Thursday, September 08, 2005
Utopian Meltdown
Utopian Meltdown

Someone trying to speak for the American people should get their facts straight. Most people do not think George Bush is a moron, or a ****up as Jay, the commenter here at Sanity’s Bluff says.

Jay, I have to know, just what is your definition of most? 43%? That is the percentage of the Democratic Kool-Aid drinkers in America. Your “most Americans” isn’t reality based, it is a pipe dream. It is a minority of America that whines and moans about George Bush. You don’t get to him or his supporters, George just keeps on walking tall, standing tall, and making me and the majority of America proud.. He is a good man, and Americans know it. They see that good man hated by the minority, and it strengthens the resolve of the supporters of George Bush, and makes them determined to never let hateful people like Dean and Kennedy get control of America. The liberals are constantly making asinine. childish and unfounded statements about what the American people think, but they haven’t a clue about the backbone of America. Yes, now that the liberals have completely taken over the Democratic Party, we will continue to see the decline of the Democratic Party.

Pssst…heres a little secret I don’t think you’ve come to grips with yet. The Democrats are watching their voting base shrink because of their constant hatred of good Americans, and good American deeds. Oh but that is not all, there are a few other millstones around the political neck of the Democratic Party.

In your shrinking ranks you have the majority of homosexuals, (who are not going to procreate, and raise little Democrats) You also have most of the abortion rights people, who are on a mission that will only shrink the number of Democratic voters. And in your ranks you have academia and other elitists who don’t want to be bothered by parenting.
All of this will continue to shrink the percentage of Democrats in America. Thank God!

It makes my heart happy to see the many large Christian families, home schooling their large family and swelling the ranks of the Republican Party. As a side note, those home schooled children will be the leaders of tomorrow, for they avoided the American Educational System. They are smart, patriotic, charming and caring; something that is not present in the Kool-Aid drinking robots graduating from the public schools that are controlled by liberals.

Again I remind you that the liberals have the television news departments solidly in their corner, as well as the magazine and newspaper editorial and journalism departments. Hey, Democrats look at how much your unholy alliance with the media has done for you. You first lost the House of Representatives, and may never regain control of it. Then you lost the Presidency, followed soon thereafter with the loss of the Senate.

The same trend is happening in almost all State Governments.

Some help the media has been for you. But I’m glad they are around to chronicle the demise of the Democratic Party.

Maybe they don’t realize it, but the media is recording for posterity all of your unabashed hatred for the Military, Christians, Boy Scouts, and George Bush. You will never be able to hide your true agenda from history. As you are today, your agenda seems to be to making as many people miserable as you can. Your recent behavior is viewed by most Americans as over the line of decency. See I used the word most….I dare you to poll Americans on your parties recent behavior. The most devastating natural disaster in American History, was turned into a political football within HOURS by the malcontents of the Democratic party. The Republicans made a bee-line to the Gulf States with food, water, clothing, comfort and love. Where were the ACLU mobile kitchens. Where was the Move On mobile hospital staffed with doctors that rushed to Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana? Where were the Democratic truck drivers volunteering to haul the aid for nothing? I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

I’ll bet you, if I was to walk into a room full of 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans that I had never met or talked too, I could pick out 5 Democrats, and 5 Republicans from the crowd even though they were all strangers to me.

Liberals wear their misery on their faces, and they seem to want everyone else to be miserable. It isn’t so with real neocons.

I am working on an article about utopia. I am not quite finished with it, but I want to give everyone a teaser.

The article is about New Orleans, and Louisiana. All of the things that the liberals have been promising the working class for sixty years, should have made New Orleans ‘utopia on earth.’

There were no Republicans to spoil the Democratic Dream. No evil neocons. Ever since the days of Huey Long, New Orleans has been a stronghold of the Democrats. Has it served the citizens of New Orleans well? All of the elections that the working class got out and voted Democratic, has helped New Orleans how?

Democrat controlled government, Utopia, the pipedream that Democrats have promised will solve all of the problems that plague the working class. “Elect us and you’ll be better off” they promise at election time.. The good people of Louisiana and New Orleans jumped on the Democratic bandwagon and what kind of ride did they get? When they were promised better schools what did they get? The schools teach a liberal slanted curriculum. How much good has it been for the citizens of New Orleans? And think of it, there were no George Bush’s around 60 years ago to muck things up. By all reasoning New Orleans should have been utopia, after 60 years of liberal government.. For 60 years the state of Louisiana and New Orleans in particular, have been without Republicans to steal from the poor and give to the rich. There have been no Republicans to give tax breaks to the rich of Louisiana. There isn’t any Newt Gingrich in Louisiana to make your grandma subside on dog food.

If you never hear anything I say again, please listen carefully to my next observation.

If you want to know how America will be if the liberals like Hillary Clinton are running things, look at New Orleans. Look at the misery, suffering and failure of the liberal ran government, and the people who are under the thumb of the Elite Liberals. Point me to an American City that is controlled politically by the Democratic Party, and I’ll guarantee you there is a large percentage of miserable people. You cannot refute the misery of the liberal ran cities, it is in plain view to the world. Just open your eyes.

One thing I am sure of, when the 400,000 or more displaced humans from New Orleans get back on their feet, thanks to the love of the Much hated Christians, Republicans and Rednecks, a great percentage of those people will leave the Democratic party, as fast as you would leave the smelly city of New Orleans today. .


Blogger Jay said...

You mistake the number of people who call themselves Democrates with the number of people who think Bush is doing a lousy job. The last numbers I saw were close to 60%.

As for your efforts to convince me that the president should not be held accountable for anything, I can't quite follow your reasoning. Though Bush is an incompetant boob, that does not excuse him from screwing up...especially when his screw ups seem to cost thousands of lives. You rightwingers might ought to take a lesson from your predicesors of the 70's. When Nixon became more of a liability to the party than an asset, he was dumped. It was rather easy to hide Bush's inability to do his job when the only deaths were in Iraq and could be hidden away. Now the results of his dangerous incompetance is quite public....and no matter how much you stick your fingers in your ears and will not go away.

Prepare for Americans to take back their country.

Blogger rockingrama said...

I was appalled at the hate between the lines in your post. It is pretty narrow to believe that YOUR view of the world and politics is the only valid opinion going. The lack of solid leadership in these recent tragic events is a travesty not only to the Republicans, but to the government on all levels. There will be fallout from these events, but predicting accolades for your party is a little premature consindering the rawness of human suffering that is still prevelant in the Southern States. Since when are Republicans champions for the disenfranchised? I don't think all Republicans are straight, refuse kool-aid, or that they are all Christian. All Democrats do not fall in the neat little boxes you described either, and I am especially offended by your willingness to slight such a large part of the population as not being Christian. There is nothing Christian about this post. While I'm at it, check the polls. George is floundering and so is your leadership. We should be asking God for guidance on this and praying for our leaders to pull together in a bi-partisan effort to pool resources and develop sound strategies for recovery from this tragedy, not drawing lines in the sand and calling names.

Blogger web_loafer said...

No problem Jay,
rockingmama, I guess this means I won't be invited to your next wing ding?
And let me make one thing clear....there is no hate written bewteen the lines, I was upfront about the failure of the Democratic Party. So I must give you a failing grade for your book report, try to do better next time, read the article, don't get mad first then read.

Blogger web_loafer said...

My apoligies rockingrama, I thought you were a visitor from SF who has been here at Sanitys Bluff, named rockingmama. I read your profile and it is so much like mine,
Yet we are worlds apart.
You see hatred in my thoughts.(you think you read the thoughts between my lines) You are wrong.
Accountability Rockingrama, think.....
If several tractor trailers full of water, food, and hygiene articles were offered to the state of LA, by the Red Cross to be distributed to the suffering people at the SuperDome, (and they were parked withing walking range of the Dome),and the city and state authorities refused to let the RED CROSS give the water and food out, that was OK by you? This is true, and proven to have occurred 24 hours before the levys were breached. The mayor of NO, and the Gov. of LA, would not let the AMERICAN RED CROSS SUPPLY THE GROWING CROWD AT THE SUPERDOME WITH WATER OR FOOD.
Then into the time between that offer and the time Federalized Troops marched in with supplies we witnessed screaming and cursing by the same people who stopped the effort of the Red Cross, they spit out venom and hatred at the Federal Government (George Bush in particular) for not enough quickly.
Facts are facts and I will never apoligize for being correct.
Check the facts, and spend less time reading slander and hate, and if you really are a godly woman like your profile suggests.....ask God to the suffering.....and then, ask God to rid the world of hatred.
If your prayer was answered, and God removed all hateful people from the earth, I would still be here.

Blogger rockingrama said...

Hello again...thank you for your thoughtful response and for taking the time to look at some of my thinking as well. I never said that you were hateful, only that I read some hateful thoughts between the lines of your post. Perhaps I was wrong. It wouldn't be a first for me. However, I do try to be thoughtful and considerate and I found some of the comments inflammatory rather than helpful. Being Godly here on earth is a difficult task. I aspire to it, but like most I often fall short. Politics are clearly not my strongest suit, but there are subjects I'm very sensitive about, including human suffering. Although you are probably right about the mismanagement of resources (I believe you are), it's hard for me to believe that the individuals in the superdome were INFORMED that the supplies existed and failed to move toward them if they were that available. Democrats, Republicans, Local and National Officials failed miserably to respond in a timely fashion to the people who suffered most in this tragedy. Rita was somewhat better, but still fell short. Ask the people who were stuck on I45 for days at a time trying to migrate out of the Houston area to safety. God Bless you and yours. We are never so good that we can't learn from someone else's point of view. I'll take another look at at your advice.

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