hair and blue/brown/dark sunglass-shrouded eyes and escaped on foot/bicycle/horseback. It's all a matter of perception and individual impressions of what was seen. We all make decisions on things like the war based on what we believe, what we've experienced, and what we've seen/heard/been told by those we trust, and calling anyone less American than any other makes no sense. I understand we see things differently, but I'd never question anyone's patriotism because of it. We do and say what we do because we believe we are right. Do I get angry at what I see as blind allegiance to ideas that I think are totally wrong? Sure, and I say so, but I realize this is America and we all make our own decisions based on the above-mentioned reasons. And as the saying goes, I'd fight to the death for your right to say what you believe.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shirley, you feel exactly like I do, but I must add one caveat. If you are a Democrat and love America, you are my friend. Friends discuss, oh and maybe even argue a little. If you are someone who hates America, you are my enemy, and I want you defeated in all you do.
I won't give the time of day to someone who blatantly and publicly hates America. Or hates the 52% of us who voted for President Bush. If you hate President Bush, you hate America. You can disagree with President Bush, but he is more popular than Congress, House and Senate, and has a higher approval rate than The Democratic Party. Those facts won't make it to the MSM's programming.
I turn on my TV, and nothing there makes me believe the media loves America. They completely ignore Senator Lieberman who told the truth about Iraq, and that whacko congressman who claims American forces are weak, tired and incapable of winning a war, and that we should turn tail now, when we are winning, that whacko get top shelf handling from the media.. That congressman is the champion, and darling of the press. He is on more programs, has more articles printed about him than any of our brave soldiers. It is a disgrace to see the way the MSM uses the freedom so many died to give them. When was the last time you read about some of the mountains of good going on in Iraq, thanks to America????? If you saw or read any of that news, it was on the internet.
I turn on my radio to PBS and you would not guess it is an American Taxpayer provided one there seems to love America.
If I was to buy a newspaper, it is much the same.
Whoops I'm getting long winded, so what's new? Thanks for the civil discussion.

Anonymous Shirley said...

Well, I certainly hope nothing I said indicated to you that I don't love this country as much as anyone else. I certainly do. I was raised believing it is the best country on earth, that our flag is almost holy and deserves all my respect, and that pledging allegiance to the flag means just that - I vow to stand up for all it symbolizes. That does not, however, mean that I owe blind allegiance to any party or politician, only to my country. I hope that clarifies my position.

As for supporting any President in whatever they do, I'll leave that to a true American hero to explain:

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official..."
~Theodore Roosevelt

I feel that as an American I have the duty and the right to speak out when I see our leaders doing something that goes against what I believe America is about, and so do you. The fact we may not see the same things in the same way simply means we have differing opinions, not that either of us is a "better American", at least in my way of thinking.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Shirley, I in no way was suggesting you lacked patriotism. I'd quess 90% of all Americas are patriotic, and so that would include almost all Democrats and Republicans.
Unforunately, (The leaders?) of the Democratic Party are so focused on regaining power that they have crossed the line of peaceful protest.
When the leader of a national party says Amemica will not win the war, or one says Our troops are terrorizing women and children in the darkness of night; that has crossed a line. I'll never forget what Dean and Kerry have done to the party of Harry Truman.
There will always be a fight America has to fight, and a war to war. Our productivety and human wealth are unrivaled in the world, and there are plenty of enemies of capitalism.
We work hard for what we have, are generous to others and still we are hated. There is nothing we can do to sway those that hate us, they are hateful people, and in some cases, lazy people.
The thought of islamic terrorists in our cities, blowing our citizens up in suicide bombings is something I'd rather not see.
We can fight terror in the Middle East where 99% of it originates, but we would be hamstrung to fight it here. Go to any big city and see the gangs operating their criminal activities in the broad daylight. When the police try to clear them out, some people get upset. The ACLU would be working pro bono to get all terrorists off, and certain people would be suggesting the solution would be to ban guns from the citizens.
So the best place to fight the terrorists is overseas, and we are winning the war. The enemy has won not a single engagement, and has resorted to cowardly acts against both military and civilian targets.
The 3,000 that died on Sept. 11, 2001 have not been avenged yet. The terrorist are losing thanks almost singlehandedly to the stedfastness of our President. History will record what the revisionist of today will not succeed in changing. Terror had to be fought. That is where the 90% of Americans who are patriotic are in accord. The battle plan is different from person to person, but most Americans know that terror must be fought in our time. We as a nation ignored it far too long, From the days of Jimmy Carter until today we have been attacked over and over again, but we are fighting it now.
Our airplanes are safe again, our streets are still filled with citizens going about their everyday affairs, and we can still all openly worship on any Saturday or Sunday we choose. Our churchs do not have to meet in secret behind locked doors.
I count the blessings of living in America, and the sum always comes up positive. Lets never forget though the negatives, and work on them.
Oops go long winded....but everyone has been warned. LOL Have a safe and meaningful day.

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