Friday, August 26, 2005
Todays links and pics

First lets start off with a report card of sorts. I came across a most interesting compilation. It is a list of the most wanted terrorists. Take a look at the work the allies have done so far. It is amazing. Most of these scumbags would still be free if we had not went on the offensive and taken the war to the Middle East. No apologies…..all the remaining terrorist on this list will be caught or killed. I would prefer killing them.

Now for a little homeland news. How about this: Pro-war kin take down crosses at Sheehan site

Sometimes reality escapes people. Read this article and think about it. I won’t comment on it until tomorrow.

Now for the link of the day……which just so happens to be a page of links……go figure.

And finally here is a windows media file that chronicles
Disgusting behavior at Walter Reed Hospital.


Blogger Anthony said...

You have agreat blog...always read it.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thank you very much Anthony. I work 11 to 12 hours a day driving an 18 wheeler, then try to sit down at the computer and learn.
I want Sanity's Bluff to be a place Pro-America, Pro-world.
Imagine........yes imagine the whole world having the freedom that we have in the USA.
I do.
My nations warriors are doing two jobs at once.......protecting us so that we can imagine.
And ridding the world of the scum that hates liberty and imagination.
Iraq is on the way to greatness.
Nothing has ever been able to stop freedom....when it is on the march.
Oh yes there will be battles, setbacks and fallen heroes.
We won't let the communists win this one. Or the Radical Leftists of Islam.
99% of the Muslim population, are secretly hoping the terrorists are wiped off of the face of the earth.
I am beginning to feel deep love for the brave people of Iraq. They have witnessed bravery and honor close-up. Our wonderful men and women in uniform in Iraq are the talk of Iraq. The children all want to grow up to be as nice as our soldiers, and as brave. This is gonna work. We must be vigilant and watch our homeland, protecting it from terrorists and liberals.

Again Anthony, Thanks.

Blogger Mark said...

What about the growing civil way in the Sunni triangle, what about the failed constitution talks, what about the growing problem of the insurgents that the "brave boys" of America are turning their backs on, what about the increasing hysteria from Bush about what is going on in Iraq? None of this was ever a part of the Bush family dream. He thought he could just go in there, finish Daddy's work and collect the oil. The problem is that if you have unintelligent aims, you will always get unintelligent results and yet again someone else is going to have to sort out the mess made by the US.

I am more impressed with First Sergeant Perry Jeffries, someone who has actually served in Iraq and would appear to know what he is talking about, who complained bitterly about those who "support the war and 'our' boys" from the safety of their homes. In particular he was insulted by the wazock who cleared the crosses of the fallen at that brave Cindy Sheeham's vigil. Some of those crosses were of people he had personally served with.

I am beginning to really question your patriotism if who can be so flippant about the real situation in Iraq and what the soldiers are facing. Not impressed at all with the staged pictures on your site.

Blogger Jay said...

The stuff about Walter Reed was really disturbing. I mean....what do those troops want? Isn't it enough to past a ribbon on our SUV's?

Such ingrates. If only they knew the hardship we face here at home while they lounge around whining about missing a few body parts. You don't see our glorious president Bush complaining about his combat injuries.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay? Am I witnessing the softening of your stance? You have to know anyone trying to make our wounded warriors feel worse than they already feel, has stepped across the line of decency. I have no problem with the wackos near know the ones in the ditch near Our Presidents Ranch.
They can protest 'til the cows come home, with nary a peep from me. That is if they respect the property of others. That is a protest with class, one that behaves even in disagreement. Sorta like two bloggers who argue back an forth, with respect for the others views. I use a lot of barbs in my comments too Jay, and yet I try to be decent. If you catch me using foul words on someone, remind me to be nicer. One last comment. I think you are smart enough to realize,it takes a very intelligent and talented person to be a pilot of a jet fighter. Our president learned to fly them. Just what do you consider harder that you have done in your life?
The National Guard is as important to our country as the warriors overseas.

Blogger Jay said...

While I appreciate Bush helping to save Texas from the Vietcong and Mexican hookers, I somehow feel more proud (and worried) for my son-in-law who serves in the Guard.

go figure

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, you are always welcome to comment here, but just once....yes I wish just once you could add more to the discussion than DNC talking points.
Do you know how boring the hate Bush rhetoric is becoming? It is juvenile and are capable of more.
If all you have to offer the world, is hatred for an elected offical......I suggest you run for office.

Blogger Publius Rendezvous said...

Great Blog!

Do you have a 'trackback' function so that I can link to this site. I want my readers to see some of these pics and, please, fell free to visit my site and comment anytime. I will return to yours.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Publius Rendezvous, I am so new at this blogging thing, I have no idea what pings or trackbacks are. Given time I'll figure it out. I spend some time reading your blog, it is right on.

Notice how no one ever says left on???

I'll blogroll your site right now, I think it important to get the good news out.

Blogger puremood said...

New look? I haven't saw your site in a short while... till now while on Blog Advance. Looks nice! :)

Blogger booklover9191 said... know what those things are...LOL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

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