Sunday, September 25, 2005
Time off from the Serious....Now for the Silly
Do you like humor?
I imagine you wouldn't think a truckdriving blogger like webloafer would love to write humorous articles. But I do. (Sanity’s Bluff is mostly a political blog, but politics is only a small part of the total webloafer).
Laughing at life can soothe a lot of ruffled feathers, and bring enjoyment to both the laugher and laughee
(are those words?). One of my favorite writers of all times would have to be, Will Rogers, and I wish he had lived to write more.
I am no Will Rogers, and even with long hours of practice I will never be in that class of humorists, but I love to get people laughing at themselves, and don’t mind laughing about my own shortcomings and stupidity. One year ago, I was spending way too much time at one of those web forum's......where hundreds of people from all over the world were involved in a mostly serious discussion about world problems. Can you say arguing 'til blue in the face?

When it got close to Christmas 2004, a forum was started where people could take on a fake identity and post at a forum for the holidays. I think it was called the “Secret Santa Forum”

I started a forum topic and called it Santa’s banter……Straight from the North Pole Office
Without any of the other forum participants knowing it, I was old SantasBanter……

Google Santasbanter, and you’ll find your way to a hilarious forum. I got the ball rolling and it rolled and rolled and everyone had fun. It is a good lesson in how people with very different political views can all have fun together. The number one poster was a very liberal woman from the east coast, and, well….you’ll see if you follow the plot of the fantasy mixed with reality forum.

I got several throwaway email addresses and became several characters in this forum. I wrote all of santabanters posts, and the posts, of MrsClaus, those of Humble, (humble was my username at this forum, please don’t choke while laughing at that one), and splitrim.
Forums can be hard to follow at times, but even without knowing the other characters of the forum you will enjoy this forum. It was the most visited forum for two weeks, and everyone wanted to put their two cents worth in. I totally enjoyed putting hours and hours of thought into this forum.
Now Remember.....the characters you will get to know; were a bunch of people who fought online about politics and other serious things, yet in an environment of secrecy, everyone had fun.
There are several people who completely deleted their presence at this forum, and helped make it an enjoyable place to be....that was their problem, and probably always will be.
They showed up, said a little, and then later, deleted what they contributed to this forum....there are always shallow people who want to take back what they said. I only wish the graphics were there that made this even better........the original happening was better than this, but this is still.....
AngelBaby of the forum posted almost a hundred santa cartoons and other nice graphics that are no longer there, just use the imagination.
Oh, one more thing, I don’t frequent libertyunites anymore, I don’t go there. I miss a lot of people from there, but blogging keeps me too busy to continue being “humble@libertyunites”

I will leave this article up only for a few days, then I will pull it off of the web.

Here is page one……santasbanter


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Humble! I found your blog doing a search. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.

Libertyunites webmaster
John Coates

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