Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Call A Traitor A Traitor
I want to share a comment I just left at a friends blog.
It just so happens that AubreyJ., rented this high priced blog Sanity's Bluff for a week. Aubrey's Blog was one of the first blogs I linked Sanity's Bluff to, and I recommend his blog without reservations.Life has chilling in; who gave their life to make our America safe. At Aubrey's blog you will find short article's of the recent heroes, and unselfish Americans who gave up their own life, to make ours better. Please visit his blog by clicking on the rent my blogs button found in my sidebar.What you do with that opportunity of freedom they gave you is up to you. I am growing tired of the ones who haven't a clue as to why we are free.
Here is the comment I left.This question you raise, makes me wonder why the weasels from the left won't answer questions like this. I am compiling a list of the ones who hate America, but love to live here. I will pass it on to those that will be living here after I am long gone. I will never forget how this all came down. On display in plain sight, priveledged and pampered Americans are betraying their country, commander in chief and our soldiers. What kind of support are you giving to our brave soldiers when you call them terrorists? What kind of support is it to declare those facing the enemy cannot and will not win?

The liberals are panicked and a few more punches should send them to the mat.
Some liberals are unpatriotic, and now a lot of them are becoming treasonous.
I know how my ancestors dealt with treasonous's time to honor our forefathers by ridding the country they fought for, of this liberal vermin.
When I say ridding, I mean to expose them, and take the truth to all citizens. This will require all of America's friends to completely ignore the media of today. Turn the TV off, quit the newspaper or magazie subscriptions and stop going to movies with traitors starring in them. Soon Kerry will have no one to speak to but those of his own ilk.
There is a stink in America so foul, vile and is sickening. This stink is coming from the mouth of the John Kerry's, Howard Deans, and the other traitors in power in the Democratic Party. These scumbags have ruined the party of Harry Truman, and have turned their wrath upon their own..(Senators Zel Miller and Lieberman).They are desperate, so the best thing to do is let them continue with their hatred for America and the ones who are defending America, because they will reap what they are sowing at this time in our nation's history. America doesn't lose wars, unless scumbuckets like John Kerry and his lover....THE MEDIA...outduel the patriotic and brave.
John Kerry is a coward, who is trying to hide his real cowardice from the whole of America.
I do not care that he wore a uniform of the United States of America Navy. I can give a homeless drunk from midtown $20 to shave, shower and wear a uniform of my country, but he would still be a dressed up scumbucket.
Now, about John Kerrys speech of the day. I can tell you what his next speech will be about even before the media fawns and slobbers all over it, and him and rushes to get it to the public. Here is what it will be. It will be a highbrow speech, putting down America and the men and women who wear the uniform of the armed forces....yes putting them down, because he was a sniveling coward with a petigree, an empty uniform or suit. Kerry chickened out in VietNam and wants to redemn his sorryass by bringing the country he hates, down.....bring it down. Listen to his speeches and you will notice no love for America, only hatred and disdain. BRING AMERICA DOWN KERRY???????????It is not going to happen, rich and priveledged traitor. NOT ON OUR WATCH, COWARD.
I saw first hand what Kerry's lies did to our nation 35 years ago, and I will guarentee you this.
It will not happen like last time. Those spitting on our troops will face the wrath of a grateful nation. It won't be pretty, but it will be deserved. Mark these words, we will not let Kerry turn Iraq's struggle for freedom into a defeat like VietNam. And we have a commander in chief with a backbone in the White House.This country is not a nation of zombies, we know scum when we see or smell it. I have taken off the gloves in this fight. And I have noticed that not too many of my friends who are working liberals.....spout out the talking points of the day, from the liberal scumbuckets. To me they look disturbed, like they have been hoodwinked. Seriously, there are no more heated debates about the war going on amongst my co-workers. They are ashamed of the Democratic Party and where it is today. A few have even voiced their concern openly. They no longer even talk about "Bush Lied", they are worried that our enemies have a lot of friends in the Democratic Party of 2005.
When you draw a mental picture of any of the vocal liberals of today, do you remember them because of their smile, or pleasant demeanor? Like me you probably see them as angry, vile, and petty elitist.

Well the friends of America will prevail, succeed and win.
The gloves are off, my wallet is open, and my heart is heavy for the wonderful warriors that are defending us from foreign is now up to us to rid this country of the media terrorists, who want to see our military defeated...(not a chance, it isn't going to happen...JOHN KERRY)
Thanks AubreyJ, for renting space on my blog. My best traffic is always on the weekends.I will highlight your blog hoping you'll get some new visitors.I'll try to figure out how to get the 'rent my blog' showing on the front page of my blog.
I know we are winning the war, when the enemy goes banana's.....liberals are beside themselves, because they know we are succeeding in Iraq....or I should say our marvelous warriors are taking the fight to the enemy and succeeding. Now we as civilians must be equally as focused on taking the fight to our nations internal enemies....That would be....the Liberal Scum who call our soldiers terrorists, and say they can't win the war.....I am getting madder by the minute.Catch you later friends, John, the webloafer.Don't forget to spend some time to check out Aubrey J.'s blog.


Anonymous Billy Budd said...

Thank you, and well said. They have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that "No low is too low" and the ends justify the means to regain their lost power. I think they are over playing their hand and this is the last notes of a sick and twisted swan song of the liberal left.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment Billy Budd.
America doesn't, hasn't or won't lose a war. VietNam? America didn't lose that war, it was the John Kerry's and Jane Fondues that lost. Think about it, John and Jane are two miserable people tody.
Everyone knows they are traitors, and shuns them, or in a karma blessed moment they are spit upon.
These slugs will never fit in to our country again, because we win, in spite of them.
Remember my friend....America has never and won't ever lose a war.
But it may be time to lose some of the deadweightbaggageofdemocracy.

In Cuba, if someone was as vocal and hateful against the system as Huckster Dean, or Jelly Kelly.....they would be DEAD.

Anonymous daisydue2 said...

wow, that was a mouthful.
"These scumbags have ruined the party of Harry Truman."
I cannot agree with all of your neocon rant, but, that sentence hit me like a bag of rocks.
H.Truman was a Democrat of Democrat's.
Funny thing, He was unpopular. There were no pollsters in 1943 in America, that would have swayed Harry's decisions. He just did what was right for America. Now we take polls for everything, and know nothing.


Blogger web_loafer said...

Don't run off daisydue,
You are always welcome at Sanity's Bluff.
I sense that you are a patriotic Democrat, that is my favorite kind of Democrat.
In fact, I would rather spend time with a patriotic Democrat, than John DisDain, whoops...McCain.....or whatever, see, JM, is small.....very small. You know how I come to this conclusion????
The press loves him...........I don't.

Blogger utenzi said...

Turn off those televisions, shun the newspaper, ignore your fellow citizens at church and the coffee shop. Ignorance is bliss.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

Turn on those televisions and computers...
Read newspapers and magazines...
Talk with all your fellow citizens at church and the coffee shops...
Ignorance is confiding in just one source of information......
And Yes...
I too hate... I hate... I hate... I HATE-- POLLS!!!
Thanks for the Blog Spot and the kind words WL...
And keep up your good work too my friend--

Blogger Hillary said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've been before, cause I remember your comment about Darryl Worley! :) ANyway, thanks for the compliment! I'm gonna go poke around your site now!

Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

"liberal scumbuckets" - now that's really raising the politcal discourse in this country! I'm looking forward to clobbering you again on BotB.

Blogger web_loafer said...

sflib....a little premature wouldn't you say?
As I type this comment, the battle is still going on. You must have a bunch of your liberal friends cheating for you, if you can predict a clobbering for Sanity's Bluff. Just proves what I have always said..."liberalism has to cheat to win." It is an unnatural state of thinking, a losing state of mind. Yes maybe liberal scumbuckets was a little derogatory, but you will see in the near future.....Americans, real Americans taking back the nation that once was great, and it will be a fight liberalism cannot win. Liberalism only wins when decent folks don't fight. We are fighting mad my friend, and look forward to the Battle for America, not the Battle of the Blogs, YES, one battle at a time, the libs will fail, because history has ample proof that Liberalism...Communism....
and everywhere and everytime it is tried....

Blogger web_loafer said...

Let's count out the marbles my friend from San Fran.

You got 3 votes...(I saved the results).

And how many people voted?????

If it had been 4 people voting in the battle that would have been a clobbering.....ouch....


There were 15 people voting in the that is...3 for you, and 12 for me.

I'll take a clobbering like this any day of the year.

Let's now move on to knowing each other better. For a truck driver now driving only in Middle West, I was one who lived in San Francisco in the late 1960's. I love SF....not particularly all of the people there, but in my humble opinion, it is the loveliest city in America, and well worth reclaiming for the Majority. Your town is a hostile place for the average America...

That will be remedied....not a doubt in my see....the good are reclaiming this city at a time. We love this country and will fight here or abroad for a Decent God fearing Nation called America. We outnumber is just that we chose not to fight the liberalism ruining our beautiful country...but we have changed our minds....America is worth fighting for.

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