Saturday, September 03, 2005
America and the world, dig into pockets to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Kill the goose that laid the Golden Egg

I am shocked.

I know that the trauma of losing your home, all your belongings, your job, your food, and everything you have in the world, would be a heavy load to carry. But if it happened to me, I would not belittle the people sacrificing of their means to help me back on my feet.

The mayor of New Orleans is a poor example of a city leader.

He is playing the blame game, blaming those that are coming to his rescue, those now doing the job he should have done as mayor, blaming us as racists. Yes, in essence, by association this insignificant mayor is accusing me of being a racist, even while I am signing checks to relief organizations that are helping victims of the Hurricane. His behavior is making me wonder, should I continue sacrificing of my means to help people who obviously hate me because of the color of my skin? Well, to help the truly needy, I have to help the greedy. I will do that, because I am hurting for the people who are hurting. I don’t look on the victims as white victims, or black victims, I look at them as American victims. For this reason I can swallow hard and give, even though the mayor of New Orleans has insulted me….no even more than that, He has accused me of being a racist…when it is he that more closely resembles a racist.

Do you see the buses in this picture? The busses belong to the New Orleans School District. For one day, the mayor of New Orleans refused to order an evacuation of the city he was mayor of. He is the only one who could have done it, President Bush could not order it.. President Bush finally convinced the mayor to act like a mayor, but That didn’t last long. Sure he finally ordered an evacuation, but left the busses sitting in this lot. They were fueled up and ready to go. At the time of the evacuation call, these busses were not in floodwater. I am relating only one of many failures of this mayor. Can you say, UNFIT TO LEAD?

Now the mayor is blaming the President, who is President of ALL AMERICA, not just New Orleans, for not being fast enough. I am sick and tired of hearing the hateful rhetoric of the Anti-Bush crowd. His behavior and the behavior of other shallow bigots, has made me more resolved to keep people like him and his buds, OUT OF OFFICE.

I for one am appalled at this behavior, and it has soured my view of New Orleans. When the taxpayers of the USA rebuild the city of New Orleans, I will stay away.

It is a foreign country to me now, since I have been ostracized because of the color of my skin.

I have taken only a few to task, most of the people who did not leave New Orleans when they should have, are nothing like this arrogant weasel of a mayor. They are decent people who have the right to be upset, but they are upset at the wrong person. I imagine they will get around to noticing who is helping them in their time of need, and I imagine they would help me out if I was a victim of such an undeserved fate. I know human nature, and a helper is a helper, a whiner is a whiner.


Blogger Mark said...

If, as Mayor, he is looking at 10,000 of his citizens dead I would also be screaming to the President and asking why, for the first 2 days, he was at his "Ranch" and then on a fund-raising mission for the Republican Party, instead of ensuring that a proper rescue is started. I am disgusted that you are so blinkered that you feel his comments were racist. I think that is your white prejudice coming to the fore. The truth is that the Federal Agency set up by Bush for precisely this reason failed.

Bush DID cut spending for coastal defence by 56% from 2000.

Bush did allow developers onto the wet-lands. Each 2 mile stretch of wet-land can reduce a surge by 6 inches - but of course, that is science which is beyond Bush's knowledge.

Bush did freeze funding for the US Army Corps of Emgineers, the agency responsible for the up-keep of the levees.

Most of the people who you are watching die ARE Black and poor, that is REALITY and if people like you continue to voice opinions that enflame, you will clearly reap what you sow. I am shocked at the way the "leading" nation of the World treats its poor and disadvantaged, and if I was a true American of any political persuasion, I would be thoroughly ashamed that people exist in the conditions they are in such a rich country. Clearly rich and selfish!

If I can see this from across the Atlantic - why can't you?

Blogger Jay said...

Didn't the mayor know that Bush was busy riding his bicycle and kissing up to fundraisers? Gosh...what does he expect?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Both of you listen up...Jay and Mark, 70% of New Orleans population was black. So by reasoning, 70% of trouble would be from black people, this is not a racist thing, it is reality. Also it was a small amount of people causing trouble that hampered relief efforts, Yes,all it took to turn ugly was a few ungrateful people, led on by a chorus of Predident Bush haters.

I am getting tired of your posts here, and you are driving my readers away with your drivel. Can't you find somewhere else to spout your hatred. You have been warned. If you want to keep commnenting, show a little respect for my countries leader. If you cannot show that respect, don't talk about politics, talk about the weather or something.

Yes, since I put forth the effort here at Sanity's Bluff, I can pick and chose who comments, and I will. Not too many people want to hear your petty rantings.

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