Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Of Hurricanes and War
At the same time Americans are pulling the wallet out of their back pockets, or reaching into the opened purse, to help fellow Americans who have lost so much because of the Hurricane…….

…….there is a small band of people who are really upset, (in fact they are cursing God at this time) all for the wrong reason.

Don’t expect Cindy Sheetham to be getting any face time on TV in the next few weeks. She is probably seething mad, and still just as wrong. She is past history; just another JaneFonda wannabe. Her four weeks of fame and worship by the MSM is over. I think God Himself was tired of listening to her lies about a good man.

I know Michael Moore, George Soros and Bin Laden are all cursing God for getting the war off of the front page.

The MSM is in a bind……they know, American’s can multitask.

We are quite capable of fighting a war that needs to be fought and at the same time, helping our neighbors. Hey, we’re Americans.

Gas prices, looneytune moms, or rich bigots will not get in the way of Americas compassion for others.

We will dig deep and often into our pockets, to help our brothers and sisters who are in pain.

We won’t complain about the cost, and we will risk our comfort, because so many are in need.

An interesting fact.

Even while the bloodiest war on the American Continent, the Civil War, was being fought, Hard working people were building the greatest railroad in the world. Even as the war raged on, The Federal Government of the United States was helping the needy around the globe.

The next time you start to open your mouth to put the United States of America down, look at what is happening and will happen along the gulf coast. Wal-Mart was the first to pledge millions, and they sent a fleet of trucks and drivers to help with the cleanup. Many other companies didn't wait to be asked for help.

I am challenging George Soros and to donate a sum equal to what they have spent trashing and lying about our president, in the last 5 years, Yes donate it to the Salvation Army. The churches of America are already at work. The Salvation Army is feeding hundreds of thousands. The Red Cross is busy. And, I imagine the evil Boy Scouts are already helping.

I wonder how much help the rich trial lawyers of the ACLU have donated so far? There is nothing like a tragedy to show the good heart of most Americas.

Perhaps God has tired of hearing the constant whining and complaining by the American Left. Mark my words, the left will attempt to put the blame for this storm, and any destruction or misery involved, on President George W. Bush. We all know that, no good deed will go unslandered by the MSM, and friends. When more troubles arise, it will somehow be George Bush's fault, or the evil conservatives. I am hoping the left can rise above political postering, now that there is a National Emergency. I really do, but their track record is not that great. It only took 6 months for them to start using 9/11 for political gain.

Can you say...."laughingstock"?

I imagine in the next few weeks the left will not be able to contain themselves, they will put their UnAmericanism on public display, yet their schemes will be transparent. People have learned to question the MSM, and the American Left. When I read a New York Times Article, the first question I ask myself, is, "I wonder if this could be true"?

God is sending us all a message. LISTEN


Blogger puremood said...

OK, so I don't know much about politics but I can read and i have a feeling in my heart about what is right/wrong/etc... and when reading many of your entries here - they touch my heart! You make very valid points and I wish eveyone could see the light the way you seem to, sometimes. You're so right!! God is sending us all a message and we better listen because he may choose not to repeat it.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Thanks PureMood,
Be us young, old, weak, strong, smart or a truck driver..(had to add that, a self putdown, in a time when we need more helpups...)
we want America to prevail...we want America to win in a all or nothing battle...and the world needs America to win.

Think about it....

What if Bin Laden and the hollywood elite win this war???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Blogger Jorell said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Jay said...

Sounds to me like you have found a great war that is worth the lives of your fellow countrymen.

Why are you here?

Blogger booklover9191 said...

you said "bitchslapped" at Sanity's Bluff....*one raised eyebrow*...

Blogger Mark said...

Perhaps God IS sending a message, and that message is that the World's climate is changing and contrary to Bush's third rate thinking, man has a great deal to do with this. And with America being the most polluting country in the world, and therefore the guiltiest - hence Katrina! Perhaps the next hurricane should be called Kyoto - then you will all get the message.

More seriously, the world has now seen the absolute pverty some of your fellow Americans are required to live in. Really horrifying and shameful pictures of the poorest in your society struggling to survive - not being given the means to escape like the "haves", but I get the impression that you like the idea of the "have nots", poor and defenceless dieing in their dozens. As long as you can make some sort of crass political miliage out of these deaths and tragedies, then you are happy.

What sort of God to pray to - clearly not a Christian God.

Blogger Mark said...

Sorry, one other thing about your "Interesting Fact". Yes, the chinese were building your rail-road and died in their thousands - because true Americans did not have the guts to do the same job. Clearly, I've missed out on the Bloody Battles you've won. Were these Viet Nam, Korea, Nicuagria, San Salvador? Obviously my history books are not the same as those in the good old US of A - ours are honest! I suggest you get yourself a good history book, and read up about how America came late to 2 World Wars, how they cocked up twice in Iraq, (I was there for the first one, so I know what I'm talking about). I could go on, but the role of American dis-honour, incompetence and blind lack of military judgment would fill a book (and probably has) the size of War and Peace!

Blogger web_loafer said...

Well I owe everyone an apology for using such childish language. Booklover, It is probably a sign that I am cracking up. All of the years of listening to the left spew forth hatred toward the country I love so much. The constant drum beat that "America is wrong, Bush lied, and Republicans are Nazi's" must be wearing on me. least there is Sanity's Bluff, I'll just sit down and relax a little and take in the view.
Again, I am sorry, and I have deleted the offensive language.
Booklover, I noticed you finally got a blog up and running. In my humble opinion, It would be nice to see you channeling your writing ability into a blog. Blogging is a lot like frequenting forums. And just like the forums, one needs to use the edit feature occasionally. Wouldn't it be dull if everyone agreed with each other?

Blogger web_loafer said...

Your jealousy is showing Mark.

Blogger Jay said...

I hate to keep reminding this to some people...but Bush and Republicans are not America.

It's so sad when a party confuses the member's worship toward its leader as any any time.

Didn't we fight a war against something like that once?

Blogger marie b. said...

it's sad to see someone spew hatred - you against the left, some against the right - at a time of such national mourning, before trying to make the very people you're spewing vitriol against look as though they are the uncaring ones.

couldn't you, for five seconds, put your issues aside and focus on what really, truly matters?

people are dying, yet you still find time to waffle your agenda. it's mystifying.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Marie, Those who feel like I do have no outlet except the internet, radio and blogs. The press is against everything we are for, and use that power to ridicule and demean our beliefs. So I have a hard time of it, staying meek that is. I know this is the time to set all of that John F. Kennedy Jr. did?????

You will find no more politics for awhile here, but check back in a few days and see the way others act.

Again, It is time, as you say to set our differences aside and work as one.

You seem to be a reasonable person, I do wish you would monitor Sanity's Bluff for ONE WEEK, then comment on what you see, both in my articles and the comments my articles receive.

One more thing, You can go back through my past articles, and the positive, meek, and thoughful blog articles, are hardly read, and never commented on.

That may say something, then again, I may just be too sensitive.

anyway, I am taking your comment as coming from someone who cares. Check back Marie.

Blogger marie b. said...

people's thoughtful and humble articles are never commented on - people love controversy and pizzazz. : )

i'm just burnt out on the mudslinging from both liberals and conservatives when it comes to this - somehow it's bush's fault, then somehow the liberals will use this to support the destruction of america.

i wish, for once, that people could focus on what really matters. just once.

Blogger web_loafer said...

Well let it be known, you have gotten my attention, and I will strive to rectify one of my many human frailities, I think we call it ego.

I must learn meekness, I knew meek once, where has it slipped off to?

Marie, thanks for the wake up.

I don't have all that many more years to live, so what am I doing being childish and vindictive?

I will attempt to go out with a smile on my face, and a good word about someone on my lips.

Blogger booklover9191 said...

I have too much in my head to say...and can't quite manage to sort i all out for a blog of any substance. Look at what is happening in New Orleans...that is just so cruel. Lives turned inside out...death would be better than living...under such circumstances. I don't know how to honestly say how I feel. I just want to SCREAM...NO FAIR!

lol...back to age 13 I guess...fair...pffffffttttt...but is should be. So many of us, at least in the beginning, try to make things fair.

Hey Web! Thanks for the guided encouragement...who knows...maybe I'll join the ranks of you bloggers or maybe I'll just fade out.

I don't think it really matters...that's not a bad thing...I just would like to know if it matters. I don't know. Do you? REally?

Blogger booklover9191 said...

lol..who cares really...that is my mission. no one cares really...dont we all know it?

Blogger booklover9191 said...

carly sings it

Blogger booklover9191 said...

outta a lark...sigh

Blogger web_loafer said...

Booklover, sorry for the belated answer, real busy times here in the midwest. And such distressing news, day after day after day.......bad news bad news.

I am responding to these words by you.

"....maybe I'll just fade out.
I don't think it really matters...that's not a bad thing...I just would like to know if it matters. I don't know. Do you?"

Better Not
Yes it does
Let others decide that
Yes it matters

To me it matters if someone as intelligent as you is questioning existence. Without political opponents,
Can you say DULL?

BL, you matter.

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