Sunday, September 04, 2005
More Truth the MSM will not publish
e-vac'u-ate" (i-vak'-u-at) v.t.
1, make empty, free from something contained.
2, vacate; withdraw from.
3, excrete. -
v.i. go elsewhere, esp. to avoid danger.

We all have heard about the Left Behind of New Orleans……they were told that they needed to leave, but the mayor of New Orleans, did not use the hundreds of buses that were at his disposal, to help evacuate those that had no transportation. There was a plan of evacuation published in 2000 by an agency of the New Orleans City Government, that said all school buses, city vehicles and any public transportation buses, and taxi’s were to be used to evacuate those that had no way to evacuate on their own in the event of a needed evacuation. Here, read it for yourself.

Louisiana disaster plan, pg 13, para 5 , dated 01/00'The primary means of hurricane evacuation will be personal vehicles. School and municipal buses, government-owned vehicles and vehicles provided by volunteer agencies may be used to provide transportation for individuals who lack transportation and require assistance in evacuating'...

When the evacuation was finally ordered, the ones with cars had already left, and the poor and feeble were left behind. I guess he was only mayor of the rich of New Orleans. Most of the pain and suffering in New Orleans would have not happened if the mayor had used the 600 buses and the fleet of city vehicles, and the taxis to ferry people out of the danger area.

As long as there are still people lying about what really happened in New Orleans, I will not shut up.

I know people are tired of all the bickering, but to any of the 50,000 or more people that were left behind in the Evacuation of New Orleans, just before Katrina hit, that are still blaming President Bush for your plight, please look at the picture of these New Orleans School District Buses and read the article I post now. The buses that were available to be used, some of which you see in the picture, could have given you a ride out of New Orleans BEFORE THE HURRICANE MADE LANDFALL, IF THE MAYOR HAD DONE HIS JOB. The available 600 school buses could have easily taken 30,000 citizens of New Orleans to a safe place, and then returned a few more times to get all of the citizens without cars a ride to safety….I said it should have happened before the hurricane made landfall. Oh don't give me the old, "there weren't drivers for the buses".....We all have seen the articles about the young boy who stole a school bus in New Orleans and drove it full of passengers to Houston.

This next article was written by the ones who were belately sent by the Governor of Louisiana to help after the hurricane had ripped everyones life apart in the 'Big Easy'. Most of them were deployed by the Governor without weapons, boots or a plan………

The first line of response to the disaster was the city government. The next line of response was the State of Lousiana. The last line of response was the Federal Government. The only success in the chain of respose came from the last avenue of response, the Federal Government. The President could not direct the city of New Orleans' police force, (which disappeared for the most part) or the LA National Guard, but when both of these first lines of response failed to help the left behind, President George W. Bush, sent in Federal On-Duty Armed Forces. This action was a rare one, because normally the city or state can handle any emergency, or they should at least try. There have been very few times when active duty military has been needed in an American city.

In my lifetime the one instance I remember the most, was when President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent On-Duty Military to make sure that the Democrat Governor of Alabama allowed Black Young Men and Women, to enroll and attend college in the State of Alabama.

The LA National Guard should have been deployed 5 minutes after the hurricane made landfall, but it wasn't........I wonder where the Governor was? Having tea with the Mayor of New Orleans, in a safe and dry place?

September 02, 2005
La. Guard forms human corridor to assist dome evacuations
By J R.C.
Times staff writer

NEW ORLEANS — Louisiana National Guardsmen yesterday established a security perimeter around the back entrance to a shopping mall attached to the Superdome here as other guardsmen began herding thousands of evacuees from the arena and onto hundreds of buses bound for the Houston Astrodome.

Soldiers and airmen with the Guard’s 225th and 769th and Engineer Battalions were standing security in waist-high floodwater from Hurricane Katrina.
Although the troops are in place primarily to keep growing crowds of civilians who have not gone to the Superdome from overtaking the buses, they also are on the lookout for gunmen who are wreaking havoc in downtown New Orleans.

Staff Sgt. R******* S** of the 769th sees some similarities between his current mission and a recent deployment with his unit to Afghanistan.

“They’re animals over there,” he said, referring to Afghanistan, “and they are animals here. They’re just bolder animals here.”

Spc ****** ******** who is in the 769th’s C Company, said that, unlike Afghans, he wonders if New Orleans residents want to help themselves. He said that some looting may be excusable as people need to feed their families. But ****** said in an air of disbelief that during an earlier security mission he entered a grocery store that had been looted. The alcohol and tobacco aisles were empty, but the canned foods were nearly untouched.

Pfc. *** ****** also of Charlie Company, sees the biggest difference between his tour in Afghanistan and the operation in New Orleans is the level of personal security. He said they were being shot at by looters earlier in the week but didn’t have rifles to fire back. Several members of his unit said the battalion did not receive weapons until Thursday morning. the only non-lethal capability ***** has is a homemade baton that he fashioned out of a broomstick.
The floodwater is littered with debris, stinks and is too murky to see the ground in many areas. But soldiers do not have rubber boots or waders.

Spc. ***** *** an engineer with the 527th Engineer Battalion, said he asked for waders because he doesn’t think being in the water could be healthy. He was told there weren’t any available. Most of the soldiers working here are soaked from the waste down; some spend hours wading through the standing water.

Sgt. 1st Class **** ******* is on duty at the Superdome with the Guards’ public information office. He lived at Jackson Barracks, La., where the Guard’s Joint Forces Headquarters was based until the post was flooded. ******* said his home has been destroyed and he is a refugee just like those in the dome. He hasn’t deployed to a combat zone since Operation Desert Storm, and he half-jokingly said he now prefers the desert over New Orleans.
Inside the Superdome compound, new estimates by Guard commanders before the evacuation began this morning had the population inside at about 20,000 refugees and just over a 1,000 guardsmen.

A massive crowd formed yesterday afternoon, wrapping almost all the way around the Superdome. Soldiers, airmen, sailors and at least one Marine created a human corridor to keep the flow of evacuees moving through the attached mall and downstairs to the buses.
The Marine, Lance Cpl. **** ********, is normally assigned to the Marine Forces Reserve in New Orleans. He said he is from the city and just wanted to help, so he put on his uniform and went to the Superdome to help.

Do you care to know the truth?


Do you have the guts to view the truth???????


Blogger James said...

I have posted the same information about the busses on my blog ( and am passing this along to as many people as I can find.

People blaming Bush because their own Mayor failed them, pathetic.

Just think of the THOUSANDS of people that would have been safe if that parking lot alone had been utilized.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks James, I will cease talking about the mistakes of the Mayor and Governor, when and only when the media quits snidely and arrogantly blaming George W. for someone elses failures. That probably won't happen, but I wish it would. I will still do my part for the victims, but with a sour taste in my mouth. George Bush was the one person in the loop who did his job correctly.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

September 4, 2005 : National News

Bush Promises Improved Relief Effort, Adds Troops
By Richard A. Serrano, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON — President Bush, continuing to acknowledge a flawed federal response to Hurricane Katrina as "unacceptable," announced Saturday that he was increasing the number of troops to the storm-ravaged area and providing other assistance for rescue and recovery efforts there.

Even Bush acknowledges the "flawed federal response"...

Blogger Trée said...

web_loafer, I've been looking for references that pin point the location of the mayor through this disaster. Can you point me in the right direction? I was under the mistaken notion that he stayed in New Orleans, but apparently he did not. Please email me any info you have. Thanks.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

It sounds like he did stay...good article on him, too.

Blogger Trée said...

Thanks booklover, I will check that out.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

Another I found.

"...Admirers see Nagin's staying in the city as courageous, like a captain staying with his ship. Others say it's pure stubbornness, and point out that he might have been in a better position to coordinate relief efforts with improved communications in Baton Rouge..."

Blogger Vulture 6 said...

I counted 312 full size school busses in that photo. teh average school bus seats 48. that is 14,975 people that could have been removed from the city the day before it hit.

Blogger Jay said...

I'm glad to see that Bush and his devoted sheep are so busy finding people responsible.

So let me get this straight. You're saying that Bush is not to blame because other people should have shown leadership and made decisions in regards to a national emergency?

hmmmm....I really can't disagree with your assertion that Bush is totally ineffective in a crisis, but what exactly is it that you want a president for?

Blogger Da Wizard said...

Firstly lets get be certain of one thing. The world is not jealous of America or Americans. I find it incredible when we hear at bars Americans saying how everyone wants to go to America. NOT TRUE!
'If you had any smarts you would read a little history'.... well that shows your education doesn't it???? Why does the US still have such a terrible education system??? Well because the state requires the dumb proles to consume.

Hey I wouldn't worry about us hurting you...we don't want to. I am just putting my points out to a country who is our friend. However take a look at how quickly in New Orleans your society broke down and you couldn't cope. Its a society as weak as those Levies.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Trée, I can't find it right now, somewhere in my disorganized hard drive I saved the picture of the mayor shaking hands with President Bush in Baton Rouge.....there also references to the mayor going to Baton Rouge, and seeing his wife off on a journey away from NO. I have read hundreds of articles about this disaster, and still maintain everyone dropped the ball, but the most damage was done, before the levee was breached, when Da Mayor, did not follow evacuation guidelines that had been in place for years.
There is some web scrubbing going on as to the mayor. Searching for info on google I have found many now dead links, but most of them have been cached, so it is still available. Can we say CYA?

Here is a some of an article at, "
Not only did Nagin know that the Superdome would prove inadequate for shelter for any period longer than a few hours, he encouraged people to gather there without providing the resources he knew that shelter to lack. Instead, he ran off to Baton Rouge despite his responsibility to oversee the execution of the emergency-response plans and ranted at Bush for not reacting quickly enough to the disaster.
And the Exempt Media, by and large, have covered for Nagin's incompetence. Does anyone seriously wonder why?"

This came from this website...
I'll continye searching for more info.....

Blogger Jay said... do know that Baton Rouge is the capital of the state, don't you? Did you expect him to hide out at some play ranch and pick a guitar...or go to the seat of his state government?

Blogger web_loafer said...

No Jay, I expected him to be what he is, the President. Why do you hate him so, you are obsessed with hatred for President George Walker Bush. No big deal anymore to me, enjoy your hate.

George Walker Bush has directed the freeing of millions of enslaved Muslims, steadied a shaky nation, refilled the coffers of the government, (yes all of the tax cuts worked perfectly, the government now has more money to waste, taxcuts always produce more money for the government, the democrats ain't smart enough to figure that one out, but it works everytime it is tried), and made most Americans proud. You are so petty in your hatred, but it takes hatred like yours to highlight the greatness of the one you hate so much. Like I always say, any enemy of yours, may be a decent human.

Blogger CSC5502D said...

I love how the liberals love to tack on "national emergency" to this so it would logically be Bush's fault. Problem is, it's not a "national" emergency. It's just not. Even if it was, does that mean that all local and state governments can be expected to sit back and whine like those of LOUSYanna have done? Guess that speaks volumes about the quality of Democrat leadership, since all those posts in LOUSYanna are held by Democrats.

I also love the "your society sucks, look what happened" nonsense. Black people are famous for saying "our community", our "hood", etc. They're doing it right now. "This went slowly because the victims are all black" is the favorite mantra in the media today. Funny, they don't take any "credit" for all the looting, murdering, raping, etc. that "their community" is doing.

BTW, did you know some of them are being approached by helis and boats and are STILL refusing to evactuate? That's REFUSING folks, not "unable" as people keep claiming they were.

Give it a rest, liberal twits.

Blogger Jay said...

If the destruction of a major city and displacement of a couple of million people is not a national emergency...what is?

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