Thursday, September 15, 2005
ACLU wins big....AGAIN

A judge has repaid the ACLU for past favors, by ruling that the pledge of allegiance is unconstitutional.

The ACLU has its way in the courts; they can always find a judge to side with them, no matter how un-American or perverted the issue or cause is.

It isn’t logical, but it is real. Judges bend the constitution to placate the perverts at the ACLU. They can always find a way to help the ACLU destroy another good thing about America.

When will someone file a lawsuit to have the ACLU change its name? The ACLU is not American, it is anti-American. It is anti -Liberty also.

The ACLU keeps chipping away at Freedom. If the ACLU has its way, your church will soon lose its tax exempt status, and many churches will not be able to afford the taxes imposed upon them. Farfetched? Not at all, I imagine most people could list ten good things that are gone from our Society, due to law suits by The ACLU in front of friendly judges. Judges that would sell their country off, to stay in favor with the ACLU. What kind of hold they have over wimpy, God hating judges? I don’t know. Maybe they have some pictures of the judges in compromising situations; I don’t just makes no sense to see the ACLU having its way in the justice system. It is not natural to hate your own country like the ACLU does, so I suspect it is controlled by someone not of America. The tentacles of the ACLU reach even to the highest court, of America. Ruth Badder Ginsberg was the head of the ACLU before being appointed and confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Nothing has even slowed down the juggernaut of ACLU. Society seems impotent when it comes to protecting free speech for all. Free speech ACLU style will be a little different than the founding fathers imagined. There soon will be a list of forbidden words, God, Jesus, Calvary, Moses, Baptize, and many more will be on this list compiled by the ACLU. It will be a criminal act to speak any of these words in public, or to use any in textbooks or speeches. If any public building has any of these words engraved on its exterior or interior, it will have to be sandblasted off.

But if the ACLU is successful; it will be perfectly legal to use the words, Mohammad, Allah, Islam, Muslim or jihad, anywhere, anytime, even on or in public buildings and institutions.

Just think, if in the future you dare to hand someone a note with the word God written on it, you might wind up in prison sharing a cell with a child molester. No I’m sorry that just won’t happen, because Ruth Ginsburg and the ACLU will make it legal to be a child molester. Ruth herself is said to be in favor of lowering the age of consent to 12. If you knew some of the perverted views of Justice Ruth, you would be sickened.

All Republican Senators but a handful voted to seat the pervert Ruth Ginsberg to the Supreme Court. Oh they knew she was anti-God and had sexual deviated views, but they wouldn’t stand up for America. Typical wimpy Republican Senators. It amazes me that so many wimps could end up as Senators on the Republican Side.

I apoligize for using ACLU so many times in this article, but it is about time we start using ACLU as a curseword. Know your enemy.


Anonymous parated2k said...

To the ACLU yelling obscenities at young brides on private property is great, the Pledge of Allegience is evil, and the mantra "sex before 8 or it's too late" should be protected.

ACLU: Destroying liberty one bought off judge at a time.


Thanks for opening up your blog to comments from the rest of us! ;~D

Blogger Luka said...

What color is the sky on your planet? Cause that's obviously not Earth logic.

God is a religious concept, therefor it should not be included in a pledge of allegiance to the State. Either it be the state of Florida or the United states - there should be NO reference to religion. Having the phrase "Under God" is a direct violation of the separation of Church and State thus it violates the constitution.

Blogger web_loafer said...

No Luka, you are wrong. God is not a concept....God created all you See, Hear, Taste, Feel and Smell.
If God cannot be appreciated in his/her own creation........
Well I'll let God answer that.
This country I love is one of the last bastions of God Loving People, and apparently YOU wish it to cease to exist.

Look up to the heavens.

Ah Ha......caught looked up to see the billions of stars my God created, you don't have to love God, and God Doesn't have to invite you to spend eternity with him/her

God doesn't need your permission to exist.....
Your love for God is not necessary for God to Be.....
If I am wrong about all this....So What???
If you are wrong.....Can you say.........It's sure hot here, when can I die??? no, the worm dieth not.
Hell is Hell

Blogger web_loafer said...

A very wise President, let it be known to everyone around him;
That he didn't care if he, or his administation got the credit for something good happening......just as long as it happened.
The nation figured out all of the good that R.R. did for his beloved country......
Witness his funeral.
The last beautiful happening in America.
We knew he would slip off to heaven
And we cried with the classiest woman alive, Nancy
As she patted the flag of the United States of America Atop the casket of her beloved Ronnie.
Fast forward a little time......
Times are rough
The liberals are fighting to win
They want power back in America
Although they have no plans to tackle the problems America faces.
Do you realize we are at war?????
Or perhaps a better question would be.....
Is everyone on the side of Liberty and Justice for all, fighting in this War???????
Not yet
But when the decent folks of America
Start putting two and two together
The left will be:


Left Out of Power
The Right
Will still be right
But there will be no victory dinner
Because we know
Those left out, left out,
Or as I love to say "Way out there in left field"

I may still be a little shell shocked...
Like the citizens who were left behind in the evacuation of New Orleans....
Who were left behind because they
Never donated any money to the coffers of the Leftist Democratic Louisiana Party.....

How bizarre....the leftist scum,(Democrats in control of the slave [blue] state of Louisiana) decided that the poor, the confused, the uneducated, the crippled, the weak.......the hungry....the poor........were not worthy of the trouble it would take to get them to safety from the storm.

I'll never forget the callous disregard for the citizens of New Orleans that were left behind.

I really and truely think that Blanco and Nagin wanted all of the left behind to die.

Why else would they keep hoping for tens of thousands of dead????
They even order 25,000 body bags.

But they stupidly forgot the awesome power of the United States Armed Forces.

The Leftist Scum love to degrade the National Guard, Witness all of the derogatory statements about President Bush's stint in the Texas Air National Guard, prior to the last election in 2004 when truth cleaned the plow of the Liars.

Why would Nagin and Blanco refuse to help the helpless????????

They saw the water arisin.......and smiled their devious smile....

They'll never be rescued...the waters are risin.
And then we can blame President Bush.

They never contributed to our slush fund.....all they wanted to do was take take take.

No, no food

No, no buses to the Superdome

No, Amtrak

No Salvation Army

No American Red Cross.

No there will be no way we will be found out. We can show pictures of the bloated bodies of the poor......the world will hate Bush even more.

All of this went on
In the minds of
Blanco and Nagin
In a plot to bring the President Down.

By the
Supposedly Caring Party

Anonymous laizse faire said...

yuk, you twist words into pretzels of truth. Who would ever know that your truth is truth, when you make it so hard to follow your truth

Blogger phred said...

Luka, the Constitution says - the separation of church and state, not religion and state. When it was written, the church was a organized political enity (tool).
If the writers intended for it not to include anything to do with GOD - why did they use HIS name so many times in the different texts??
This country was formed in GODS name.The writers knew full well what they were writing down and it is not at all logical to assume that they contridicted themselves.
Someday- '' Every knee shall bow , and ever tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord ''.
I hope you get it figured out before that day.

Anonymous Adam said...

You obviously only read the headline and didn't bother to read any of the article on the case or listen to any news reports on it either before you made this post. The ACLU has nothing to do with the case, it was brought by some families in California and argued by Michael Newdow. The ACLU was not involved.

Also, the ruling does not ban saying God and the ACLU has defended schoolchildren who wished to preach about Jesus in their schools. There is a huge legal difference between a private citizen saying something and a government employee coercing children into saying something.

Interestingly enough, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison criticized George Washington for mentioning God in his speeches too often. They seemed to want to enforce the seperation of government and religion far more than the ACLU. The only difference is that in our post-Civil War era, the local governments have to follow the same standard the fed. has for centuries.

Blogger Jeremy C. said...

This ridicules ruling will most likely be overturned.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

The Speech tonight...I am posting this everywhere I frequent...LOL!


You heart really goes out to George W. Bush. I watched him so closely. He said all the words his speech writers wrote...but his sincerity and passion came forth in his entreaty and praise to those who are real people...not caring about politics. OH...............

I know the pitfalls he's faced. Difference is...he grasped the gold ring and I said...Nu Uh...don't want anyone or anything to EVER have that power over me! Most people DO go for the worldly opportunities. I can't blame them...but I look in the mists...more knowledge there. Once you buy into the it in a big pond or small are troubled forever. You bite...and the worm leads you to places you never wanted to go. I nibbled. He bit. But...i still would love to hang out with him and discuss it all at a texas bbq.

I think in his soul...he's a good man who listens too much to the likes of Cheney...who is NOT a good man. He knows EXACTLY what he wants in this life and he will go to any lengths to get it. Because..he is a man.......without faith in the bigger picture. are a sucker. I hope you stand up.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Adam, Anywhere God is being attacked in court, the ACLU is lurking nearby, giving advice, working behind the scene with crooked judges, or doing the attacking. When this case gets to an higher court, the ACLU will be more visible. The ACLU is a cabal of God hating lawyers that plan to impose their religion on everyone. Hating God is a religion to the ACLU.

Blogger Fishiferous said...

The obvious solution is to eliminate public education. If all educational institutions were private this would not be an issue. Parents would have the choice of whether to teach their children scientific truths or traditional religious myths. Unfortunately, both left and right want to coerce the children of those who disagree with them to learn their "truth".

Blogger web_loafer said...

You are absolutely correct.
Vouchers are just around the corner, so all of this may be moot.
All of the displaced from the Great Storm of '05, will be given some form of vouchers for their children.
When the word gets around that you don't have to send your child to the God Hating, America Hating, Union Schools, most parents will demand the same for their children. Oh there will be plenty of parents that see no harm in public education. I call that child abuse, to send a child to public schools when it is not mandatory is cruel. Unless you hate God.

Public vs. Private????? Schools?????

Tell me, who got aid to the victims of Katrina first....private or public.
I rest my case.

Blogger web_loafer said...

I looked at the picture again....President Bush has his eyes closed while the pledge was being recited. None of the children have their eyes closed.

I used to do that also, close my eyes, place my hand over my heart and

Blogger Luka said...

talking with you is like talking to a brick wall. it's a good thing I don't attempt it often.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Luka, one must be comfortable with ones are, and I respect you for that. If I use language that offends, my apoligies. I have walked a few more sidewalks, driven a few million more miles around America, talked to more people from every state, than most people have: and I have noticed, "America has more people that disagree with each other, living peacefully together than any place upon this planet."
You probably are proud of this also.
If those that I disagree with quit talking to me, can you say "I suffer"
Remember Luka, I am an old man, yet I'm still seeking knowledge.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

webloafer has finally lost the last two marbles he had.

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