Saturday, December 17, 2005
If the Democrats succeed in taking back the House or Senate in 2006, you will need this information, so download it and print it out today. IMPORTANT INFORMATION


Blogger Carol said...

Wow! Scary stuff!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Speaking of blog just bombed against your blog at BE. It was a whooping. I never know if Sanity's Bluff will get 12 out of 15 or like in this case, 3 out of 15. Go figure

Blogger JMB said...

This really gets you thinking....
If and when something like this does occur,may the Lord accept each and everyone of us into the kingdom of heaven.


Anonymous DeanBean said...

Your crooked smile reminds me of Dick Cheneys crooked smile. I don't give a squat about politics so we can agree on one thing, You were kugly hent, and you always will be ugly, because of your slanted smile. Yes, you and any friends you have. I want to give an estimate as to how many friends you have weblogger..bloggger. None,and that your twisted smile is ugly. If god wanted to impress people, he sure wouldn't use an ugly mother like you.

Blogger phred said...

Amen jmb.

deanbean must be out of grade school this week and bored.

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