Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Orleans, LA. August 28, 2005 -- Residents are bringing their belongings and lining up to get into the Superdome which has been opened as a hurricane shelter in advance of hurricane Katrina. Most residents have evacuated the city and those left behind do not have transportation or have special needs. Marty Bahamonde/FEMA

These pictures were taken August 28th,2005. It is diffucult to get a timeline of events, it seems there are several versions of everything. So I am going to remove some facts from this article that I cannot source. One thing is certain when these picture were taken, almost everyone had left New Orleans. Red Cross was sending distaser vehicles to Lousiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The President was pleading with the Governor to declare an emergency mandatory evacuation. Look closely at these pictures, many of these people were brutalized, some were raped, and some were killed. The poor, disabled and feeble here were all subjected to misery because of a mayor failing to follow emergency plans. There was still time for the governor to step in, but she didn't. After the local and state government all but abandoned these people, the federal troops showed up. The Red Cross and Salvation Army had already sought permission to distribute food, water and hygiene kits to the people headed for the SuperDome, but they were refused by local and state agencies. Food, water and hygiene kits that were in tractor trailers parked close to the SuperDome.
Sitting in several lots throughout the city there were almost 600 school buses that could have been used to evacuate these people. We all remember the pictures of row after row of buses in flooded lots later on. It sickens me when I think about the hell these people went through, it could have been prevented very easily if the mayor and governor had done their jobs. To be left behind in such callous fashion leads me to say.....The Governor of LA, doesn't care about black, handicapped or poor people. Some have even said she let the situation happen for political gain. For that matter, the mayor of New Orleans doesn't seem to care much for poor whites, poor blacks, or handicapped citizens.


Blogger Jay said...

uh....assuming for the sake of wild speculation that Bush took time from his vacation to offer federal troops to a state BEFORE the hurricane....what would they have been doing?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Come on Jay, you know.....
they would have been standing at attention waiting for a shell shocked mayor and governor (and I would be shellschocked too) to give the Federal Government the right to fight the battle of New Orleans '05.
President Bush could not send federal troops into a state without permission.....posse commatus....ever heard of it? I may have not spelled it correctly, but I know what it means. So President Bush would be wrong in any action he took, until the city and state acted on their own, or requested federal troops. Federal Troops cannot be commanded by a Governor, but the Louisiana National Guard could have been commanded and strenghtened by the federal troops....and the federal command. Perhaps this is not the best arrangement, but we are a nation of laws, and the President has to follow the laws also.....unless the writ of habeus corpus is revoked. Another word I probably misspelled, but I know what it means. Abe Lincoln revoked it once, for a few years, and we won.

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