Friday, September 16, 2005
Allah's Judge/God's Nemesis

The federal judge, who ruled that the voluntary recital of the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional, has a long track record of bringing judgment against God.

Isn’t it funny that the peanut growing president who claimed to be a “Born Again Christian” appointed a bunch of atheist judges to the federal court benches, who now are working hard to rid this nation of any mention, or thought about God? Jimmy Carter appointed the judge who made this ruling.

Thanks Jimmy, which side are you really on, good or evil?

Hey Jimmy, go pound more nails while the judges you appointed tear down everything good about America. In his four years as president, Jimmy Carter appointed mostly liberal, God hating, anti-American judges to the federal bench.
Can you say, “Something is rotten in Denmark?”

Lawrence K. Karlton, a U.S. District Judge in Sacramento California, ruled that the pledge's reference to one nation "under God" violates school children's right to be "free from a coercive requirement to affirm God."

But you may get a little confused if you read this newspaper article from 2004, about another of Judge Karltons rulings on religious matters or perceived religious matters. (The pledge is not religious in any way, shape or form) in public places.

Prisons are public institutions just as public schools are public places. The taxpayers pay for them completely. Read this article and tell me if you see anything fishy?

By Denny Walsh /Bee Staff Writer

Published 2:15 am PST Saturday, November 20, 2004

Students win pay in prison suit
UC Davis law school clinic members helped Muslim inmates seeking worship rights.
Nearly three dozen law students who helped win religious rights for Muslim inmates garnered accolades Friday from a Sacramento federal judge, who awarded fees of $289,000 to the students and an attorney who supervised them.

Susan Christian took on the inmates' case seven years ago while she was supervising attorney at the King Hall Civil Rights Clinic at the University of California, Davis, School of Law.

The case went with her when she left that post for private practice in 2001, but a series of 34 students at the clinic had by then racked up nearly 2,000 hours of work on behalf of the Muslim state prisoners.

In a seven-page order, U.S. District Judge Lawrence K. Karlton directed that the students be paid $60 an hour - a total of $114,780 - for work done from October 1997 through June 2001.

Attorneys for the state, which will have to pay the award to Christian and the clinic, questioned that hourly rate for students, but Karlton pointed out that they "worked on a wide variety of tasks, including discovery, taking and defending depositions, legal research and writing, and arguing motions in court."

"Because of the nature of the action and the issues involved, the work done by the ... students was more complex and legally sophisticated than work typically performed by law clerks or paralegals in law firms," the judge wrote.

Carter White, the clinic's current supervising attorney, said Friday, "We are especially proud of this ruling.

"This is the largest amount that's ever been awarded in one case for work done by our students.

"When the clinic was founded in 1993, the hope was that it would be partially funded by prevailing-party fees. This is the ultimate realization of that goal."

Plaintiffs in the case are Muslim inmates at California State Prison, Solano, who sued for violations of the right to practice their religion.

Karlton granted them 15 preliminary injunctions, all but one of which were unsuccessfully appealed by state prison officials.

The judge also rejected the state's constitutional challenge to a federal statute governing prisoners' worship, and that ruling was upheld on appeal.

The case culminated in June with Karlton's permanent injunction barring prison officials from imposing discipline or denying sentence reductions based on Muslims' half-inch beards and attendance at religious services.

The final judgment also includes a procedure to locate and expunge religion-related disciplinary records of current and past Muslim inmates' custody files.
The state has appealed the outcome of the case to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Anonymous dawn said...

I think that this whole thing is insane, and I certainly do hope that they dont stop allowing students to say the Pledge in my kids schools. Students in the school system here can opt out of saying the pledge if they so choose, but it is our National Anthem...I grew up saying it, and I want my kids to grow up saying it, if they chose.

Blogger Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Welcome to America!

The land of great opportunities
and of great abnormalities.
The land of the travesty of liberty.

Look at the agonies in New Orleans, and you will see the ironies of America.
A comedy of errors.

Any dummy can claim to be "Born Again" Christian. I mean "Born Again" is a very common refrain.

Blogger Jeff said...

Thanks for visiting, great blog you have here..

Blogger prying1 said...

So it goes to the 9th circuit - Now there is a bastion of American Ideals...

Blogger prying1 said...

So it goes to the 9th circuit - Now there is a bastion of American Ideals...

Anonymous dizzlizz39 said...

$60 bucks an hour....ten years ago???
Ten years ago I was making $11 an hour, and I sweated a lot.
I better move to California and learn to hate God.

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