Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Good Humor Must Have Some Truth To It......
Busy times in the Land of Oz, so here is something to bring a chuckle. The libs make it too easy. One only has to tell the truth about them, and illustrate.
Sacred Cow Burgers is one of my favorite laugh sites, I go there for a good laugh at the insanity running rampart in the liberal world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must admit, I chuckled, and I voted for one of those three in that boat in 2004. There are plenty of things to laugh about with the neocons. Sometimes laughter blurs reality.

Blogger Beth said...

Hey web_loafer, I like Sacred Cows too. Do you read his commentaries that he gives with his paradies?

They are as good as the parodies.

Thanks for sharing that.

Blogger Snoop said...

I love the pic!

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