Sunday, September 11, 2005
Thank you men and women in Uniform

Just one more photo collage that records the heroism, selflessness, and caring of the American People….and you will see the awesome power of our military that so many love to hate……..Can you even fathom the scale and scope of the rescue that our Military, (Federally funded, state used, and media ignored) accomplished???
If a hurricane of this magnitude had struck say the coast of India……hundreds of thousands of people would have perished.

One of the most heart warming events of the last week, was when it was revealed that nation of Sri Lanka had pledged almost a million dollars to help with the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort.

Seriously, that would be equivalent to France donating 250 billion dollars to the effort. France did, didn’t they? What you don’t say, they didn’t? But it was, the French that landed at the mouth of the Mississippi River many hundreds of years ago, and said…..
“ah ha….here is a great place to build a city. Just put up a few levies, and it’ll be safe.”
Any law suits being filed by the shameless disaster pimps (lawyers), should be forwarded to France….they were the creator of New Orleans.

And the COMMANDER IN CHIEF of those forces


Blogger Jay said...

good you're blaming the French.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, you have to know it was just a joke.....lighten up a little Jay, laugh.
Anyway, it was funny, wasn't it?

Blogger Jay said...

As with Bush and his mom giggling while talking about how so many people have had their lives ripped apart...I just don't see much to laugh about, myself.

Blogger CSC5502D said...

You don't see much to laugh about? Have you seen the irony of the poor starving fat women with four kids each?

I find that hilarious. Seriously.

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