Thursday, September 01, 2005
The Big Easy
I want to say a few things about the horrific situation that nature brought about in the Gulf States of America, and specifically New Orleans. Nature knows no boundaries, has no favorites, nature simply is, and cannot be tamed or destroyed. To imagine that we as humans could endanger God’s Creation, is folly. Sure, we can soil our nest so to speak, but this is God’s Creation, and His laws apply, not ours. At the founding of the earth, God knew Hurricane Katrina would devastate the Gulf Coast of American in the year we call 2005. To a God that knows the number of hairs on my head, and knows how many grains of sand the earth contains, I do not question Him or His creations; I simply give God the reverence He deserves. My God is awesome, and as creator of all we see, taste, smell, hear or feel, I will not question or curse His creation.

BUT, I still weep at the utter devastation that America has been visited with. AND THE LAST THING I WOULD WANT TO DO, IS TO LAY THE BLAME FOR THIS AT ANYONES FEET. IT SIMPLY HAPPENED.

My American brothers and sisters down south are hurting in a way I cannot fathom, never having lost all I had, and escaped with only the clothes on my back. Or to have had family members swept away to sea, while helpless to do anything for them.

From all I have seen and heard about the devastation, I know there is much to do; just to help some of our citizens survive. Remember how helpless you felt when we saw the frantic attempts to sift through the smoking ruins of the World Trade Center Towers? Just hoping you would see someone plucked out of the ruins? Right now a similar frantic attempt is being made to save the lives of any that we can. Time is running out for those trapped in attics in the city of New Orleans, or the many other Gulf cities. Just like the terrible choice that hundreds had to make on Sept. 11, 2001 in the burning WTC Towers, between jumping from a broken window almost a thousand feet above the streets of New York City, or being burnt to death in the raging inferno: many people had to make the decision, “do I try to swim in the rising waters, or walk up the stairs to the next floor, or the attic?”

We all know that America will pour out help to the needy as only Americans can. We are very practiced at giving help to the helpless. How much more helpless could anyone be, than to have a hurricane destroy everything you have?

I won’t join in the questioning of what will the rest of the world do to help. We can do it alone, but would take any help any give.

In the last twenty years, America has had many miraculous escapes from a high death toll when hurricanes have visited our soil from the Atlantic Ocean.

Maybe we had been lulled into thinking, “it’ll be like the last ten or twelve hurricanes…..much damage to buildings and trees, but not many deaths.”

It wasn’t to be, so, now we must work feverishly to rescue any humans still trapped in buildings or clinging to flotsam.

Join me in praying for the needy at this time.

I will not use this tragedy to attempt to score political points in battle with my political foes. In fact; if I was in the Big Easy at this moment and saw James Carville floundering in the flood waters, I would throw him a line……..I wouldn’t hesitate, he is an American, and I kinda like the Ragin’ Cajun.

Do you fathom yet the scope of this event? There are few more historic cities than New Orleans, and everything points to there needing to be a New, New Orleans in the future.

Big Easy
, I know the history of the place, and it is a colorful and historic city. Occupying the basin at the mouth of one of the longest rivers in the world, the Missouri River to Mississippi River, to the Caribbean , New Orleans has been a very strategic city in America’s History.

Let’s hope when the city is rebuild, it will be in a safer place.

I love Dixieland bands, “jambalaya, crawfish pie, and me oh my oh, son of a gun gonna have big fun on the bayou” I say has been, for let’s be frank and truthful, rebuilding a city, 20 feet below sea level would be insane. I know people will argue, but please, consider this devastation to be a lesson. If we spend billions to rebuild the city, another hurricane could find landfall there, and we are back to square one.


Blogger Mark said...

My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have suffered and/or who have lost loved ones and wish them every success in the rebuilding of their lives and world.

The next year is going to be tough. Local collections are up and running in Wigan and no-doubt across the country to show we care as well.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Perhaps in some way we'll never understand; some good may come from this tragic happening. As I reflect on all of the last week and this hurricane,I am reminded again that life is much too precious and brief, to spend it fussin' and fightin'.

Blogger Jay said...

It is a stark reminder that, for any of us, our world can change so much in one day.

Blogger Trevor said...

And yes, it would be insane to rebuild at 20 feet below sea level.

One thing you didn't mention, is the humans that are making this situation worse. Mother Nature created the means for the worst among us to take advantage of the rest of us.

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