Saturday, December 03, 2005
No blogging today.


Blogger AubreyJ said...

No other words needed...

Blogger gigotti said...

it is a sad day here in Iraq. R.I.P. my fellow soldiers.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Something made this nation the greatest gathering of people, and blessed beyond comprehension. It was the soldiers who fought this nations battles, and the ones who held the fort between wars. Death and War walk hand in hand, but if you want a reality check.

Never, I say NEVER, have 50,000,000 human beings been freed from the clutches of tyranny, with so little bloodshed. Afghanistan today has women who can discard the berkas they hated, and walk down streets with other women, those women who prefer to be submissive and abused, you know; the women who wear the scarf of Islam.
Iraq 2005, is a success beyond comprehension, why only 5 years ago, cell phones, satellite TV, free speech and freedom were a pipedream to most these dreams have become reality.

Yes, blood has to be shed to free humans from the chains of Hell, and my nation sent the bravest amongst us to help these people.

What was the cost?

O.K. THINK WORLD WAR II; Figure out the gallons of blood shed by the soldiers from around the world to free France and most of Eastern Europe from slavery, compare it to the actual number that were freed, and it was ugly. I estimate it took one soldier to spill his/her blood to free 100 Europeans, or 1,000 Asians, in WWII.

In this new millennium, my country has lost some of its finest young people, But it was, and is a Righteous Cause. 50,000,000 people are free today because of their bravery and sacrifice.
You may let this fly right over your liberalized mind, but I am estimating that 20,000 humans have been freed from the slavery of radical islam for every coalition soldier that gave up their life for a cause and battle that will be won. So don't tell me they died in vain.

There will be bad days in this global struggle, but defeat is not an option. Those that wish defeat for our nation, or death to our marvelous warriors will be noticed, ostracized, and paid back in kind. Yes when this is all shaken out…we will remember the haters of America, we are keeping score……You either love America, or you are America's enemy.

Shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
about our faults, they are minor compared to the good we have done for this ungrateful world………and the liberals who want us all enslaved to government….you know….like the citizens of Iraq before the coalition forces freed the slaves of Hussein; Well, they can enjoy the freedoms that many died for, but we will not forget your actions in this critical point of America………..America's time of need, found many unprepared to help....some asked the simple question....."What can I do for America" others ignored the problem because they were insignificant to the final outcome, they knew they were worthless in Defense of America, and rightfully they stepped aside and let the warriors war.
Oh one more thing…..The scum of Islam have not been able to hit us again. It is no happenstance or coincidence…… was because we are fighting. If we ever return to the look the other way life of the 1990’s we will pay dearly right here in America.
How many more 09/11/2001’s would it take before Ted Kennedy would put down his scotch bottle and say……..LET”S ROLL????????

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