Sunday, September 11, 2005
More Hurricane Katrina Photos


Blogger TedtheRabbi said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I browsed your profile and you sound a lot like me. In this season I am proud to be a Republican and I like George. I pray that he will remain a strong leader, bear the pain of harsh criticism, and stay the course. I’ll tell you later why I dropped to my knees on the Friday after the storm and begged God’s forgiveness for my failure to respond sooner.

Blogger Jay said...

Great photo op. It's nice to see clean, freshly scrubbed folks smiling and having a grand time....rather than all that depressing stuff like bodies rotting in the middle of the streets.

Thanks for the blinders. I sure wouldn't want to actually feel anything for those people.

Matt 25:37

Blogger CSC5502D said...


Where's Bush? Why is he still "on vacation", blah blah blah?

Then he goes there and....

Look at Bush and his photo op, blah blah blah

Man, I wish I was a liberal so I could contradict myself every two seconds and never be held to account..........

Blogger Mark said...

Some lovely posed photos.

Blogger web_loafer said...

There is no pleasing an out of power liberal. So I won't attempt it. But I will continue showing things the MSM will not show because it flies in the face of all they are lying about.
Liberals care only for power...power...power.
But look what happens when Liberals run a city and state exclusively for 60 years, New Orleans. The poverty, misery, lack of education, drugs and crime are all liberal gifts to the city of New Orleans. When the Armed Forces of our nation had to rescue the sick, lame, dumb and poor.......from the liberal meccca.......IT'S BUSHES FAULT.....BLAH BLAH.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, don't go leaving Bible verses that you probably don't know the context in which they were used. The bible was not referring to the Government of the USA....which paid the welfare, gave the foodstamps, and offered opportuntity to most of those you witnessed being paraded on TV for the liberals of America to blame someone. Blame themselves is what they need to do. They have completely controlled Louisiana and New Orleans for decades. But at the same time billions were sent to the state and city by the federal government.
My tax money goes to feed the needy and the greedy, clothe the needy and the greedy, put a roof over the head of the needy and the greedy.
Plus the churches of America have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Katrina Hurricane Effort, and lots of sweat. Don't preach to me buddy, look in the mirror.

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

great pics!

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