Friday, September 02, 2005
Pray for America
A sick feeling is coming over me.

I am starting to realize that if I was ever in a nightmare situation like those in New Orleans are right now......there would be nothing but political bickering going on, when I needed help.

Where were you, when I needed you?

I have not heard one bickering, hateful, fingerpointing word from our President, yet, he is being blamed (by the Democrat Leadership) for causing the Hurricane, encouraging the looting, slowing down the relief effort, and God only knows what else: WHILE he is getting help and cooperation from only a little more than half of America. And as a side note, where is Jesse Jackson, Cindy Sheeham or Al Sharpton???? Still at Crawford???? You won’t find them at any place that help is needed…that’s a fact…they only show up for the cameras, and the adoration of the Main Street Media, whoops the Mostly Sewage Media.

Would it be any better if Hillary was Prez?

I ask myself this, and I have to be truthful………

Yes, it probably would be better for the citizen’s now in peril if a Democrat was the executive cheif of America. And here is the reason, the stupid Republicans don't play hard ball politics, they love America. They would help Americans in need, even if they were temporarily out of power. They wouldn’t hinder. These are the facts as I see them, and ………

Prove me wrong,
find me one nice thing you have heard said about the effort of The President, our government workers, our military, our churches, or even what the average citizen has done to help the citizens in the Gulf States, in their time of need. YES find me one nice thing that came from the lips of one Democrat Leader since Monday evening, thanking, acknowledging or even wishing our country Good fortune. You would stand a better chance of finding something dry and wholesome in New Orleans at the present time, than finding something good the Democrat Leadership has said about America in the last 5 years.. It is wall to wall blame President Bush for everything….nothing has changed. The party that knows every mistake George Bush has ever made, or will make, has never had a suggestion as to what they would do to make America Better…..not in the last 42 or so years. Yes, can you say John F. Kennedy???

To get control of the body politic back, the Democrat leaders will do anything, yes, anything.

This is in no way an indictment of the rank and file of the Democrat Party. They are just as busy as I am in caring for the hurt, and not worrying about political points, they just want to do something to help in this hour of crisis. I have seen this with my own eyes. So, it is evident to me, that the leadership of the Democrat Party is out of step with the rank and file of the party, Good, I will close ranks and walk side by side with my Democrat friends, to help America.

But now back to the question, Would America be better off with Hillary as President?


Let me explain.

Long ago, God gave a King of Israel wisdom like no other human had possessed before, or will ever possess.

The Kings name was Solomon.

You can read secular history and find references to the wisdom of King Solomon. Other Kings and Queens of the time, traveled to Jerusalem to sit in the court of Solomon, just to witness his wisdom.

As recorded in the Bible, Two women and one baby were given audience with King Solomon….both women claimed to be the mother of the baby…..well that was impossible, and Solomon was asked to solve the problem, to determine which woman was the mother of the baby. Without hesitation, King Solomon ask for the sword of one of his soldiers, and said “The only way to be fair, would be to cut the baby asunder and give one half to each mother. You may know what happened next, the real mother of the baby…….cried out, no, NO NO! Let her have the baby.

King Solomon commanded that the baby be given to the mother that was willing to give the baby away, to save the babies life.

Yes, the real mother would do anything to save the life of her baby, even to give it up to a counterfeit mother.
I see a similar situation in America now. I don’t even have to elucidate, because you are smart enough to know the truth of what I am saying.

Yes, for the sake of America, I would vote for Hillary.

Yes, I may be voting Democrat in the future, for the sake of America, because Republicans will continue loving America even with Hillary as President.

Transparent and sickening, the new lows obtained by the media and Democrat Leadership, can you say Howard Dean?

I am ready for those quotes, send 'em in.



Blogger Liis said...

wow that sure was passionate :)

Blogger Jay said...


The fact that you rightwingers are STILL foaming at the mouth at the mere thought of any Clinton proves that when it comes to unreasoned hatred and the desire to put party before country...Republicans wrote the book.

I get so sick of you crying like a victim. Don't Republicans take responsibility for anything at all anymore?

Blogger Mark said...

I'm sorry, but Bush is looking washed up on the TV these days supported by Clinton and his Daddy. Clinton even felt so sorry for the man, that he asked that we should not make political capital out of this. Unfortunately, no does - the truth is now plain to see. The poverty you've allowed to build up in your country is comprable to any in Africa. Bush hasn't got a clue about what to do. Don't kid yourself; if this had happened under Clinton, the Neo-Cons would be lining up to put the boot in. Only this year, funding for coastal protection was only 44% of that in 2000. For the past year, the US Army corps of engineers, has had to instigate a recruitment freeze through lack of funds. In the UK, we've known for years the New Orleans is vunerable, and it comes as a shock that after all the reports over the last few years, nothing has been done. God, you must be feeling so ashamed!

It's time America got back to where it was great - true science! Under Bush you have science by ideology. It has been the successful application of science that has made America great - a priciple long adhered to by Presidents of both parties, but the present Bush administration has woefully dis-regarded that principle, whereby science is now distorted for political dogma and ends. This, for all your sakes, has got to stop. Do you not see the damage he is doing to your great nation. You are now begging the EU for petrol!

Climate change is a REALITY and you need a President who is going to take it seriously.

Blogger Ken Grandlund said...

Let's stop the bickering for now and just try to help these people.

Web were a trucker right?
Please take a look at the idea for helping these poor people and see if you can do anything to help.
Just go to and read the post. If you can help, or know of anyone who can, please send them my message. It's time for THE PROPLE to mobilize since the government will not do it.

Blogger -E said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate your honesty.

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