Saturday, August 06, 2005
Tell me how I can help
I feel like I've been left out of the circle

I have been in a funk lately, as you may have noticed.

It seems like nothing is going as I prayed it would.

Especially disturbing, is the War.

Can we dispense with the fancy names, it is War. It is a bloody and difficult war, not a struggle, not a fight against an insurgency, not a police action, not a scrimmage, it is a fight for our very life. Someone wants all of Western Civilization DEAD, and that alone should make all of us come together to fight the enemy.

It isn’t about to happen though, not in present day America.

I wonder if the Allies could have won the War against the Axis, in the 1940’s with the same amount of non-cooperation, and just plain stubborn political posturing?

I know that some of the western worlds greatest minds are working, trying to win this war, but if I may, let me give some suggestions. Don’t say “You don’t know what you’re talking about, and your ideas are stupid or what could you possibly have to add?”

I have observed Americans for many decades, the people that the politicians never meet, or talk too. The ones that make America great. It isn’t the politicians that make America great it is the people, the common people.

Something has been bugging me ever since 9-11. Why hasn’t anyone asked the people to help in this war? In WWI and WWII the president asked a lot of the citizens to help in the war effort. But here we are in 2005 All we are supposed to do now is….quote…. “Go about your normal everyday life”….I’ve heard that until I am sick. Nothing is normal since Sept. 11th 2001.

Mothers and Fathers are asked to give up their most precious possession, (and cry as they march off to war) but outside of that, life goes on pretty much like it always has. But life isn’t the same, we are all targets, and we want to do something. Can you hear me George W. Bush? We want to help. Why so secretive, lay it out for us, we want to help.

Again, in WWI, and WWII people were asked to contribute to the war effort. Everyone did a little. Some saved bacon grease, picked up scrap metals, collected milkweed seed pods, and many other things that helped in the war effort. Another thing that truly amazes me is that there are no War Bonds being issued. No war drives in the schools. Dimes for Victory or something, the children would love to help. Yes the children want to help, it is the teachers that I worry about, some of them seem to be almost anti-American. There are only a few drives going on to collect things our soldiers need.

You hear very little good news from the War front, our papers are mostly antiwar, and to be antiwar in 2005 is a death sentence. I’m sorry that is how I see it. Ignoring the evil killers will not make them go away.

Hollywood put out patriotic films by the dozens in WWII, now they are noticeably silent. I wonder if they realize they are a high priority target of the Islamafacists? They rail against war, but someone will have to protect them if the war comes to our shore. I imagine they are already targeted. It’s not rocket science, read some of the things Bin laden has said about Hollywood, and the moral cesspool he said is one of the reasons that the 'Great Satan' must die. They don’t want Hollywood filth in their countries, so I imagine Hollywood is a prime target of theirs. Remember how scared the movie stars were when it came time for the Oscar’s just after 9-11? They postponed and postponed that Oscar Presentation, out of fear. They have done nothing for America in this war, so I have no pity for them, none, and like millions of decent people, I have quit spending any money on movie going.

Outside of the country western music industry, the music industry has done very little to help in the war effort. They have done lots to hurt the war effort, and that is why their sales are dropping. Newspapers for the most part have sided with our enemies, and presented our soldiers as evil. There is a lot of blood on the hands of the present day journalists. Instead of calluses and blisters on their hands from helping the war effort, they are the soft handed dandies of our enemies. Is it any wonder newspaper sales are down drastically?

If the Islamafacists win this war, I wonder how the rappers, journalists, porn merchants, or movie stars will be treated?

Just a few things to think about.

I know most of the common people in the Allied Nations want to win this war, and would love to help in some way. I can’t put my life on the line at the front, but I want to do something.

Before I close this rant, I want to thank those people doing all they can to help. On their own, people have set up scholarship funds for the children of our fallen warriors, have welcomed our heroes home, have visited the wounded in hospitals, and most importantly, have lifted prayer on behalf of those protecting our freedom to worship God, as we always have. I will never prostrate myself to Allah.


Blogger Jay said...

Offhand...I can think of one minor little difference between this little war and WWII.

In WWII, we actually made war against the nations that were attacking us. You remember...Germany, Japan....those guys that were considered evil because they invaded and occupied other weaker nations without any cause other than the propoganda whipped out by their ruling party.

Blogger web_loafer said...

And you know Jay, this is a war unlike any war of the past. Our ememy has no uniforms, no country, and is determined to kill anyone that doesn't bow to Allah, their way. Now if you know of a way to fight these enemies without picking somewhere to battle, please let us all know. I cannot think of any way to battle them, other than the way we are doing it now. I don't think we want to wait until they hit us again, not really. I have tried to think of a way to do battle with our enemies successfully. I know you want us to win this war too Jay, but how is it done any differently. It is not enough to say, We should not have gone into Iraq. I think Iraq is better off now. The bloodshed is terrible, but not as bad as their future was with Hussein. Please share any idea on how to win this war, I am serious, then we'll ponder it.
Also I don't think there is any country in the middle east that has not helped our enemy in some way or fashion. We have no friends in that area, just business partners. I wish we would develop alternative fuels so that we could kiss the area good-bye. They all love our dollars there, but they hate us.
Problems, problems and more problems, but no viable answers.
I am serious when I ask..."How do we beat these heartless murderers?"

Blogger Jay said...

I somehow doubt that this war is so different that we would invade and occupy a country that had nothing to do with attacking us....and call it the American way.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just old fashioned. When did we become all about waging war against people because they didn't particularly like us?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Particularly don't like us?
Look Jay perhaps you didn't know this.....3,000 civilians died on one day in 2001.
Not just because someone didn't like us.

Wake up,
They died because someone hates us and wants us dead. You can go talk with them if you wish. I say kill them before they kill us. Funny how that works, you kill my countrymen, I want to kill you.

I ask you how you would fight the terrorists? and you won't even acknowledge that someone wants us dead.
The terrorist have to be defeated, let's hear your ideas on how to do it.
Our wonderful troops are killing terrorist each and everyday. Iraq is working like a magnet to draw all the filthy pig killers to one place, and we are dealing with them.

How would you go about defeating them?

Ignore them and hope they go away?

Sit down and talk with them at a peace conference?

Have your Mom bake them some cookies?

Just give me an idea of how you would want the killers dealt with.

Blogger Jay said...

I know nearly 3000 civilians died on 9-11-01. I also know over 1800 troops have died and tens of thousands more have come home crippled since then.

The goddamned shame is....the two are not connected.

A bigger shame is so many that simply cannot, or will not, comprehend that and get a little angry. One of the greatest powers we give our leaders is the ability to wage war with our youth. When a leader misuses that power...they should be stripped of power and thrown in a cell.

We have become a nation of sheep.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

the two are not connected....that is so right...


Blogger web_loafer said...

OK I will give you that point, the two are not connected.
You still have not answered a simple question. What would you do to defeat those that want you dead?
This is a serious question about a real situation. It is one thing to Call Bush names for what he is doing to fight terrorism, but do you have any idea of how to fight it differently. NO, you just sing the democrat song, it's wrong it's wrong.
What would you suggest we do to protect us from the killers of Islam?
Come on Jay, Tell us.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Jay said...

"You still have not answered a simple question. What would you do to defeat those that want you dead?"

Hunt them down and kill them. That is exactly why I think Bush's inability to do just that, while spending Billions and wasting thousands of lives in a totally unrelated and uneeded war is criminal.

My friend....the people who attacked us on our own soil are still out there getting prepared to do it again...and they ain't in Iraq. From your posts, I think we agree somewhat on this point. Where our difference lies is that I don't waste time blaming this mess on the party that is not in power.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Jay, let's say you were president. First of all you have to rely on the information given to you by the CIA, and other agencies. What if they tell you, there is a training camp for terrorist in France.
You would not be able to hunt them down and kill them, you would have to let them train until they came to America. AHH, too late then.
In my heart I truely believe Mr. Bush has acted and will act in the realm of what's best and safest for America. To state that Iraq had or now has no terrorist is simply not accurate. This is a fine mess, but we never asked to be attacked.
I think militarily we were forced to fight the war where the Terrorist are.
Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudia Arabia, all of these countries border Iraq and we know each one of them has a small percentage of Muslims who are terrorists, but Iraq didn't? Preposterous. We are finding plenty of them in Iraq.

Blogger Jay said...

As a fact...Iraq was a secularist nation. It is only now, with Bush's Bungle, that the country is filled with terrorists.

What would you think of me if I were the president and the CIA told me that there was no involvement whatsoever with Iraq and terrorists? What if I ignored all advice and intelligence reports and then lied...not only to Congress, but to the American people...started a war with no plan or mission objective, completely ignored the terrorists that attacked our country, invaded an unrelated nation that was no threat to anybody, squandered thousands of brave young men, sent the economy into a plunging decline while making my friends richer than ever, and then took a vacation.

Would you think I was doing a good job?

I may have to look into becoming a Republican. It seems that the expectations for job performance is pretty loose.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Vulture 6 said...

THank you for your "average amercian? view. I spent way too much time today on BE and read way too many libblogs. It is nice to see people out there who can look at thins with a clear eye.

Blogger Vulture 6 said...


I see you are deeply bothered by the 1800+ young American Men and Women that have died in Iraq.

Where, I ask, is your moral outrage at the 16,000+ Americans that were MURDERED last year? When will you call for the US to pull out of that country? Not one peep out of you on that. Is it your anti/warbush feelings drive you to make inane comments?

BTW the 16k were murdered here in America.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Oh how glad I am that Senator Kerry is still a Senator. But you know if he had been elected he would have bungled it so badly, we would be limping back home like he limped home after VietNam. Yes he would have made it worse, but the Dems would be singing his praise, they never learn from history, and let prejudice cloud their vision of today. It appears that some people have let hatred for George W. cloud their reasoning ablility. So be it. We have the numbers, and God is on the side of America and her allies. Yes, I said it, God is on our side. WHY AREN'T YOU SWARMY LIBERALS ON THE SIDE OF AMERICA???
WE DON'T NEED YOU ON OUR SIDE, WE JUST WONDER HOW YOU COULD BE SO WRONG. HEY LIBS When the victory parades happen, I recommend that you stay home, listen to NPR and bite your lip. Freedom will prevail, the allies will whip the Islamafacists so bad, they will wish for the good old days when they only had underwear on their heads.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

My blood pressure just threatened to go up 10 points. Thank god for lipitor.

We, libs, dems, people, whatever... ARE on the side of America! DUH. Just NOT the kind of America YOU and a few others here(note the word...few) like! You want peace to come too easily...just kill 'em. Damn, web. Some of us want to see a different that our founding fathers had in mind.

You respect the life of the unborn...but not the life of the born who think differently than you. That is heresy in my book. You write them off as "collateral damage". You don't even see them as real human beings with families, mothers and fathers, children, friends, disabled family members that need them.

Come on. Wise up. Open your eyes.

WE have killed a LOT of innocent people JUST LIKE US.

Good and bad.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

And before you go off on the "well, look at how many innocent people they killed"...I will ask you: WHO are you talking about? The terrorists (that even most neocons admit are not citizens of Iraq)? Or the poor overtaxed, persecuted, everyday citizens of Iraq...WHO...despite all that...god love 'em...showed up at the polls to vote...even though it was a sham.

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