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Truckers Love Coffee
(orginally blogged, Sept. 17, 2005, thank you google)
A Good Way to Drive Yourself Crazy.

I love to do internet searches and sometimes think of a subject, then google the subject just to learn as much as I can on the subject. It is a wonderful way to learn; but sometimes it can almost drive you bonkers.

If I should go stark raving bananas, google wouldn’t be responsible would they? Google is only a search engine, right? Well they are that and much more, but I don’t want to talk about the danger of a few people with an agenda of completely controlling the flow of the worlds information. For now, I feel quite comfortable with Google knowing almost everything about me, from my blog, my email and my internet searches. These three cyber activities all help Google to get a pretty good picture of me.

From a list of my internet visits from a Google search results page, it would be quite easy to figure out my political views, my religious views, my level of education and literacy.

I am going to study this Google phenomenon a little more in the future. It has profound implications of complications. WOW (did I really say that?)

I am a happy user of most of Goggles internet tools.

You haven’t really surfed the internet until you have taken that visual trip from cyber space right down to the street on which you live, and see your house or apartment building pictured right below you. Amazingly amazing, that is Google Earth.

Sanity’s Bluff is hosted for free on the web by Google, and for that I am loyal to Google when it comes to searching. I google some personally interesting subject almost every day, and I suspect millions do the same thing.

Google benefits from all of the services of theirs that I use. It seems like Google Inc. wants to know everything about everything and everybody, and I have no problem with that. I give it up freely for the rewards I get from searching, the free hosting of my blog, and free email and more.

But as was said earlier, googling can drive you crazy. Take this happening into consideration my friends.

While webloafing this morning, I came across a comment about boycotting Starbucks Coffee. Now that got my attention: I had to know why Starbucks should be boycotted.

My household goes through one pound of Starbucks coffee beans a week. Whoops, I forgot; a pound bag of coffee now has only 11 or 12 ounces in it. Anyway we use a bag of Starbucks a week. No good truck driver would dare face the road coffeeless.

So about this Starbucks Coffee Boycott, and the search on Google. This is one of those searches that you don’t want to go on…….I’ve done the groundwork, trust me on this one; IT WASN'T PRETTY.

On the first page of searching for Starbucks boycott, I learned that some Christians want everyone to boycott Starbucks because they sponsor gay pride activities in many cities in many lands.

I also learned that many Arabs and Muslims are calling for a boycott because the Starbucks C.E.O. is a Zionist. (Almost 64% of the world's population is Zionist, believing that the few surviving Jews, deserve the homeland that God gave them 4,000 years ago)

I learned that the company opened up 6 coffee shops in Israel only to close them down a year later because Muslims were calling for a worldwide ban of Starbucks.

I learned that more people called for a boycott because Starbucks abandoned Israel.

I learned that a lot of Christian conservatives are calling for a boycott of Starbucks because of a series of Hollywood and Media quotes from well know people. The neocons are complaining that only liberal writers are given space on the paper coffee cups, in a series called “The way I see it”

Can you say anal retentive?

Seriously, I am not going to join THE STARBUCK'S BOYCOTT! And I really can't tell you why, I am confused mentally about why I am not joining the boycott. Maybe I am thinking about joining on paper only; but will slip off secretly for a latte, and make secretive runs to the all night grocery store nearby at 4 am, when there are less people that can see me buy the 11 ounce pound of those magic beans.

And it makes me wonder, How could a Gay Arab Christian get a good cup of joe in Haifa?


Blogger Al said...

here's one more reason to boycott them. they've filledmy small town with 4 stores and caused locally owned coffee shops to close. check out this post

BTW, I apologize in advance if I offend anyone with the excess profanity.

Anonymous LoveYouAll said...

Hey al, or is it Al?
We as neocons have to learn how to QUIT APOLIGIZING FOR IT ALL. You know what I mean....why should a conservative apoligize for anything?
We haven't done anything to America...except love HER..

I know there are many who think we were the original haters.....race baiters.....

They are wrong.......when will we start standing up proud.

For Proud we should be.

The world is, because we were.

No liberal, Communist, Socialist, Experimentalist, Facist, or whateveralist, has even come close to helping America or the world, than WE HAVE....We have no reason to bow our heads, save when the creator returns and says......WELL DONE. Thou good and faithful servants....enter ye into the joy of your Heavenly Father.


Democrats, Republicans hold hands.....and think about this nice thought that I THUNK.....

I will shake the hand of any Liberla, Marxist, Stalinist, who will voice these words..........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you mean to be sofunny when you asked, if a gay,arab,christian living in Kuwait, but visiting Haifai, Israel, could be cognizant of anything going dwon

Blogger web_loafer said...

Yes, I was trying to be funny. I have found that talking humorously about politics is more effective in getting your point across, than a serious discussion. I have noticed that we are a nation of know it alls......everyone with a computer and internet access knows everything....oh....I just described myself....whatever.

Blogger Danielle said...

Our city is getting our first Starbucks.. so is that good or bad...

Blogger Scooter said...

You should try to search for "failure" in Google.

As for Starbucks, I boycott them because I have no desire to drop $3 on a cup of coffee.

Scooter McGavin's 9th Green

Blogger web_loafer said...

danielle, Yes

scooter, Yes, Funny how those witnessing history are ignorant of the importance of today, at the time. You and I are living in the days, that people in the future will read about and ask, Why did so many people love George, and a few loud vocal ones hate him?
After all, his likeness is the fifth to be carved into the BlackHills?
It will puzzle people to see such a good man hated.

Blogger prying1 said...

Web_loafer - As a white christian heterosexual republican male I would not boycott Starbucks or anyplace else for any of the reasons in the list you gave us. That said I also must say I do not shop at Starbucks because I can get my coffee cheaper elsewhere. MUCH CHEAPER. (Al was right in spite of his outburst of emotional language)

- Please Starbucks Fanatics. Don't tell me about the triple razzleberry deluxe latte frappe with whipped cream etc.... If I really need a sugar high I can can eat a spoonful of sugar and follow it with coffee the way God meant for mankind to drink it. Black . Or I can just chew on the roasted beans if I want it undiluted.

Blogger abbiapple said...

I am your resident gay barista.

The bux does a lot of good for a lot of people in the world... it does however, have evil empiricistical (is that a word?) business practices.

I love seeing Sbux on highway rest stop signs. A good cup of coffee is a God-send on a stretch of road with nothing but fast food and gas stations.

I hate seeing Sbux in places like Monterey, California; Boulder, Colorado; Ithica, New York; and other places where there are local coffee shops thriving and providing a community with individuality.

When Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Borders and Home Depot move in, these places lose thier charm.

p.s. the large bag of Starbuck's coffee is, in fact, one pound. (16 ounces.) The small bag is one half-pound. (8 ounces.) It obviously looks smaller if you have it ground than it would with the whole beans inside.

I get a free pound each week, which just sits in my pantry. (I have about a metric ton stocked up.) I'll send one (pound) your way, if ya like.


Blogger TedtheRabbi said...

Hi Web_Loafer,
I am on campus at Towson University, MD reading your blog, and enjoying a 16oz Starbucks. Stop by sometime on your way through town. Starbuck coupons are available 10 for $10 for any size 12, 16, or 20oz. That means a 20oz Starbuck coffee only costs a buck! College students cannot go without their coffee, either.
About the boycott. The Internet, and the World, are both full of Evil. Nobody who loves the Internet will boycott it (especially bloggers). Nobody who loves the World will jump off (Terriorists hate the World, so they try to destroy it when they jump off). Nobody who loves Starbucks will boycott it. People who hate are blinded by their hate. How silly is it for people who hate gays to boycott coffee that they love?
I believe God created search engines so that we may come to know Him. Time is running out, so God created a faster way to knowledge. When you know everything (Googled ALL), you will know God. God is everything. However, you do not have to know everything to know God. Just believe.

Blogger web_loafer said...

tedtherabbi, thanks for taking the time to comment here.

I was just thinking....
What if God decided to boycott all of us, who have mucked up his creation?

From day eight, man has tormented the creator by refusing to obey just a few suggested rules.......first Adam and Eve lived in Paradise, yet risked it all by disobeying a simple law given by the one who had breathed into the lungs he created, breathed into those human lungs, the breath of life.

Can you say ungrateful?

To live in a Garden of God, and have only one rule, "Don't eat of of the fruit of that tree...."

And then disobey?

I wish I could visit that garden that Adam and Eve mucked up.....No poet could describe it's beauty.....there was no pain, disease, disappointments, insects or war,it was bliss......but it is gone.
Though I am a desendant of Adam and Eve, God has given me and everyone else, one more chance to regain Paradise.....I want to go there.
The ten commandements are an example of a God who loves us....
Some call these the Ten Commandments, some the Ten Suggestions and some laugh at the thought of these ten guidelines.

If we would follow those ten simple rules, this world would be.....well, Paradise. Ain't happen, Won't happen and we can see that with our own eyes. If you had created this earth and all that is upon it, would you be happy??????
Imagine a world where the creator was loved, obeyed and worshipped.
This world now is loving the creator's creations, but hating the creator......not a good thing.....

Blogger LinkedInUSAF said...

Yikes - but I just need that huge shot when on a long drive, and they have the only Drive-Thru Coffee!!!

Tommie-no-boycott either.

Sheesh, there are tons of other things we could be boycotting - anyone using a PC running MS Windows? Anyone use Oracle tools? Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller?

Anonymous YepMeTheWebloafer said...

I seem to have forgotten my google password, so I have to do it this way.

Yes, it is me, the notorius webloafer, and I know I spelled that wrong, just to lazy to correct it.

I just wanted to assure you that truck drivers still love coffee.
Good news for you...

.bad news for the stomach lining of the ones who bring you everything you eat, drink from containers, your mail, blah blah blah.
If you don't appreciate the army/navy/air force or truck force of the USofA, you don't deserve to breathe here. Someone is going to have to get tough to win this war most people refuse to acknowledge.

I think us truck drivers will start it.....and if you are a weenie liberal peacemonger.....


Or how about Libya, Syria, iran or Moscow?

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