Wednesday, September 07, 2005
Musings about Journalism Today
This is a generalization of the main street media as I see it.

The so called MSM has lost all of its objectivity, and it is mired down in the constant attempt to present news that will sway people’s opinion. The MSM is no longer able to hide its prejudice and political favoritism. Can you say internet or blog?

How many times, do you have to hear, references like these to understand that the media has an unholy alliance with the liberals of America?

The White House is under fire for….Has sparked criticism from…...Is at odds with the popular opinion…..Was heavily criticized….a controversial stand?

These five phrases came from one very short Reuter’s article today. Of course the villain of the news article was President George Walker Bush.

Who was Reuters sourcing when it said someone was critical?

Sometimes I think Reuters has a large number of mentally unstable people locked up in a room at their headquarters. And when President Bush makes a speech, they open the door of the room where they keep the mentally unstable and shout out a question……
"What do you think of this statement by Bush?"
(the MSM does not use common courtesy when talking about President Bush… them it is Bush) and they report the answers they get from the room of idiots. They could swear that it was true, and it very well could be the real answer given by the majority of the mental cases they have locked up.

Good news, I know more and more people see through this agenda of the leftwing liberals. I have witnessed some very smart people leaving the liberal camp lately.

Liberalism is a safe alternative to Reality when it is peaceful and prosperous in our nation, but it is not an alternative today in the USofA. I am seeing more and more people critical of the liberal media. This is encouraging, because the stakes are so high, Can you say survival?

This country could very well cease being America, if the ACLU and other libs get control again.

I don’t want liberals in charge of our countries defense, or its foreign policy. Because of the Bush Doctrine, many thousands of terrorists have been killed, and thousands more are in jail. I say keep up the good work and the taxpayers will buy as many bullets as are needed. I don’t want liberals in charge of the purse strings of this nation. I don’t want liberals to be in charge of recovery efforts after a natural disaster. Witness New Orleans city government and Louisiana state government, and their meltdown right before Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf Coast, and their paralysis in the aftermath. Anywhere along the Gulf Coast that had a Government by the people, not a government by the liberal elites; the preparation, and cleanup went smoothly with no bickering or race baiting, black and whites worked together in a beautiful way.

For some reason the liberals in America do not want whites and blacks getting along, but they are losing this battle too, GOOD. All people can get along, work together and enjoy each other, if the liberals are absence from the scene. I hate to use this hypothetical, but I will. If I came upon Ted Kennedy talking to a homeless black man, of the two men, who would I be wanting to converse with? I know I wouldn't want to hear more of Teddys socialist speal, but I would be wanting to know more about the homeless man. Not out of pity, it would be because I could have a better conversation, and maybe could learn a little about why the man was homeless. I would try to help him....the best I could....not direct him to the Welfare Office, Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter. First I would try to help him.

I would not like to hear Ted's take on a homeless person. "All Bushes Fault", "Bush doesn't like Black People" HE LIED, or the old standby.........Bush is an idiot. How much good comes about by bashing the president? Would the homeless man be better off after hearing Teds rant?

I don’t want liberals to continue monopolizing the MSM, so it encouraging to me to witness the way all of the citizens of Mississippi and Alabama worked together recently. I know this has riled the MSM, so I imagine we’ll be getting a lot more articles about the inferiority of the Southern states, NASCAR, hunting, and Bible Studies, and prayer meetings.

Get along, work together and enjoy each other; all three of these scenarios are happening in part, because the liberals tried to cram too much bull down the throats and into the minds of the average citizen.

In the same news article today, I found President Bush referred to as simply Bush, four times, but Clinton was referred to as Former President Bill Clinton twice.
I don’t know where these journalists obtained their degrees, but forty years ago, reporters with such an obvious bias, would have failed in any class of journalism. Now the Pulitzers, and Nobles are waiting for the journalist who will take up the banner of Bush bashing, Christian bashing, Boy Scout bashing and Southern States bashing
The books the nation is really reading, and not just purchasing to put on the coffee table to impress others, those books hardly ever get a review in the NYTimes. Maybe I shouldn’t even bring that up, because the NYTimes is losing readership.

None of this depresses me anymore, because I see the slippery slope the liberal media is on. Advertisers are going to start counting beans, and start pulling ads from the sleaze sheets of the left. The network T.V. channels will start losing revenue too, except for the sporting events. The five people who get their news from NPR, are getting very old, and their hearing is getting bad, so they are toast.

The press is digging a nice big hole for their self, and they will soon go the way of the Edsel, gone and just about forgotten. I just noticed that my Microsoft spell check doesn’t recognize the word Edsel. Wouldn’t it be nice if in twenty years the word liberal was as forgotten.

Occasionally we notice an objective fair article, in the MSM, but it is the exception now, not the rule.

You will never find the press saying something like; “Today Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized for……

You can safely bet money that many people criticize her and her politics, but is it ever reported?

More on this later. I am sure I will find more liberal bias today, but I smile, knowing this will not last.


Blogger Jay said...

It seems that we both agree the media has not been doing it's job for quite a while.

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Totally off subject - thanks for the visit to my blog. How do you have time to maintain 3 blogs! I am killing myslef with just one! I loved the poem. I felt bad after I read it since this is tragic beyond words. But in the end, failure of leadership happened at all levels. In the final analysis, LA needs to bear the brunt of not preparing its citizens for this. However, as I posted on several ocassions, why did all the other Parishs prepare and Orleans did not? Hum?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, I always keep hoping that the competition will make better journalists. The news from every source, yes even Fox News, is NewsPlus, I prefer NewsLite.
Remember Sgt. Friday, pencil and paper in hand, saying "Just the facts, lady"

Maybe more head to head competition will improve all of the journalists.

If I want opinion I'll go to the editorial page. Or visit blogs by other loud mouthed bloggers.

Blogger The Commentator said...

The arrival of Bush on the scene is healthy. Pseudo-liberals (they really are socialists) are unhappy because they see their monopoly waning. It's about time. They complain that America's direction is terrible under Bush. They did not do any better themselves.

Blogger Mark said...

The problem of (and for) the media is that their sole purpose is to make money - not give news! That is why their stories tend to reflect the general state of public opinion of the moment. Clearly, the general mood of the populace at the moment, is running against the President, and therefore the papers reflect that. What I'm not sure about is how much papers can change public opinion. In my experience, the media can accelerate that change by the stories they print and the weight they put on them, but I'm not sure they are very good at initiating it, simply because if they got it wrong, they could lose a lot of money.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

I just hope we all remember all the “Blow Hards” when election time comes up…
It’s funny to me when the polls are down that’s all you see by the left leaning Media. But when the polls are UP against their line of thinking- or wishing in this case-- you just don’t see those polls much do ya??? I for one hate Polls and never go by them but the polls don’t agree with the hype the MSM is putting out there … Most Americans do not blame the President on this mess- EVERY POLL I have seen backs that…. Now there is going to be a time and a lot a blame to go around but now isn’t the time for it.
Anyway... Great- GREAT post WL…
I invite you to view another Video/slide I did….
I call it “Part2- Hurricane Katrina- Mission Possible”
DSL/Cable best for viewing-
Click here to view: Part2- Hurricane Katrina- Mission Possible
Thanks WL-

Blogger Jay said...

The polls show a majority think Bush is a fuck up. I would be careful about putting that up as any kind of indicator of what the country thinks of their president.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

I haven't seen that poll Jay...
But that is what the Left sooooo wishes everyone to think… Good try… Yet typical…

Blogger web_loafer said...

WOW AubreyJ, that was great, should be shown in every school tomorrow. Good work.
When the city of NO, and the state of LA finally allowed the US active duty military to take over the job they couldn't do, it was the biggest rescue in history. No spin will hide these facts. The MSM won't touch the truth of this, but it will be recorded in works like yours. Liberalism has been unmasked in daylight, and the world will see.
This cannot be allowed to die down........liberalism kills innocent people that have been brainwashed and made into nonproductive robots of liberalism.
I'll put a link on my front page to this.
I just finished an article, we cannot let this failure of liberalism to be hidden.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, goofup would have been a better word than ****up, Whenever possible, please use the Queen's language. You can make you point without vulgarity Jay.

Blogger AubreyJ said...

I’m Humbled WL-- and I mean that… I’d like to also say thanks for your great work on these matters also…

Blogger Jay said...

Sorry about that. Sometimes a phrase just fits so perfectly, using something else will not do. However, I respect that this is your house and will try my best to watch my language in the future.

Blogger web_loafer said...

No problem Jay, I wouldn't like to have a good post ruined by language. I doubt many children are reading here, but still one word can ruin a thought. I was quilty of this myself not so long ago, and had to eat a little humble pie, which tastes real good after the main course of shoeleather.

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