Saturday, September 10, 2005
A fellow blogger says it better than me

I tried to contact the blogauthor of this article to ask his/her permission to post this article here at Sanity's Bluff, but was not successful. I thought it important to bring this to my readers, so I have included links to the web-blog that I found this list of links at. AGAIN this is not my work, it took someone a lot of time to bring all of this into focus. Please visit this writer's blogsite and compliment the blogger on his excellent work.

Here is the url……….and I can’t bring it into focus any better than this.

Political Vultures Circle New Orleans
The recovery efforts have just begun, and the Left (as you can see from my previous blog) descended on the hurricane catastrophe with a vengeance. Now the Leftist Bloggers have moved in like a proverbial pack of jackals.The following is a short list of Blogs (both Left and Right) - compare them, and see if you can sense a pattern.


Wonkette: We're naming it Lake George, cause it's his fault.
Kos: George Bush - The Disaster President
Atrios: Bush to Victims - "Just Die"
Tas (at ISOU): Bush is to Blame
Patridiots: Most amazingly stupid, head in the sand, dumbass
Oliver Willis: A Leadership Deficit
Josh Marshall: FEMA skimped on LA disaster protection
Elayne Riggs: Bush 404 Message
Mad Kane: Bush 404 Message
Steve Gilliard: Condi Rice Shops for Shoes -
next to photo of N.O. babyBrad DeLong: George Bush in Action
Dembloggers: A President that is not ready
Liberal Oasis: Take Responsibility, Mr. Bush
TBogg: Bush Vacation Death Count
Americablog: Bush talking point: New Orleans deserved it.
Pandagon: Too bad those buses don't stop in Crawford

And my personal favorite -

Brad's Blog where he tells people not to give money to the victims BECAUSE THEY'RE IN A RED STATE!


Instapundit: Links to hundreds of Katrina relief bloggers
Power Line: Hurricane Relief - Give Now
Wizbang: Hurricane Relief Auction
Iowahawk: No japery today, just a solem prayer (link to Red Cross)
Baldilocks: Blogathon - for Gulf Coast military families
Little Green Footballs: grass-roots relief effort
Decision ‘08: More Details on Hurricane Relief Day
fistfuloffortnights: Web design auction for Katrina relief
OTB: Blog for Relief Day
NZ Bear: Blog Relief Day
Hugh Hewitt: Donating to Canal Street Presbyterian Church
Bill Quick: Recommends the Salvation Army
Sissy Willis: points out animal relief
Michelle Malkin: Mercy Corps
MUSC Tiger: Hurricane Katrina Relief

I only have one more thing to say.......


Blogger Indeterminacy said...

All this proves is that the left is more critical of Bush than the right. All the "on the left" blogs I visited had links to donations for Katrina relief:, or to name just the first three on the list. The perhaps unindented implication that the "left" is not interested in helping the victims doesn't hold.

It would seem to me if there were mistakes made, it is highly advisable to find out what they were, and who made them. We won't find out by not asking the questions. There is a perhaps unintended implication here that the "on the right" blogs are not interested in asking these questions, i.e. uninterested in finding out what to do to avoid future tragodies.

Blogger Jay said...

When you cherry pick from literally millions of personal opinion blog posts out you honestly thing we are so stupid as to believe your broad stroke brushing of evil liberals and kind hearted conservatives?

I see you had been called into service for Operation CYA. Mission accomplished!

Blogger Mark said...

He still hasn't made it to New Orleans! Does he know the way?

At the end of the day - Bush is the only President ever to lose an entire City and he did NOTHING for over 2 DAYS - compare that with last year when a hurricane hit Florida and he had declared a State of Emergancy within 2 HOURS. Clearly the rich white folk in Florida needed more immediate help than the poor black folk in NO. Cut it whichever way you want, but Bush is a handicap, not just for NO but for the entire USA.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Look Mark, why not spend half the time you spend attacking America, cleaning up your own pile of crap called Great Britain....sorry to be so blunt.....but, butt out mate, this is my country not yours, yes you can complain.....but this is not a blamegame blog, go complain to your fellow countrymen....we are tired of listening to you. When was the last time your nation elected a perfect prime minister........whoops I forgot about Margaret Thatcher......
I don't want to have to start deleting posts, but you have not said one positive thing about America or the President of America in all of the many posts you leave here......NOT ONE NICE THING TO SAY, ARE YOU AS BITTER AS YOUR WRITING, IF SO......PLEASE SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP
Your blame game is tiring and soils MY BLOG, go somewhere else please with your hatred

Blogger Jay said...

gee....I thought you said the Brits were our friends?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, the Brits are our friends, but Mark needs to lighten up just a wee bit. Dissent is beautiful, but if it controls your whole life,it not only makes you miserable, it makes those around you miserable. Just trying to help Mark get out of a rut. He is well read, but has only one thing on his mind......Get Bush. A lot of Bush haters hate George W. simply because they see in him the decent person they wish they were, but know they aren't.

Blogger Jay said... call anybody that DARES question the god you call Bush just about everthing but a gentleman, and you want him to lighten up?

BTW...Most people, which includes a majority of Americans it seems looking at the latest polls, don't "hate Bush because they see him as a decent person"....they hate the destruction he is doing to this great nation, they hate the thousands of lives lost because of his bungling, they hate the looting of the treasury by his friends at the cost of future generations.

Most of all...they hate the self styled stormtroopers that blindly worship this criminal in a mistaken belief they will not eventually be touched by the devestation.

I sure miss having a real President.

Blogger Yellow Dog said...

It's real easy to pick one post from a blog like you did above and pretend that is means something. You picked one off Patridiot Watch that slams President Bush for saying no one thought the levees would break when people had been saying that for a long time, including his own employees. That is supposed to suggest that Patridiot Watch is Bush Hating and ignored the plight of the poor folks in New Orleans and the other areas hit by this tragedy.

Of course, you didn't bother to look at the rest of the blog, or the two top posts that sat at the top of the blog from September 1 to September 6:

HURRICANE HOUSING: which called on people to open up their homes and to donate to the relif effort.

PLEASE GIVE RIGHT NOW: which called on people to donate to the relief effort.

Your post is the one that is politicizing this effort. As an American it is my right to be outraged when My President (and he is mine whether I voted for him or not) says something as lame as he did. I did not say Republicans suck, or conservatives suck, or right wingers such, or the Radical Right sucks. I said the President's comment sucked.

And I stand by it.

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