Saturday, September 03, 2005

Now for the good news.

America is a very compassionate country. The things that the bulky, bureaucratic and wasteful government (city, state and federal) can never seem to get done, the citizens rally to accomplish. It has always been that way, and the massive relief effort for victims of Katrina will be no different.

While surfing this morning, I came across a wonderful blog, A small victory. I am sure you will enjoy following some of the many links on this page.

I’ll put the link to it on my blog here. I have more than enough political links. I’ll start linking to personal favorites of mine, that show the compassion of America.

I googled for photos with the words hurricane Katrina, and I couldn’t believe it, no pictures.

So I sought and found an excellent source of information, from New Orleans. Yes there is much suffering all along the Gulf Coast, but New Orleans was the largest city in the path of the hurricane, so it’s people have suffered the most.

Katrina Photos taken in New Orleans are here on this web page.
At the beginning of this post is a photo from this link, one that touched me. It was entitled simply ‘Family’

This family wanders throughout the city with no place to go, Wednesday, August 31, 2005. Photo by David Grunfeld


Blogger Jay said...

America is a country filled with compassionate people. Most countries are, even if their governments are not.

We should give some small pause that the rest of the world sees it that way too, and is by our side when we (the people, not the government) really need them.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I have no argument with that.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

I hope you don't mind...I posted the link to Michele's blogsite, a small victory, other places. I said I got the link from "an old friend of the forum". I hope she gets some donations/volunteers in the areas she needs. The Katrina's Kids School Supply Drive is wonderful!!! God Bless Her!

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