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Anonymous amazeme47 said...

no words needed web

Blogger Melanie said...

I have a pix from my pregnancy and you can see the foot like this. I love this message.

Blogger web_loafer said...

It doesn't need to be shouted, just look at reality......and think about how much you had to do with your own existence....nothing I did brought me into this world.....God and parents....that's how I got here.....I enjoy I want life to go on.

Blogger drizzlenightsky said...

sadly not everyone would want to "think" as you suggested...they'd rather turn a blind eye because it's more convenient...

Blogger Jeremy C. said...

Great Post!

Blogger Shane said...


Great Blog, nice design and quality posts.



Blogger Angie said...

I LOVE that!!

Blogger Jorell said...

great post loaf! a very powerful pic..have a good one

Wonderful, simply wonderful!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks everyone, I am going to take a little time off from the grind here at Sanity's Bluff and thought this would be a good article to leave at the top of my blog for a few days.

I think I have a job lined up for when I retire from truck driving.
It will be my first paid for writing job.
Really excited about it.
It is a job writing subject lines for spammers....some of their subject lines are plain dorky, I am going to help them out. you didn't I?
Do you think I am serious?

Anonymous parated2k said...

Great Pic Web_Loafer!

I guess there was a time when people could doubt that a fetus is a living human being, but what else can a fetus be if it has Human DNA?

But your pic is much more powerful than those words... the problem is, both only have meaning to those of us willing to see it.

Blogger web_loafer said...

If only one person is made to see and question what the state schools, hollywood, nytimes, and other liberal institutions say life is and isn't ....and what COMMON SENSE TELLS US.

If only one person is made to see that life is precious, because our creator made it so.

We have to snatch 'em away from the liberal deathmongers one at a time.

Blogger Roz_1 said...

Beautiful Pic bud! Has been a favourite for a while!

Blogger Luka said...

I have thought about it. I am Pro Choice. I thought about it a lot, too.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Luka, The picture doesn't need to be explained, but I am now going to say a few words in response to your declaration that you arrived at your view after much thought.

Good, thinking about something is never a bad idea. Like you, Luka, I think about a lot of things, and have even changed my views about some subjects after much thought. I wrestled with the death penalty question for decades, never fully convinced that my stand for it was correct.
Some things happened and sparked more thought about the subject and my mind was changed on that issue.
If God is the giver of life, God is the only one capable of taking life. Yes, murders, wars and mayhem still happen, none of which are right, they just happen.

Choose/Choice: are really not the right word for life. Did you choose to give yourself life?
Did you choose how tall you would grow, or did you choose the color of your hair, the color of your eyes?
God chooses to give life to each and every fertile human egg that is visited with sperm. Now to say that any human has the right to nullify God's handiwork, well it is folly, we don't, but I will let the creator deal with those that kill His creations.

I would never berate someone who makes a mistake, I make many of them. And there is no magnitude of wrong with God, so if I violate one of Gods seemingly lesser laws, I am in the same condition as the confused woman who lets herself be talked into taking another human beings life.

I can only pray for the mothers to be in this matter. But I will not budge an inch from my convictions.

To say your life is more important than the helpless embryo is folly.

We are all created equal....creation happens at conception, so you or I have no right to decide life or death for another of God's creations.

I know you have thought about the subject, I hope you never have to (as you say) make the choice. I would extend that wish to every woman in the world.

It must be the most agonizing question a woman will ever have to decide.

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...


Blogger Jay said...

I support web_loafer's right to not have an abortion if he gets pregnant.

Blogger phred said...

The key word is..choice..God made us free will creatures. HE is a gentleman and will not force Himself on you. But with ..choice.. also comes responsibility. You will answer for every choice you made in your life. We should strive to make the ones that are within Gods will.
I know this is strong language, but, abortion is murder.
Murder is one of those things that you WILL answer for.

Blogger Prahalathan said...

I've seen this picture longa go in an email forward.
The abdomen is not so thin its some sort of scam.
Nice Blog!
Keep BLOGging!!
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Blogger Luka said...

web_loafer - Do you feel that abortions should be made illegal?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Luka, I have as a big problem with government trying to legislate morality. It should not be in that business.
I have thought about this a lot. There are certain areas where government must legislate morality though. It is a shame that there is a need for laws against murder, rape etc. It would be a better world if these two things never happened, but that is not going to happen. So somethings have to be declared illegal. I cannot say I am 100% sure that abortion is like murder or rape and should be declared illegal.

If Roe vs Wade was declared unconstitutional, abortion would not be illegal; it would be decided on a state by state basis, like it was done before 1972. So the liberal states could allow abortion, and my state would ban abortions. I would want to live in a state that outlawed the shedding of innocent blood through abortions. I would not feel good about paying taxes to a state that allowed abortions.

Here is what I wish could be done.

Absolutely no abortions before both parents of the underage pregnant girl are notified. The clinics and schools, sneaking behind parents back is wrong and sinister. There should be counseling with any pregnant woman wanting an abortion, of any age. The risks of abortion and the offer of adoption should be given to every woman wanting an abortion.

There are thousands of people who would give time to counseling. What would be wrong with both sides of the issue being voiced? Planned Parenthood is not in the parenthood business, it is in the embryo selling business, and there is a lot of money involved.

I think all state governments should encourage all women who want an abortion to let someone adopt the child. The taxpayers would be happy to pay the expenses for an adoption program. Yes carrying a child to term is difficult. I have seen the travails a woman goes through to protect a child while it miraculously forms in the womb. Some women would simply like to be unpregnant so that they don't have to work at childbirth or childrearing.

But again, there would be enough people wanting to adopt to help the situation. I know they would. The majority of Americans don't like abortion, and think there are too many.

The cruelest thing that I know of is what we call partial birth abortion. The law against this infanticide, has been passed and signed by the President, But the activist courts have struck that down. That will soon be reversed, within a few years.

Women who become pregnant after a rape, and those rare cases where the mother’s life is truly in danger are harder to deal with. Remember that the genes of a rapist would be given to an innocent child. Our gene pool doesn't need those genes, which could very well create more rapists. And everyone has the right to life, (no government should have the power of life and death, with the exception of war, naturally) so a mother should never be forced to give up her life when there is a medical problem that will kill her. With modern technology, this is a very rare occurrence.

So my answer is both yes and no. Let each state decide on the issue. Get the federal government out of this question, and let it start promoting adoption.

All of these ideas would bring the number of abortions down dramatically. If there was a blanket banning of abortions there would still be abortions taking place, in unsafe conditions, putting two life’s at risk.

One more observation.....a woman who doesn't value the life forming in her womb, would be a terrible mother anyway. If she is too self-centered to let someone that loves life raise the child, well the soul of that child would be better off with the creator who gave it to her.

Blogger Luka said...

Will women who obtain illegal abortions be sent to jail? What would the sentencing guidelines be if there was jailtime? Would one abortion get a woman a life sentence? Could she be put to death for terminating her pregnancy? Do you think thats it's appropriate to send women to jail for attempting to have an abortion? Why don't you belive that a womans medical decisions should be left between her and her Dr?

Blogger web_loafer said...

I am on the side of the baby, Luka.
If you could get the babies permission to end his or her life, it would be legal and entirely a private affair, between you, your doctor and your baby, and I would approve. If you have ever held a preemie.....and looked into his or her face, you will know how the baby would vote.

So if and when there is a planned abortion, the baby should have a voice in the matter too. It is private between mother and baby.....each should have a vote in the matter. Two votes, baby and mother. Up until the time the woman actually has an abortion, she is a mother. After an abortion, that woman can never be a mother in any sense of the word. No mother would kill her own.

Yes the two affected humans should vote on the question. If both mother and baby, vote the same way, great. If the vote is a tie, the baby is awarded the vote because it is the baby that is about to die.

Punishment? None is necessary. The law would simply be a deterrent. Life itself will punish the woman who aborts a living being.....and it could have been avoided. I can point you to testimony from tormented women who had abortions and have never been able to deal with it. Survey the women in the porn industry and see the percentage of those who had an abortion before turning to the dark side of porn? I know it would be much higher than most people think, and I see the connection, A woman who has cheapened life so much as to let a baby be killed, has given up the moral high ground for the gutter of fleshly pleasure, Any baby be damned, it's my body.
An abortion is over quickly for the baby, the babies soul returns to the creator of that soul, but the woman is never over it completely. I have read the tearful stories of women who hate themselves for a hasty decision they now know was wrong.

The provider of the illegal abortion should be punished harshly.....prison time. And loss of medical license for life.

These are my views, I will never change my view on this, because life is life......death is death........I am pro-life.

I rarely discuss the subject of abortion, and don't expect to change anyone's mind. I can understand a woman's point of view of "It's my body, I'll do with it as I want" isn't just about the is about two humans, one helpless and unable to defend his or herself, and a woman who chose to engage in sexual activity that everyone knows may result in the creation of life. Abortion should not be used for a birth control method.
Like I said a rape victim should never be forced to carry that rapists dna to full term.

Luka, I’ll say no more on this subject, and I don't think less of anyone who sees it different than me. I really don’t, I am not without fault or flaw. There is no degree of wrong……there is black and white on every question that puzzles humanity. There is a right and wrong concerning abortion….it isn’t hard to figure out…..and lots of people change their minds from pro-abortion to pro-life, but I haven’t met anyone who changed from pro-life to pro-abortion.

Just one more proclamation.....
I am glad my mother was Pro-life.

Blogger Luka said...

Laws come with some sort of punishment if you break them. All of them. Otherwise they wouldn't be laws. If abortion is made illegal there will be punnishments both for the woman and the Dr.

Blogger web_loafer said...

No my friend......I would not stand by and let a woman be punished twice. I'll never know how it feels to be faced with this problem......

But don't forget that men have an equal part in the joy.....or hell....of life.....

Think how it must feel to be a studmuffin who knocks up a cheerleader. A few minutes of pride, and years of failure......

Poor lustful animal, you are hardly human.....studmuffin.

Then if reality was correct.....the stud should have to go through the same hell that the lady was forced to go through.

See, the male thinks females are only around to be's go on a journey and a conquest.....but I am in control........ha ha ha lol lol

Life tells us that dumb males with a hard p*nis are about as smart as a snail. I would never lay quilt at the feet of a girl, woman or lady that was caught up in the moment...
the moment where love and sex seperate. So the woman with child would probably never fail to be a woman.....if there was a man around.
I lay the quilt of abortion at the feet of the unmanly men, before I would blame the woman.

I am going to say this again.....if the men of the world, were men, there would be very few abortions.

Must I say it three times.....I lay most of the quilt of baby killing, right square at the feet of the wimps that think they are men......but are not men.

No real man, would allow a woman to be a mother without marriage (a holy vow, that cannot be unwritten, or counterfeited like is being attempted today by stupid people, stuck on stupid...saying that a man and a man, or woman and a woman could become the head of a family) or would allow the question of abortion to ever come up........the abortion rate would be just a little more than zero, if men were men. Men that enjoy sex and walk away from the possibilities of that bliss......are scum.

For every woman or girl with child, I know you would want to carry that child to birth.....

Men, Be Men

Women......I am sorry that a good percentage of men, are not men,

So if a young girl, lady or any female has traveled to the edge of tomorrow (without children there is no tomorrow, and we all know how children are, they want to know about tomorrow), but no one is really there to educate them.

Because men are not men....they are caught up in a fantasy world, where football, beer and fast cars mean more than being a man.

What a mess we have made of our nest...our earth is forgotten, our children left to figure it all out by themselves.

The lack of parenting rips the soul out of...

You know it is true....we have done a miserable job of raising the next generation.

I am as quilty as anyone else....but there stil remains the problem....

Do I see any man willing to talk about abortion in reality.....?????

Men are the reason there are too many abortions. I stand by this, because I know it is true.

Blogger phred said...

I agree.. if the fathers would step up and take responsibility and be REAL men, there would be a lot less abortions.
Don`t you agree that legislating abortion is treating the symptom - not the cause ??
The breakdown in the family unit has caused society many problems, and no one is willing to admit the real problem - only to try to deal with the fallout.
In the words of Spock - '' it is not logical.''

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