Wednesday, September 28, 2005
When you realize that the Liberals of 2005 are using the same playbook they have used for over forty years, you can see the disconnect between them and reality. The libs and most of the Democratic Party are stuck on stupid.

I love that description of liberals….stuck on stupid.
Stuck on Stupid, yep that pretty much says it.

They use the same playbook over and over, until even a senior in one of the government schools, could see that the Democrats are mostly complainers, obstructionists and gripers. and have NO solutions……They know that no senior citizen has ever had to eat dog food to stay alive; and they know the evil conservatives have not poisoned all of the water, and made the air unbreathable. They know no school child goes hungry at school. In fact, you could show them the expenditures of the Federal Government of the last fifty years and they could understand that there has never been a cut of any government program, ever, year to year, with the exception of the defense budget. (Thank You WJC) They know that John the Conservative down the street, doesn’t hate anyone.

No DemLib I know of has come up with a plan to confront Terrorism, and win. They have never suggested how to address our nation’s energy crisis. They can’t even recognize a good judge. Robert’s or Ginsberg? Who would I rather adjudicate for me??????

The liberal think tanks (now there’s a classic oxeye moron) don’t think about solving our nations problems, they are only thinking…….”How Can We Get Bush”

Yes, they have no solutions but will be glad to point out the problems with America, and like little children….we can see them saying….…na na nay na nay nay….”the evil conservatives did this.”

shifting gears again.........

Iraq is Vietnam in their minds. No amount of truth or logic will bring them into the 21st century. Reality says that the Iraq War is a war that would have had to be fought by someone, at sometime. We all know that Europe would never have tackled such a big job, the job of clearing out Saddam, liberating millions and killing the leaders of terrorism.

Europe is too emasculated to fight for anything.

If the USofA had not tackled this problem it would have grown so huge, that in time, Europe and the libs would be shouting for something to be done, and blaming the USofA for not doing anything.

They also still believe, all conservatives are racist, (did you happen to see who rushed to help the citizens of New Orleans?????????? It sure wasn't Coalition or any liberal was the hated church goers who dropped everything they were doing to go to the aid of people in harms way.

I am so proud of the Christian community, conservatives, and the citizens of Texas and Mississippi. The Bible belt showed the world a compassion that the elitist in Boston don't have, or even want. They are stuck on stupid.

I am not proud of Louisiana, but the helpless victims in Louisiana needed help.....
They were helpless because of 60 years of liberalism/racism......those words go together.....the liberals showed their incompetence and racism.) And that Iraq is another Vietnam.

Whoops I got sidetracked from my point……

Oh, back to Iraq being compared to Vietnam, and conservatives being labeled as racists....


Another beautiful saying….Hogwash…The liberals would point out that the hog stinks and needs a bath, but the Conservatives would do something about it.

Iraq is not a Vietnam, and won't become one, and the most of the racists in the USofA, live in those Northeastern States of ours. I’m not saying that is where all racists live, just most of them. They sit in splendor, decadency and luxury, in villas on Martha’s Vineyard, and between sips of expensive wines, call the truck drivers, nurses, doctors, firemen, policemen and carpenters of the Bible Belt Racists????? Those same ones who rushed to help the citizens of our Great Gulf Coast. These conservatives saw fellow human beings in need, and responded.

They did not hesitate and demand to know the skincolor of the needy person, they just did what they do so well……they tackled the problem. The race of the hurting Americans never entered their minds as they went to the ATM and withdrew hundreds of dollars, to pay for the gas for the journey, so that they could take a little comfort to the hurting.

There is the difference, and it was on display to the whole world.
Baptist, Methodist, Holy Rollers, and Catholics, got in buses, trucks and personal cars and rushed to help fellow citizens, while the liberals, let buses sit in rising water, complained about GW, and lied about the ones they left stranded in a drowning city.

Look, reality check….New Orleans in 2005 before Katrina, had a 67% black population.
Almost 300,000 black skinned humans from New Orleans got in their cars and left the city before Katrina struck. They have been embraced by fellow Americans that want to help, knowing that they don’t have much more than what they packed into their cars. Those people are spread out over this great country, and I am sure they know they are loved. They are not Stuck on Stupid……Praise God.


What happened to the 40,000 who had no way of escaping, (remember those hundreds and hundreds of buses left unused and flooded out)?
You and I both know that the mayor of New Orleans, and the Governor of Louisiana, left them in a frightful situation, did nothing to help them….and then with the help of a willing Media called them rapists, looters, murderers, and worse. That big lie…….was spread throughout the world, and George W. Bush was blamed.

Reality is that these people that were so defamed, had no way to leave, and were used for political purposes by an incompetent mayor and a money grabbing governor.
The truths of Katrina cannot be hidden; we have pictures, first hand accounts and videos and the web. You libs will not get away with this one, it is as transparent as the forgery of documents by Dan Rather in the 2004 election campaign.

We also will never hear about the millions, perhaps even BILLIONS of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours of help the Bible Belt Citizens gave WITHOUT HESITATION to the hurting citizens of our blessed nation. AND NO ONE EXPECTED TO BE NOTICED, THEY JUST DID THE RIGHT THING……THEY KNEW SOME AMERICANS WERE HURTING.
If you have read any history at all, this won’t surprise you: Americans helping.

Look, I am only an old truck driver, but reality is this……if I had been in the place where the Mayor and Governor of Louisiana abandoned 40,000 human beings…….If I could somehow have been there, in the Superdome or Convention Center:

I would have tried to help, as I am sure hundreds of the left behind tried, but the mayor ordered that the way out of the city, had to be blocked for the poor, disabled, hurt, deranged, and even stupid people. HIS ORDERS WERE GIVEN FROM THE SAFETY OF HIS Powerful job. YES, HE COULD SIT IN COMFORT WHILE HUNDREDS SUFFERED, paying the price so that BIGSHOT NAGIN, (the ex-cable company executive) could sit in Baton Rouge with a Senator and Governor and plot out a scheme to GET GEORGE BUSH


Blogger TedtheRabbi said...

Hi Web_Loafer,
I have made the post to my blog I promised you. It is titled: "Hurricane Katrina:How Should I Respond?" It is indexed as Wk 00*** Hurricane... (first entry of my blog - scroll down). You can find it on my blog: Note that it took me five days to respond to the disaster and one month to write about it.

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