Wednesday, September 28, 2005
If it's war.....let's win

I am sharing a few pictures from long ago. World War I, in fact. When America finally got involved in that war, we fought like we wanted to win.
Big Business sacrificed to win the war, soldiers sacrificed to win the war (some even losing their life), families sacrificed to win the war…..AND THE MEDIA HELPED THE WAR EFFORT INSTEAD OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TODAY.
Shame shame Big media, you are hurting our nations war effort. I have heard that Al Jeezera is hiring…..

I collect old advertisements and thought these would interest some of you. Click on the pictures to enlarge them if you can't read the text.


Anonymous Adam said...

Yuck. Propaganda masquerading as reporting is wrong, even if it's for a good cause.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting thing about those old ads. Look at the length of the sentences and the quality of the writing. One sees little of that in advertising these days.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I don't call patriotism propaganda. I am a little prejudiced to, I want America to win, and wish the media here did, they don't though. I was just referring people to a time when people loved the country that gave them so much.....yes a lot of ungrateful people " they love our milk and honey, but preach about another way of living, when you're running down our country hoss, you're walking on the fighting side of me.....merle haggard, 1970's

Blogger C R Mountjoy - GDF said...

Great insight...propaganda has useful purposes...anyone who says otherwise is a fool.

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